Dreaming a Dead Friend-My Unforgettable Lucid Dreaming Experience

One of my most unforgettable lucid dreams was the one in which I was dreaming a dead friend

After the demise of one of my college friends, he was alive in my mind and thoughts for a very long time, but one day I had a lucid dream in which I saw him.

I have had many amazing lucid dreaming experiences, however, I don’t need my lucid dream journal to recall this one vividly.

Still, when I think of that dream, it flashes like a real life incident in my mind and I have always wished if I could have been more prepared for it because I went totally blank after waking up and I forgot the answers to most of the questions I asked this person in that dream.

Here Is the Story

That friend of mine has come to my home and I am talking with him about college issues.(It has been a long time since I have finished my graduation but, in the dream, I am still in college)

Suddenly, I realize that I am dreaming and this friend has left this world a few days ago.

I asked him a lot of questions, but, I remember a very little from that dream as the dream was lengthy and I was losing my lucidity very often.( This is called as semi-lucidity where you are not completely lucid to take full control of the dream)

The Conversation between Us

I asked him how he died first as many of us were doubting that he has committed suicide.

He told me that we were so stupid to think like that and whatever reports we have got from his family members was true, he even displayed his disgust towards people who were suspecting his family members for not being very transparent about what happened.

I was amazed by his answers. I remember that I also tried to control him using my “intent” because I wanted to check if it was his soul visiting my dream or was it just a thought form, but, the dream figure had his complete independence to amaze me with unexpected answers.

I was shocked when he said that “It is the time to go now, I have to visit another friend in his dream”. He also said that he will come back to earth soon( he was indicating towards reincarnation).

Was It Really His Soul Visiting Me?

In one of the chapters of the book Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self the author Robert Waggoner has very nicely explained about dreaming dead relatives and friends.

If you will read my post on some mind blowing lucid dreaming stories, there is a story where a deceased person shows up in a dream of a person and asks him to convey a message to his wife.

I should not comment on if it was real or not, I just can say that it was really an astonishing experience and I had goose bumps while talking to that dream figure. This was my personal experience and it was amazing, I don’t care whether it was my mind’s creation or a real meeting with him.

Unlimited Possibilities

When you take interest in things like lucid dreaming or soul searching, the possibilities are unlimited, but you must not get attached to your experiences.

I have learned that you should try to rationalize such experiences using your logical mind and also be careful about with whom you are sharing these stories.

Just take these experiences as if you have watched a movie. Do take actions that you think are necessary but don’t over think about that, just let it go!!!

Lucid dreaming is something that can be used for a lot of higher purposes, in fact, ancient Tibetans practice dream yoga for getting insights about consciousness continuing after death. You can never deny any possibility unless you are 100 percent certain about it and when it comes to spiritual experiences, you are never certain about any damn thing.


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