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What should we do when everything outside becomes out of our control? People don’t find us that interesting or worthy to be with? When whatever we try goes wrong? Worries, Fear, Frustrations, Misery and Apathy takes over all of our precious time?

Reprogram Subconscious Mind 

I know that sounds a little crazy but think how often you find your mind stuck with a repeated pattern of thoughts that disturbs you the same way like a virus in your computer.

By telling you to reprogram subconscious mind I am actually pointing out to master your mind rather than becoming its slave.

What do you do when your personal computer is not working properly?  You reprogram it, isn’t so?

That is what exactly what you have to do with yourself because when everything in the outside world is opposite to the way you what you want it to be.

Nothing is wrong with the outer world it is always about “you” because you create your own reality.

You will have to work with your inner world in order to improve your present conditions because everything you see outside is deeply rooted from what you have formed inside your mind.

But how???

“Vibrational Energy”

That is what the whole world is all about. Every object that you see and perceive is a form of energy and although it appears to be stationary matter but it is actually in a continuous motion and that also holds true for the thoughts and events. Yes, your thoughts are also vibrations and they do create your reality.

Need Example??

Have you ever wondered why two brothers from the same family having almost same physical and mental qualities are often treated in a different way from outsiders or even family members?

Why some of your friends have people around them all the time?

What is so special about some people that it really feels so good to be with them?

Again I will answer it with the energy you are carrying around you.

So what is this vibrational energy that I am talking about?

See we all are nothing but vibration based beings, under microscope our body is not like as it appears and basically it is made up of the same electrons, protons, and neutrons that are the basic of all other matters and we know that they are not stationary (we are vibration based beings and energy is what the world is all about).

You Are Much More Than What Is Just Visible!!

We all carry an energy field around us which many people have also termed as the aura. This aura of yours is responsible for how people feel in your presence, like if you have a positive energy field around you then people will get attracted to you and they will feel nice to be with you but the same goes with the dark side.. when your energy field is dominated by not so positive constraints and this same vibrations of yours is responsible for how the universe responds to your desires.

Now the next question must be….

“How Am I Responsible For These Vibrations”?

“Your thoughts and feelings” is responsible for the aura that you have around you and that is why you must always stay optimistic.
Now this is no magic that you will think good and feel good and whoosh your wishes will be granted…!!

No you will have to develop a good report with your subconscious mind in order to create your own reality the way you want it. Your subconscious mind is what I refer as your inner world and working with it will bring back the magic..that was missing since after your childhood.

How Is That Possible?

It takes practice to master your mind and to grow spiritually. You will find all the knowledge and tools required for that right here. There are various ways to access your inner world and from now you will learn how to do that with help of various methods which includes meditations, self hypnosis, lucid dreaming, dowsing and lot more.

Making your inner world beautiful will help you to become a person who you want to be….

Read “Power of Subconscious Mind” to know more…

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