Listening to the Inner Guiding Voice-Power of Intuition

Intuition is our inborn quality, and using it in daily life is necessary for developing, growing and becoming better than before.

Many of us have however forgotten to use this higher mental faculty which can help them to make better decisions in life whether it is big or small

There is a limit to our logical based mind’s ability to comprehend things. But the intuitive faculty that is available to us has no limit and can work in wondrous ways for betterment.

There is always something bigger inside us which is willing to help, by listening to the inner guiding voice, we can go in the right direction.

Interpreting Intuitive Signals and Messages

Do you notice the random “Danger” signals while driving?

Many times we avoid odds by responding to such signals, like we lower our speed when suddenly these signals flashes in front of our vision, we often use our intuitive faculties unconsciously but those who have practiced it better know to use it deliberately when needed.

Being More Aware of Emotions and Feelings

The only way to understand the “warning intuitive messages” is to pay attention towards the feelings of oneself.

Emotions are the only way by which we can tap into this higher mental faculty.

Our feelings tells us what is good and what is not for us.

For example- Suppose we are planning for a trip but something from inside stops us, makes us to feel uncomfortable, that is the inner voice which alarms us.

This pleasant and unpleasant feelings helps us to make decisions- however in order to understand them, it requires practice.

Telepathy and Intuition

Our intuitive mind is also capable of communicating telepathically to other people.

Our mind can reach anywhere, it has no limit and its speed is faster than light.

A telepathic signal is a vibration based signal and its significance could be seen in everyone’s life.

For example- We often see that people, of whom we think about, suddenly meet us on the street or they call us.

Have not you encountered that your “premonitions” were there for some strong reason which made you to go home earlier?

How to Use Intuition?

We all are intuitive already; we just need to get aware of that.

Intuition, like any other quality of human mind, could be developed with effort, practice and understanding.

The more conscious we become- the more we start using our intuition.

In simple language “Intuition is the language of soul” – the more we feed our soul, the more we grow.

By being more creative, going to spiritual places, enjoying nature, meditating, listening to music, being with positive and more conscious people, etc; one can harness these psychological powers.

Hindrance in Interpreting Intuitive Signals

The only hindrance that makes us blind towards these intuitive messages is our own doubting -analytical mind.

The more logical we are- the less intuitive we become.

By turning off this analytical mind, we can hear that inner voice. “Relaxing and let go”, is the best formula for this.

In order to understand these deeper signals, we need to calm down our mind.


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