Basic Introduction to Meditation

When they step into the path of personal development, the first question that people ask is –

What is meditation?

Now there is no perfect answer to that because words cannot completely describe meditation just like the same way love cannot be described because it is a personal feeling and meditation is also something to be experienced and felt, not something to be understood.

But here we are trying to give a basic introduction to meditation that may make things easier for readers to understand it better.

Is meditation for everyone??

Everyone in this world has meditated before, because meditation is simply an act of bringing your consciousness into the present moment.

Soul searching, expanding consciousness, seeking truth, getting into a better vibration level is all what we have associated with meditation till now and that is true; but meditation happens when you are completely in the present moment that is NOW! HERE!

What does being in the present moment means?

Most of the people are always thinking a lot either about past or future.

They mentally play movies of the events that are either likely to happen or those that have already happened and they also fantasize.

People spend their time in day dreaming about irrelevant things and mostly they are about some unpleasant or dreadful event that is never going to happen.


Come on… I don’t do that!!

Many reader’s won’t agree that they do not live in the present moment. But, tell us honestly…

How many times it has happened that a person is talking to you and in the end you realize that you have heard nothing of what he said?

How many times you have passed the streets while driving your vehicle but you were not aware when you have passed a particular place?

In all those times you were actually not honoring the present moment and your mind was actually somewhere else.

Bringing the mind into the present moment!

Take your time and observe the kids playing, those birds building their nests, animals searching for their supper… all of them are actually meditating because they are completely in the present moment, their mind is not worried about the future neither they are playing the movie tapes of their past inside their mind, like people do most of the time.

Meditation for developing awareness..

While meditating you bring your awareness completely into the present moment by observing your thoughts.

You just realize that your mind is actually trying to trick you, and by just realizing that, you come into the present moment.

People often think that in meditation you have to eliminate thoughts but that is something impossible because thinking is your very nature but while meditating you just become aware rather than unconsciously being a slave of your mind.

Why meditate???

If you follow a daily routine of meditation for developing awareness, you will grow spiritually which will surely make your life better than before.

By following some simple techniques you can expand your consciousness and live in the present moment, Zero to Infinitude will bring all the required methods to make you understand and experience the beauty of every moment but there is a price for everything.. so you will have to give your effort and time.

Every person must meditate

Meditation is very important for your personal growth and peace of mind.

Life is precious but many people don’t agree to that because of the misconception, false mind-made images and lack of awareness that is caused by the ego games that fills up every moment of people living in this planet.
We believe that we all deserve a better and peaceful life, this site will bring all the techniques for making you experience the peace and joy that is waiting for you for a long time.

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