Dynamic Meditation by Osho – Set Yourself Free

It may sound crazy to hear that you can reach god by singing and dancing, but there are ways and means to reach god this way also, one such method is the dynamic meditation by Osho.

Dynamic meditation has its origin from Maha Sati meditation of the Buddha period which focuses on creating self-awareness and cessation of suffering.

Focusing on One’s Own Life

Most of our life is spent on thinking and looking at others, we never care to think of ourselves.

Awareness, attention, and wisdom can awake one and takes to a state of joyfulness.

Self-awareness is very imperative for our growth and advancement. We should learn to love our life and to rejoice it.

Results of Suppressing Emotions

Psychological problems like stress, anxiety, fear, etc are common enemies for our relaxation.

By relaxation we get clarity, patience and understanding.

Studies have shown when emotions like anger, hatred, anxiety, fear are suppressed they bring endless woes to human beings. On the other side if we can release them, they will give us wellness.

We have various ways to release our suppressed emotions, for that we may seek the assistance of meditation. Of the 112 meditations  suggested by Osho , Dynamic Meditation is the best known.


Insight to Dynamic Meditation

This meditation has five simple stages. In the first stage deep, fast chaotic breathing through the nose is suggested for ten minutes allowing the body to move as it is.

In the next stage a person is asked to explode his feelings, go mad, scream, and shout. There should not be any obstacle for expressing any sorts of feelings, what so ever cooperate fully with your emotions for ten minutes.

Third stage involves rising up your arms and jumping up and down with a hoo hoo sound, the sex center is hammered deeply by doing so.

Fourth stage is a stage of idleness which makes a person to become a statue and witness what is happening in the energy centers for fifteen minutes.

Fifth stage is a stage of celebration- of singing and dancing with music.

The above stages will become an outlet for anger, stress, greed and jealousy.

Blissfulness is the ultimate result of doing all this meditation; by being blissful you can unite with god.

Upheaval of emotions may end in catastrophe, by melting your emotions through dancing and singing you will become calm.

Transformations through meditation, releasing the emotions, self awareness are some of the traits of dynamic meditation.


Benefits of Dynamic Meditation

Meditation is not just for mind or body but it is for the spiritual realization.

Ego games involved in the dynamic meditation releases the suppressed feelings and gives relaxation to the mind.

Mind is like a junk. When it is purified and cleaned it will bring more awareness and mindfulness through which stress free life is achieved.

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6 thoughts on “Dynamic Meditation by Osho – Set Yourself Free

  1. James W D

    Hari, its been a little bit since I last stopped by and I see you have been busy! I really like this post and it seems like something that would be interesting to do.

    One of my personal hangups with meditations is when they say to do this for a certain period of time and then something else for a period of time and so forth. What do you recommend to do to help keep track of time when just starting out with meditations like that?

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      Hii James…well meditations like this requires guidance, so to follow as per the their pattern will be the best.. but there are many simple and easy ones that you can choose and continue according to your own preference…. nice to hear from you friend…I was not busy, just taking a little break… thank you 🙂

  2. Andrea Roa

    Great article about meditation. I’ve been involved with meditation for the last 3 years (maybe not as deep as I need it) and it’s been life-changing for sure. I’ve never followed the dynamic meditation as it should be. But I’ve discovered how meditative, blissful, and connected I get to be with God and the Universe while I’m dancing or singing. I think I will try the step by step next time. Thanks for sharing!

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      That is awesome Andrea.. if you have started to enjoy that feeling of serenity then you are on the right track, just continue with it.. I love the quote “follow your bliss” and that is what I suggest..

  3. Lettie Thurman

    I have been very interested in meditation and really need a better connection with myself and God.
    Thank you for your articles as I will use your advice.


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