Mexican Dream Herb Effects and Usage – Calea Zacatechichi Review

Calea Zacatechichi – a bit strange name isn’t it?

It has many other popular names like – Calea ternifolia, Celea Z, Mexican herb, etc.

Calea Z is a Mexican herb that is known for increasing the vividness of dreams.

You could try this herb if you want to be more conscious while dreaming and also to remember your dreams more.

This means that this herb is a perfect option for people who are interested in lucid dreams or those who wish to interpret dream signals.

How Can We Consume This Dream Herb?

Well there is dry extract available in market which you can use for making tea( it is bitter but manageable), it could also be inhaled(yup,we are talking about smoking ), there are Calea Z capsules and also concentrated syrup, we have included all the links in the end of this post.

Effects of Calea Z

The Mexican dream herb that we are talking about here was a formula by which the tribal people used to get deeper insights, as they interpreted subconscious messages through dreams which was indeed accurate if decoded properly.

For us, this drug can be effective as such by providing a very real like vivid dream, more relaxation and better sleep.

This herb is especially most advisable for people who complains of “not getting dreams”, actually everyone gets dreams and the only difference is that some are able to recollect them whereas others are not.

Will This Herb Work for ME?

That’s a real tough question and this answer may not satisfy you but, you will have to find it out for your own.

We assure you that this herb has been used by so many people from ages for getting vivid dreams but still as we know “some things work for some and not for others”.

So, you will have to give it a go before deciding that, but- one thing is confirm, that the dreams will be more vivid than before.

Another thing that you will have to find out for yourself will be – timing,  many people prefer to take it just before bed whereas some keep an alarm to wake up and consume it before the early morning final nap.

Is it Safe?

Apart from natural supplements, books and programs, we never advise any of our readers to depend upon any supplement for getting betters dreams.

Calea Z could cause allergy and some other side effects. If you have chosen to try it out then please perform allergy test before consuming it. (Just place two leaves below you tongue and swallow the juice, if you feel any discomfort then do not proceed).

No need to mention- that smoking should not be your option for consuming this herb because we are well aware that nothing except oxygen should go into your lungs from the viewpoint of both your physical and spiritual progress.

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