Steps for Lucid Dreaming

By regularly following these few steps, anybody can learn lucid dreaming:-

Keep a Dream Journal

This is the most important step among the steps for lucid dreaming. It could be a little boring but for getting lucid dreams you must first remember your dreams.

So get a new journal and give a catchy title to it (It all has an effect on the subconscious mind even if it seems trivial).

Now keep it beside your bed before sleeping every day.

The first thing you must do after waking up (even if you woke up absurdly at night) is to write what you were just dreaming and use present tense for doing that (your subconscious mind only knows the present moment).


You won’t be able to remember everything at once..

Maybe you won’t remember everything at once, but do write whatever you can recall, trust me- it will all get faded away if you delay because as soon as your conscious mind comes into play you will forget most of what you have dreamed.

It can also happen that you will suddenly remember some parts of the dreams while doing some regular activity (it happens that suddenly the parts of dreams get flashed while you are not thinking of it at all!), doesn’t matter write it whenever it comes in you mind.

Your subconscious delivers the information as soon as you stop putting a lot of conscious effort to remember.

Don’t worry if nothing like that happens to you, just write whatever you remember from the dream last night.

Even if you don’t follow all the steps for lucid dreaming, keeping a journal alone can help you to learn lucid dreaming.


Why keep a dream journal?

Tell me how will you know that you became lucid or not if you don’t remember the dreams at all?

Remembering dreams is the most important key to learn lucid dreaming and people often get successful to induce lucid dreaming by just keeping a record of their dreams.

Reality Checks

This may sound weird but you will have to do reality checks when you are awake to test if you are dreaming or not.(Does not matter if you are sure that you are awake just do it!)

Pinching yourself, trying to push your hands through walls, trying to move things without touching them etc these are some few reality checks.

They really are so powerful, by repeating these reality checks it is sure that you will perform them in dreams as well which will help you to get lucid.

This step is a very powerful one to induce lucid dreaming but it takes a little practice.


WILD (Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming)

In this technique we just get into the bed for sleeping and we start to imagine as if we are dreaming and we keep on continuing the story like that and there is chance that we sleep while doing so, the imagination that you used before sleeping may get converted into a real dream with you being alert of that!

Here you use your will and imagination to induce lucid dreaming.

MILD( Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dreaming)

MILD is a self hypnosis method to induce lucid dreaming which is as follows:-

Keep a check on the time when you get most of your dreams, that timing is the one when probability of getting lucid is the most.

For most of people it is the morning time between 5-7 am but it may vary.

So keep a note of that time and put alarm just before that time and then sleep by repeating the affirmation like “I am aware that I am dreaming”.

Then once you wake up, write down the dream that you just saw and then go back to seep imagining the same dream again but imagine as if you were lucid in that dream.

By doing this, it could happens that you will continue the old dream with a greater probability of getting lucid.

There is lot more….

Apart from the four steps given above there are also more techniques to lucid dream but these are the four main methods.


After getting a lucid dream by following these steps for Lucid Dreaming, the next step is to control the dreams and the their duration at will. We will discuss more lucid dreaming techniques here.

Dedication and determination is  very essential to induce lucid dreaming whereas patience is also very important.

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10 thoughts on “Steps for Lucid Dreaming

  1. James W D

    I would also add that just going to bed with the intent to remember your dream helps very much. I will definitely try some of these other tips as this is something that I have recently started working on. Thanks!

    1. HARI S NAIR

      Yes a strong intent before going to sleep is a direct message to your subconscious which helps a lot in lucid dreaming..persistence is also a great key for going that but trying too hard will lead to frustrations so it is essential to be a little detached also…I will bring in here some of my great lucid dream experiences which will help you to get lucid and reading such posts before going to sleep also increases the probability of getting a lucid dream…

  2. Ryan Ibara

    Oh man! I love lucid dreaming! You taught me a few things about it on this page, great stuff. I’ll keep looking out for updates!

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      I can’t really explain how good it feels when people find the service helpful..Thank you Ryan..I will work my best to bring more such contents..( I will soon start writing my own lucid dreaming experiences)…Thank you so much for commenting..

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      Well if this is a new concept for you then I would like to tell you that you need to be persistent with this steps in order to get your first lucid dream but don’t try too hard..I hope you would be successful with it..thanks for reading..:)

  3. Steve

    great stuff Hari. I am very interested in this kind of thing and your post has inspired me to look into this further. Thank You.


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