Time Travel Meditation – Releasing Negative Memories

I have been doing a very interesting time travel meditation in the past few days which has me helped a lot to clear any kind of negative feelings that I still have in my inner world about any particular phase of my life from the past.Releasing a Negative Memory

This is much similar to the holographic memory release technique, but since I have learned another way of releasing negative energies, I came up with this method which I found is perfect for me.

It allows one to detach themselves from all the thoughts caused by a past event which is still one of the main reasons for their problems in any particular area of their life.

This meditation includes various exercises I have learned from different materials, it can even match to any other practice used by people but all I want to say is that this one is really powerful because, in a way, it changes you since you are letting your past burdens go by doing this.

Traveling Time Through Mind

I used to be a weird kid who believed that time travel is possible, in fact when my friends were busy in studying the applications of e=mc2, I was interested in showing them how that equation indicates that we can travel time if we could achieve a greater speed than light and photons are already travelling in time.memory release technique

Then my interest in spirituality and metaphysics resulted into realizations that time is an illusion created by the mind. To get a better idea of this, you can just observe if you have any sense of time in your dreams.

So, time is a thing of mind and we all are already travelling through time in our minds when we think of the past or future events, sometimes we get so lost in the past memories that we are not at all aware of what is happening in the present moment, likewise we also are continuously living some moments in our minds that’s has not happened yet.

Has it ever happened to you that you are listening to a song and you mentally get transported to a past life event when that song used to be on your mind all the time?

You may be thinking, that’s not real it is just a thought, well our past and future are always a thought, only the present moment is real and that’s more than just a philosophical saying, in deep states of meditations you lose the sense of time just like you do when you are asleep.

Our Life Story

Our subconscious mind has a kid like behavior and it holds beliefs that we have formed due to various past events, this becomes a huge barrier when we are trying to move forward in any particular direction of our lives, despite knowing this, I never did anything to do work on how I perceive some past events.

Well, I am always working on my subconscious limiting beliefs and I have used many exercises to release any kind of attachments I have with my past, still, I wanted to do something to make sure that I am not creating my present life based on a past story.

What we are today and what happens to us in the present life has a lot to do with our removing negative energy clearingunconscious behavioral patterns that are programmed by our pasts (especially childhood). Believe it or not, we can change those stories to create a different past in our inner mind so that our current life condition could change.

Sometimes I feel like I am guided by my inner self, recently I have been seeing this “change the past” stuff a lot.

I have been intensively studying the Ho’oponopono process in the last few months which is all about clearing memories.

Then I was using a program named 15 minutes manifestation for writing a review and I did an exercise presented in it on changing past story for 7 days which really got me interested in this particular thing.

That program really made me do something about which I was already aware, but it always was a bit weird for me to do. I can easily make sense of pulling out the negative energy from the past, but, this changing the life story stuff always felt like I am lying to myself, so I never took it that seriously.

However, after doing that particular exercise, I felt that it was working so I started doing this time travel meditation that I am about to share with you here.

Steps to Perform the Meditation

Here’s how I do it, you can try it and see if it works well for you, you can also modify it according to your convenience.

Before doing this meditation, choose a past event that you want to change, please do not do it for any recent event unless it is not much disturbing. It is very difficult to imagine a situation differently about which you hold a lot of negative thoughts.

This is more a subconscious thing, so try to select something about which you don’t care much on the surface level but know that it may have affected your inner child.

1 – Sit down comfortably and take a few deep breaths.forget past memories

2 – When you feel completely relaxed, become an observer and watch your thoughts.

3 – You will get caught up in your thoughts frequently, whenever that happens, just acknowledge it and bring your attention back to the present moment.

4 – Don’t worry about not able to stay aware of your thoughts, just bring your awareness into the present moment as much as possible.

5 – Now, think of the specific past experience you have chosen.

6 – Feel the emotions that this memory brings, even if you don’t feel anything just keep the whole thing in your awareness for a while and say “I now release all the thoughts, beliefs and energies I have attached with this moment”.

What we are doing here is we are pulling out the negative emotions attached to that event by using a clearing statement. I learned about energy clearing statements from Christie’s unlimited abundance course, the original ones are a little different from this.

7 – To make sure that I am doing enough clearing on the events, I also use the Ho’oponopono method, to do this, just say to your inner self these four words – I love you, I am sorry, Please forgive me and Thank you.

Feel that you are asking forgiveness to your inner self by taking the responsibility that you have attracted that event in your life knowingly or unknowingly, feel the energies that have been in your system due to that memory getting released as you do the steps 6 and 7.

8 – Now, this step may need a little practice to perfect, but once you have learned it, you can really make a great difference in your current reality.

Visualize the event from the beginning and see it turning into your favor. happen as you want it to or avoiding something that will change the whole course of what happens next.

Imagine it happening as you want it to or visualize avoiding something that will change the whole course of what happens next.

I have chosen something very appropriate to illustrate this, I could given an example about something like dealing with a school bully or winning a singing competition, but I am going to share something that was very difficult for me to do, I am going to give you the story which I kept changing until it sounded better.

Here’s how it goes, three years ago I stopped talking to a childhood close friend of mine because things can go wrong in our lives ahead if we kept in touch with each other.

No way, you cannot just throw away someone out of your life like that without a reason.

Let’s go 12 more years back in the past, she is moving to a different town and so with time we drifted apart and didn’t keep in touch. Not possible, since we were childhood best friends, somehow we would have got back in touch with each other and cherished our childhood memories.

Okay let’s go to the beginning, I am not going to choose this girl to be my friend, wait who will play that role of being my lovely friend for so many years? I have a part of me that will be incomplete without that friendship right?

So this is what I did, I am kid looking to make some new friends in school, I befriended a very good person (a real person I know) and she plays this role of my childhood best friend all the way to the present and since this is a completely different person, we avoided creating any problems in each other’s lives.

The last story was awesome, I played it over and over in my mind for a while.


All this story thing may seem silly to you, but if you will understand your inner mind better you will come to know that it likes and believes in the stories that you tell it, though on the surface level it may seem like a foolish idea, it causes a lot of changes in your inner world which will be reflected in your life one way or the other.


In this process, we have chosen something to work upon, but there are so many unresolved inner issues of which we are not aware, you can also work upon such energies using creative visualization and meditation.


I hope you liked this post, does it makes sense to you? Have you ever felt any life changing effect after doing some kind of exercises like this?. I would love to hear your views about this so please do leave me a comment in the box below. (Your email id will be safe and hidden, you can even prefer your secondary email id for commenting)

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