Why Women Are Better at Living the Law of Attraction?

Whatever I am writing here is generic and there may be exceptions to it, I expect from you to read this with a “learning and fun” perspective, giving silent nods where these words resonates with your thinking as I know many of these words will click “yes” inside your heart.

If we could make a survey on “is law of attraction understood better by women or men?” women are going to win with brownie points, and this is why they are better at living the law of attraction when we look at the overall scenario since these new age concepts became popular.

The law of attraction works for all beings, does not matter whether we understand it or not, but most “men” are usually conditioned to find out how things work before trusting if it works or not.

Let me add more to this – the way this universe operates is that much complicated for most men as much the actions of women are,  they rarely could understand them both and no matter if they are successful or not with either of them, no book could ever explain the exact success mechanism logically!

Logical Minds Cannot Understand Metaphysics

Metaphysics becomes bizarre and complicated when it is tried to be interpreted using logical mind. When we use our reasoning based approaches, we find it hard to tap into the true power that is available to all of us.

Universal laws create our reality based on our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Our logic based intelligence works very well till we find equations like “2+2=4” but when it comes to “any quantity divided by zero” we say “not defined”.

That “not defined” is where logic fails and unlimited things are happening every moment that is beyond the comprehending limits of our logic based minds.

Long story short, universe operates in a way what we call “illogical”

Personal Experience

Ineffable experiences are very usual to people who are indulged in exploring their inner world, but, insights that came to me when I was going through the modules of “Love or Above” were so funnily weird because those things made no sense, but still I believed in acting upon them, which showed me that our inner mind is so illogical but things have deeper meanings that we cannot understand using our intellect, much like how actions of women are to men.

All these trivial looking things have emotional connections that could be only “felt” because it is a deeper form of communication.

Why these Differences Exist?

People say men and women are wired differently, I prefer to say that they are “conditioned” and “programmed” differently.

Women in general are undoubtedly more intuitively developed than men. In his book “The Power of Now”, Eckhart Tolle highlighted that women are closer to enlightenment.

I believe collective old paradigms are behind all these behavioral differences, with changes occurring in the world now, many men are becoming more intuitive in the countries that are seeking more spiritual advancement and women are becoming more logical in the countries that are focused towards material growths.

These old paradigms are “set of beliefs” that are passed down from generation to generation that decides the collective thinking of a particular society on how men and women are supposed to be trained mentally.

Some studies have shown that women use both the hemispheres of her brain equally whereas men uses the left one(logical part) more.

Being focused on the emotional aspects of life makes women a good mother as babies communicate using intuition.

Kids are always good at using their higher mental faculties like imagination and intuition, but they forget it as they grow up because their mind is programmed with beliefs of the family and society. (read our posts “Make Them Winners” and “Imaginative Kids” for more on this subject).

These paradigms allow women to be more intuitively aware as we grow up.

The above discussion is just about a particular trend, but a person can choose “to be whatever he wants to be” rather of the fact if he is born as a man or woman because we all are spiritual beings living in a physical body.


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