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This is a blog for our personal development.buddha mind quote
Personal development..why?

In any area of our lives, we can never remain stationary, we either move forwards or we go backward because “change is the only constant” as Heraclitus puts it.

This is why personal development is equally important in our lives as much our primary needs are because if we don’t focus towards self-growth then we will be automatically moving in the opposite direction and we won’t be able to realize it until we have lost enough so that it becomes discernible for our mind.

Ironically, when we are supposed to learn any particular skill we all get into materials which teaches us that or we follow people who have already acquired it but, when it comes to our foremost concerns like health, wealth, inner peace, etc, we blindly proceed according to the conventional ways of our society which gives us the results that we have seen in the lives of people belonging to the environment in which we have grown up.

Believe it or not, we all are unconsciously controlled by the belief systems present in our society, these beliefs are like a set of programming codes for our minds and it has affected us so deeply that we have become the prisoners of those ideas without even being aware of it.

Two Choices

So, we are often reminded that we have two choices at any juncture when we are confronted by something which challenges our beliefs- One is to discard these types of information and go back to live the life which is convenient and the other is to get aware and become courageous enough to question everything we have assumed to be “real”.

This blog is for the people who have made the latter choice and dared to go beyond the sense of reality that has been created by the information passed down to them by their ancestors and society.

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Unlike earlier the technological advancement of the modern world has created enough distractions for people that they could not even pause for a second and ask – What’s the meaning of life?.. Are we making choices because we fear to go against the “mind programming “? Should we live life the way people usually do or should we take a bold step to come out of this hypnotic state and make decisions based on what we truly love?

Zero to Infinitude is here with the message that our potential is unlimited and we just have to break the walls created by our own mind to achieve any desired goal.


You can find here the posts that will help you to establish a deeper connection with your higher self as we can create a beautiful life only when we have achieved the inner peace so helping people in their spiritual journey is the core purpose of this blog. Apart from that, you will find articles related to numerous subjects here like the universal laws, metaphysics, human potential, mind tools, subconscious mind power, and many more informative posts that will help you in various ways to improve yourself in any area of your life.

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