Existence Beyond Reality-A Perception Vs Reality Discussion

This question used to intrigue me always “what is reality?”- if you will closely analyze then you will see that the “truth” and “reality” changes from people to people. There is never one reality, we live in a world which encompasses infinite different worlds because every individual has his own “world” which is his personal “reality”.

Confusing? Well, think about this perception vs. reality example- Tbelieve to seehere is a rabbit and a snake in front of a man with weapon in his hands,(and this man is a vegetarian FYI..LOL).. The reality for the snake is “the man with the weapon is a danger and it has to attack him for its survival”, the reality for the rabbit is “both snake and the man are dangerous and it has to run in order to save its life” and the reality for that person is “the snake is a danger for both rabbit and him so, he must attack it..

See, three different realities of three different beings, for the snake the world is “danger everywhere” for the rabbit the world is “dangerous at some places and beautiful somewhere else” and for that person the world is “both a mixture of danger and beauty, and he can choose the one he wants wherever he stands”.

However, I used example of different species here, but you can actually put people in the place of creatures in the example above. Snake is a representation of “people who attack others because of insecurities”, Rabbit is a representation of “people who are vulnerable and keep on running in search of safety” and the person here was representing “people who choose what is good for them and discard everything else”.

Our way of looking at things changes our reality, any spiritual knowledge will lead you to this conclusion that the world is as we see it!

When I started my spiritual and metaphysical journey I was often advised-“life is not a bed of roses”, “be real and live life in the conventional way”, “life is not in our control” and mostly “start living in reality”, I just had this one question to ask “what is reality?”, obviously they were not able to come up with a satisfying answer so, I had to search for the answer somewhere else.

Fortunately, many teachers from the past and present have answered our weirdest and illogical questions in the best way possible and once we set an intention for personal growth, trust me- answer comes from expected and unexpected avenues, but they do come.

You See What You Believe 

Any psychologist or a person who has a deeper understanding of the human mind will agree with me on this point that our life only brings to us those things that are in accordance to what our core beliefs are and in the external world our eyes mostly catches only those things of which we have a prior awareness.

This is why broad-mindedness is important, because if you deny the existence of anything, then you will hardly ever be able to experience it.

As kids we were not aware of electricity or gravity, yet we used to fall and we knew how to switch on the lights. It was all around us, but we never realized it.

Metaphysical knowledge and universal laws are also like that- It does not matter whether people accept their existence or not, their experiences will still depend on these laws and they will never be able to realize it.

If you won’t accept the existence of anything, you will not be able to either see or feel it and your beliefs in that way will become stronger, but it will exist and others who believe would be able to see it.


Let Us See This in a Practical Way- Reticular Activating System

I choose to keep this article a bit practical so that logical minded people could also get a glimpse of what I am trying to say here.

There is a part of our brain called as the reticular activating system, this part acts as a guard between subconscious mind and conscious mind that allows information into your awareness from surrounding of only those things that are of importance to you.

This is why you are able to hear your name being called even in a noisy environment.

How is this related to our talk?

If you ever tried to improve your vocabulary you would have experienced this- You learn a new word and it starts to appear everywhere suddenly, You see it in newspapers, internet, magazines and you start to wonder where it has been hiding before?, gradually that word becomes a regular part of your language, in short- it now exists in your “reality”.

That word was always there all around you, the change occurred in your awareness of its existence.

In the same way our world and reality changes according to the changes in our core beliefs and we have total control of which “world” and “reality” to choose.

Ghosts, Angels and Mystical Experiences…

We have heard a lot about ghosts, angels and many such stories that people have claimed of experiencing.

Go to any country or continent, you will hear such stories everywhere, but we laugh and deny it. Why?

If there is a possibility of higher energy beings, then there is a possibility of lower energy beings as well.

We should consider those countless numbers of people who have tried their best to explain what they have seen or felt.

I don’t say that we should agree with them, we have our right to believe what we do, but we must respect their beliefs also. I personally find it hard to believe in something like ghosts but, I know that other people’s “reality” would be something else and that is why I won’t deny it.

We are an expression of pure source energy and we can really manifest anything. I believe in the power of human potential to experience whatever they intend to- so, there is no question of what is true and what is not, let us just choose the world that we find good.

Everything around us is energy based and there is no limit to the experiences that we can have in this world.

Whatever that comes in our life depends on our “thoughts” and “emotions” and we can choose to live in the high vibration state or lower according to our preferences.


When we open up our mind to believe in the infinite possibilities, then we don’t resist anything, we accept whatever there is as it is!


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