Why Ancient Yogis Used to Meditate in the Cremation Grounds?

First, I was amazed when I got to know that ancient Indian yogis preferred meditating in cremation grounds and still some yogis do that.
But, now I have found that it was actually a way to freedom for them, they were using the vibrations of cremation grounds to realize the truth.
They were seeking enlightenment by meditating in an atmosphere that had the vibrations that helped them to achieve thoughtlessness.

What Kind of Vibrations or Energy Am I Talking About?

When, here in India we think of cremation ground, we can only get thoughts of grief and despair-that is because we always forget that everyone has to die someday.
Especially,during night time these areas are very scary because it is said that lot of witchcraft stuff happens in these areas.
So,these yogis were very courageous indeed(LOL),but the reason for their choice of such place is actually the isolation from the materialistic world that cremation ground provides.
These cremation grounds actually have an energy field or atmosphere of dispassion, something that every spiritually inclined person is looking for, one can feel these vibrations at such places(near crematory or any place where  funeral rites  are conducted) because they represent that this journey has to end one day.

It Was Actually Their Way of Practicing Dispassion

We know that in order to go into the deeper states of meditation it is vitally important that we should be free of any attachments from the external world, but due to the nature of our mind which is always attracted to the worldly pleasures, we fail to achieve those states.
In ancient Hindu texts it is said that “Fear of death” is the cause of all the miseries and when a person understands profoundly that death is just a natural process ,but it is not the end, then only a person realizes what unconditional love is and therefore he achieves an eternal state of joy.
So, when these yogis became so familiar with the atmosphere that made it easier for them to practice dispassion, they chose that place for meditation.

Should We Follow Them?

No way,Absolutely not!.. at least I won’t because dispassion is something that should naturally happen, I am not against their methods, but I believe that it is possible to practice dispassion by living a normal life if we are always aware that nothing is permanent.
Human mind is just a little forgetful of “death”, but when we become learners and indulge ourselves in knowing more about our higher self, I believe that we can naturally be detached from the outer world.
By detachment I don’t mean giving up responsibilities and to leave things that gives us joy, I believe that everything is here for us to enjoy it and to explore more,detachment for me is not depending upon something for our state of joy and to accept the present moment for what it is.

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