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The Harmful Effects and Dangers of Using Binaural Beats

I have tried binaural beats to get into a deep relaxed state of mind during meditation and for many other purposes for which they are being promoted nowadays.side effects of binaural beats

It’s everywhere on the internet now and you will find a lot of such audios on You Tube for free since many people have learned to compose them now.

The first time I used a brainwave entrainment audio was for lucid dreaming as I was too obsessed with my dream world back then.

I had some significantly positive results with the regular use of these tracks before it started working the other way around.

Some people have reported great success with brainwave entrainment tracks and I really don’t have any intention to prove them wrong, this is my personal opinion and from my experience, I consider it as a threat to a person’s inner peace.

I don’t have a long list of brainwave entrainment dangers, usually they are not much harmful for a person who is in a perfect health condition, but through this post I want to alert you to be more careful especially with the quality of audios that you select. Continue reading