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Steve G Jones’ Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis Review

In this post, I am going to provide you with a detailed review of another product from the very famous clinical hypnotherapist Steve G Jones named the Ultimate Conversational covert hypnosis online courseHypnosis.

I will also be discussing covert hypnosis and we will see if it is really possible to hypnotize someone by just casually talking with them.

The makers claim to reveal the secret covert hypnosis techniques to you using which you can virtually control every move and decision of people by just talking to them, that’s way too exaggerated and I would even say that it is a lie; you cannot control anyone’s mind.

Like me, you might have also heard about people being able to hypnotize someone to the extent that they could use them like a puppet but, I really don’t believe in such things as per what I have known about hypnosis till now.

My friends who are aware of my interests in the mind power have asked me questions like “what about the shows where people act like animals or whatever by agreeing to what the hypnotists say”, from what I have known about it, the subject unconsciously agrees to the suggestion because his inner mind finds no threat in doing something to entertain people.

But, if anyone tries to manipulate someone to do something that is against his will, or natural mind defense mechanism gets activated and he/she starts reacting consciously.

Conversational Hypnosis, however, is far different from controlling other people’s minds.

What Is Conversational Hypnosis?

Covert hypnosis is the ability to get what you want from others with the help of hypnotic suggestions used while having a conversation with them.

It is an art of convincing/swaying others using your communication skills that is based on the techniques of hypnosis which makes your desired message to reach the other person’s subconscious mind.

Most of our actions are controlled by our inner mind and whenever someone is not fully conscious it is possible to give him instructions that he will follow.

The conscious mind acts as a gatekeeper to whatever information someone is receiving and conversational hypnosis is all about getting in without being caught by the gatekeeper. Continue reading