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Jake Mayers’ Manifestation Code System Review

In this Manifestation Code System review, I will be talking in detail about Jake Mayers’ law of attraction based program that claims to help you manifest abundance with the use of audio tracks that are created for bringing your mind into the state of higher vibrations.

I have mentioned in many of my posts that I don’t like to use brainwave entrainment based audios due to the undesired effects binaural beats had on me long time ago, also I don’t prefer subliminal audios and software because I like to keep a check on what is going into my subconscious mind when I come across any such audios.

Unfortunately these days most of the law of attraction based products are using these two types of materials and I am trying all these products because my readers are requesting me for the review of such programs. Jake Mayers’ product has gained a lot of popularity in the past few days, I have received various emails in which people are enquiring about it but to my disappointment, this product contains both brainwave based audios and Subliminals.

I still used the program and this review is a result of my opinion that was formed when I tried the product, I am not against these audios, I know that such products are budding a lot these days because such audios are working well for people but it is just my personal preference to not use them on a regular basis. I will discuss this product with you in detail but first, let’s take a look into the life of the author. Continue reading

Cassandra Matthews’ Abundance Manifestor Review

In this Abundance Manifestor review, I will be providing you in-depth information about this program that incorporates “Abundance X Formula” created by Cassandra Matthews which uses hemispheric synchronization technology to help you achieve your life goals, you will get my honest take on this product based on which you can decide whether it can be useful for you or not.

I felt this program is a scam when I was first introduced to it by a reader of my blog. The site created by them is not a professional one, the marketing is done based on video content alone and the site has not been secured which means they are using HTTP rather than HTTPS in their URL which is not at all a symptom of a website that intends to stay around for a long time.

Maybe they will work on the site soon, the only positive thing I hoped for when I explored their website for the first time was that the site might be in the development phase but the product could be legit.

This is a law of attraction based program that uses the concepts of hypnosis to change your thoughts and bring them in the frequency at which your desired reality is vibrating.

In simple words, listening to the tracks provided in this program will help your mind to reach the frequency from where effortless manifestation is possible. All our thoughts vibrate at a certain frequency and when our mind is brought into the higher vibrational state, we begin to think abundant thoughts that helps us to achieve our desired life goals and that’s what the author is trying to do with the help of this program. Continue reading

Paul Thomas’ 10 Minute Awakening Review

In this 10 minute awakening review, I will be providing you with a piece of in-depth information about this product created by Paul Thomas where he claims to help you achieve your desires using the concept that he calls the vibrational phenomena.

Unlike most of the law of attraction based products present out there, this one uses a very weird method of promoting the product. He talks about things like OBE on his website which actually gave me a good impression of this product because that implies that the author is not much concerned about luring the customers, he is aiming for a specific group of people who believe in metaphysical things. So I went to try the product and this review that you will be reading here is my opinion about Paul Thomas’s program.

According to the author, using the techniques and tools that he will provide you in this program you will be able to reach a state of mind in which you will allow your desires to manifest into reality. Basically this product is about harnessing the power of your subconscious mind, I will talk about this in detail later in this post. First, let us take a look into the life of the maker of this product.

Continue reading

Amanda Ross’ 7 Day Prayer Miracle Review

In this 7 day prayer miracle review, I am going to give you my honest opinion about this product that is created by Amanda Ross where she provides you the law of attraction based tools that teaches you how to pray effectively like the prophet Daniel in order to manifest your desires.

I don’t like these kinds of programs that are marketed using “too good to be true” strategies, a genuine product speaks for itself by honestly conveying what it will offer exactly to the customers rather than forcing them to buy the product by making big promises.

Considering the popularity this product has gained in recent months and requests from my readers to write a review about it, I tried the product and in this post, I am going to give you an opinion about this product based on my own experience. Continue reading

Overnight Millionaire System Review

In this overnight millionaire system review, I will be providing you a piece of detailed information about this program that is created by Wesley Virgin. I will try to answer your questions regarding the authenticity of the product so that you could have a better understanding of whether this whole system is real or just another scam.

Just like most programs out there that promise to make you wealthy quickly, this program is also marketed in the same manner so my first impression of this program was not a good one but trying out personal development products is a part of my job as a blogger so I am writing this review based on my own opinion which I believe will help you with your buying decision.

Wesley Virgin offers knowledge about how millionaires think and he provides tools that he calls as the mind hacks for success. According to him with the help of these tools, you will be able to change your thoughts and think like a millionaire so that you could take actions that will lead you to success. In short, this is a law of attraction based product that is aimed to deliver you with lessons and techniques that can alter your beliefs about wealth so that you could achieve the financial success you dream of.

I will give you a complete overview of what the maker of this product offers in this program but before that let me tell you a little about the author. Continue reading

Croix Sather’s Instant Manifestation Secrets Review

In this instant manifestation review, I will be talking in detail about Croix Sather’s program which claims that there is a third mind using which you can boost up the manifestation process.

Now the first two minds are something about which I have written extensively on many of my posts and if you are someone like me who reads a lot of self-help books then you too might be having a clear idea about our conscious and subconscious mind. You can find a lot of posts on this site on the subconscious mind and its functions. But in layman terms, conscious mind is our waking mind using which we perceive various things but it can focus only at one particular task at a given time, our subconscious mind on the other hand handles all the involuntary functions of our body, from our breathing to our spontaneous reactions to the situations are all handled by our subconscious mind.

The maker of this program introduces a new concept of the third mind which he calls as the vibrational mind. According to Sather, most people don’t have the knowledge about this level of mind and by training it in the right way one can manifest their desires quickly, all the material that he is offering in this program helps you to use the power of this vibrational mind in the direction you want to move.

Does this third level of mind really exist? Is it really possible to manifest our desired things quickly? Does Croix Sather’s Instant Manifestation Secrets really work or is it just another scam? I will be answering all of these questions in this post.

Continue reading

Manifestation Magic Review – Is Alexander Wilson’s Program a Scam?

This is an honest review of the program by Alexander Wilson that is known as the “Manifestation Magic”. I am writing this post to help you with your buying decision based on my own experiences with this product.

I would like to start this review by giving you a little background story about how I stumbled upon this product. As a personal development blogger, I explore any new product that is based on the law of attraction and has gained a lot of popularity among people.

Recently I came across an advertisement about this new program and I immediately sent an E-mail to the makers asking for a review copy. Usually, whenever I do this I get the program for reviewing since my blogs on many popular products have gained a good amount of traffic in the past few years. Considering that I have a genuine website and a lot of regular visitors, most of the makers do not hesitate to provide me with their products for reviewing and a lot of people approach me for writing reviews of their product. But in response to my e-mail, they refused to send me the product saying that they don’t require a review as of now. Continue reading

Greg Thurston’s 7 Minute Mindfulness Program Review

In this post, I am going to provide you an unbiased review of the program created by Greg Thurston which is named “7 Minute Mindfulness” so that you can get a good idea of the whole package before buying this product.

Mindfulness is a method that I have always talked about in my blogs because it gives you the necessary relaxation and peace that is needed for the healthy functioning of your mind. Mindfulness is a practice that gives you the power to be in control of your reality as it helps you to “respond” rather than to react to any particular situation.

Today a lot of research works and medical experts are backing up the benefits of mindfulness because it has proven to bring a very healthy change in the brain and hormones in the human body.

Considering all these points it is always very wise to have a tool like this with you but does this program deserves a place in your collections? We will see this in the following paragraphs. Continue reading

Spire Mindfulness and Activity Tracker Review

I have been exploring a lot of gadgets recently that helps people with the personal development activities and in this spire mindfulness and activity tracker review, I am going to share my experiences and views on this device that works to help you to track your mind state every day by keeping a record of your breathing patterns.

It is obvious that our state of mind can be known by observing the quality of breaths we take, when you practice mindfulness or when you have a heightened awareness of the present moment, your mind is relaxed and you to take slow deep breaths naturally.

So all these facts add up to the usefulness of this tool and it can really help you a lot if you are trying to improve your emotional state with the help of mindfulness exercises, however, it can also be used for the purpose of simply knowing your mind health better.
The device comes with an app that can be installed on your iPhone or Android mobile so that you can get the real-time readings, the app may get updated later to improve its functions.

One thing a buyer wants to know before spending money on something is whether the product will give them the results they are expecting or not, so now I am going to give you a clear idea of what you can expect from this spire mindfulness and activity tracker based on my experiences with it. Continue reading

My Favorite Lucid Dream Mask Review

In this lucid dream mask review, I am going to tell you about the one sleep mask that I use which is the best one available in the stores right now according to lucid dream masks work

See, when I was a beginner lucid dreamer, I believed in many crappy products that claimed to induce lucid dreams with the help of REM detection, you know what I am talking about right?

Such devices may have worked for people, but I prefer natural ways, I don’t want my body to be uncomfortable in any way while sleeping and I will never suggest you messing up your natural sleep cycles because your mind states depend on it.

What I want people to understand is that lucid dreaming is all about practice and knowing your mind better, especially by becoming more conscious in the waking life.

However, a sound sleep matters a lot for lucid dreaming which requires that you sleep in complete darkness. No matter how hard you try a little light is always present in the room, that’s why sleep masks are very helpful not only for a sound sleep but also for having vivid dreams that conscious dreamers always desire.

Trust me, I can promote any lucid dream mask here, but to be honest, all you need is a good regular sleep mask and I am going to tell you about the one that I use. Continue reading

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