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The World Tapping Circle Review

In this review, I will be explaining to you in detail what is the world tapping circle about? and I will also cover all the aspects of this particular program so that you can get a better idea about it and understand whether this membership could be helpful for you in order to solve many of your problems using the Emotional Freedom Techniques(EFT) taught in this program.

Basically, this circle is a membership program where you will be shown various EFT tapping methods and will be taught about their usage so that you can apply these techniques to overcome many problems like stress, anxiety, financial issues, relationship problems, and health issues, etc. From anxiety to chronic pain EFT can be used for a plethora of bodily as well as emotional problems. Continue reading

The Tao of Rich Review – Scam Advice

In this review, I will be giving you detailed information about the tao of rich program and I will share my personal opinion with you on this money manifestation product so that you can make your decision on whether you should buy this program or not with a proper understanding of what you will be getting in this digital product by Charlie Gates. The author has created this program and marketed it based on one particular principle that he believes is a crucial factor that affects a person’s financial situation.

The program talks about the communication between the heart and the mind and the author also claims that research works have proven that the heart’s electrical field is 60 times greater than that of the brain, so what he goes on to point out is that this electromagnetic energy that is generated from the heart area of the body extends to the space around us and it affects our lives in various ways. So, this program is created based on this energy field and it aligns this field between the heart and the mind so that you can manifest more money and live out the life of your dream, this particular process is called “The Heart Sync” by the makers of this program. Continue reading

30 Day Lucid Dreaming Bootcamp Review

In this 30-day lucid dreaming Bootcamp review, I will be giving you a detailed analysis of this product created by Stefan Zugor which is a special course created for beginners in the field of lucid dreaming and it aims to help you stick with a daily routine so that you can have your first lucid dream within 20 days. This program has materials like daily videos and a step-by-step printable template that ensures that you stay inspired while trying to have your first lucid dream.

This program is an easy-to-follow system that has worked for thousands of people and contains a unique strategic plan for beginners, including exercises and methods that have been proven to be effective. Since the program has something new to perform each day, you will be able to stay interested in it whereas you will not lose hope easily and the templet is designed in such a way that it will help you to not only have your first lucid dream within a few weeks but it will also establish you as a regular lucid dreamer.

The psychological principle used by Stephen Zugor to create this program is highly effective to help most people to have their first lucid dream in less time and his techniques are all backed up by research works.

Stephen has been learning and teaching people about lucid dreaming for more than 10 years and his works and articles have reached millions of people over the years. He has also reached a large audience through his YouTube channel and for the past 10 years, he has been practicing and researching lucid dreaming. Stephen uses multiple psychological tools like neuropsychology, neurolinguistics programming, bio-hacking, and various personal growth methods to combine them all and make his unique formula of a lucid dreaming system that can be far more effective than the conventional methods. Continue reading

Total Money Magnetism Review -The Neuroscience of Success by Steve G. Jones

In this total money magnetism review, we will be taking a close look at this program created by Dr. Steve G Jones, a well-known hypnotherapist who has created some very popular self-help programs and authored many books on various subjects related to personal development using his expertise in the field of hypnotherapy as well as his knowledge about the potential and power of the human mind.

In this program, Steve is bringing you his methods based on the neuroscience of success which is aimed to work on your mindset to help you think like a millionaire so that you can attract wealth and prosperous opportunities in your life to improve your financial situation.

The program material is packed with a lot of tools created by Dr. Steve including 6 custom built millionaire brain hypnosis tracks and a manual based on millionaire brain-building strategies along with various other materials that you can use to work on your subconscious mind and reprogram it in a way that it brings to you the situations that will lead to your financial success. Continue reading

Alex Maxwell’s Wealth DNA Code Review

In this wealth DNA code review, I will be taking a close look at this program by Alex Maxwell that talks about activating the spiritual chakra which is responsible for the financial aspects of our lives, the author also refers to this chakra as the wealth DNA that he emphasizes in this program and believes that you can solve your financial problems once you have an activated root chakra.

Usually, when it comes to chakras there are seven commonly known energy centers of the body and I have also heard about the eighth chakra but in this program, the author talks that there are about 12 primary chakras in the human body among which this root chakra is something about which the ancient spiritual teachers and yogis have explained as the materialistic spiritual center of our energy body to which all the finance-related issues of our lives are associated with. The author talks about 2 types of DNA – one is the commonly known physical DNA and the other one is what he calls the spiritual DNA, this spiritual DNA is what he is referring to when he talks about activating the wealth DNA.

Alex has created this program focusing entirely on clearing the blocks of the root chakra which he believes will lead you to attract opportunities and create situations in your life that will help you to reach the financial abundance. Continue reading

Jake Mayers’ Manifestation Code System Review

In this Manifestation Code System review, I will be talking in detail about Jake Mayers’ law of attraction based program that claims to help you manifest abundance with the use of audio tracks that are created for bringing your mind into the state of higher vibrations.

I have mentioned in many of my posts that I don’t like to use brainwave entrainment based audios due to the undesired effects binaural beats had on me long time ago, also I don’t prefer subliminal audios and software because I like to keep a check on what is going into my subconscious mind when I come across any such audios.

Unfortunately these days most of the law of attraction based products are using these two types of materials and I am trying all these products because my readers are requesting me for the review of such programs. Jake Mayers’ product has gained a lot of popularity in the past few days, I have received various emails in which people are enquiring about it but to my disappointment, this product contains both brainwave based audios and Subliminals.

I still used the program and this review is a result of my opinion that was formed when I tried the product, I am not against these audios, I know that such products are budding a lot these days because such audios are working well for people but it is just my personal preference to not use them on a regular basis. I will discuss this product with you in detail but first, let’s take a look into the life of the author. Continue reading

Cassandra Matthews’ Abundance Manifestor Review

In this Abundance Manifestor review, I will be providing you in-depth information about this program that incorporates “Abundance X Formula” created by Cassandra Matthews which uses hemispheric synchronization technology to help you achieve your life goals, you will get my honest take on this product based on which you can decide whether it can be useful for you or not.

I felt this program is a scam when I was first introduced to it by a reader of my blog. The site created by them is not a professional one, the marketing is done based on video content alone and the site has not been secured which means they are using HTTP rather than HTTPS in their URL which is not at all a symptom of a website that intends to stay around for a long time.

Maybe they will work on the site soon, the only positive thing I hoped for when I explored their website for the first time was that the site might be in the development phase but the product could be legit.

This is a law of attraction based program that uses the concepts of hypnosis to change your thoughts and bring them in the frequency at which your desired reality is vibrating.

In simple words, listening to the tracks provided in this program will help your mind to reach the frequency from where effortless manifestation is possible. All our thoughts vibrate at a certain frequency and when our mind is brought into the higher vibrational state, we begin to think abundant thoughts that helps us to achieve our desired life goals and that’s what the author is trying to do with the help of this program. Continue reading

Paul Thomas’ 10 Minute Awakening Review

In this 10 minute awakening review, I will be providing you with a piece of in-depth information about this product created by Paul Thomas where he claims to help you achieve your desires using the concept that he calls the vibrational phenomena.

Unlike most of the law of attraction based products present out there, this one uses a very weird method of promoting the product. He talks about things like OBE on his website which actually gave me a good impression of this product because that implies that the author is not much concerned about luring the customers, he is aiming for a specific group of people who believe in metaphysical things. So I went to try the product and this review that you will be reading here is my opinion about Paul Thomas’s program.

According to the author, using the techniques and tools that he will provide you in this program you will be able to reach a state of mind in which you will allow your desires to manifest into reality. Basically this product is about harnessing the power of your subconscious mind, I will talk about this in detail later in this post. First, let us take a look into the life of the maker of this product.

Continue reading

Amanda Ross’ 7 Day Prayer Miracle Review

In this 7 day prayer miracle review, I am going to give you my honest opinion about this product that is created by Amanda Ross where she provides you the law of attraction based tools that teaches you how to pray effectively like the prophet Daniel in order to manifest your desires.

I don’t like these kinds of programs that are marketed using “too good to be true” strategies, a genuine product speaks for itself by honestly conveying what it will offer exactly to the customers rather than forcing them to buy the product by making big promises.

Considering the popularity this product has gained in recent months and requests from my readers to write a review about it, I tried the product and in this post, I am going to give you an opinion about this product based on my own experience. Continue reading

Overnight Millionaire System Review

In this overnight millionaire system review, I will be providing you a piece of detailed information about this program that is created by Wesley Virgin. I will try to answer your questions regarding the authenticity of the product so that you could have a better understanding of whether this whole system is real or just another scam.

Just like most programs out there that promise to make you wealthy quickly, this program is also marketed in the same manner so my first impression of this program was not a good one but trying out personal development products is a part of my job as a blogger so I am writing this review based on my own opinion which I believe will help you with your buying decision.

Wesley Virgin offers knowledge about how millionaires think and he provides tools that he calls as the mind hacks for success. According to him with the help of these tools, you will be able to change your thoughts and think like a millionaire so that you could take actions that will lead you to success. In short, this is a law of attraction based product that is aimed to deliver you with lessons and techniques that can alter your beliefs about wealth so that you could achieve the financial success you dream of.

I will give you a complete overview of what the maker of this product offers in this program but before that let me tell you a little about the author. Continue reading

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