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Gyan Mudra – A Simple Mudra for Stimulating the Root Chakra

Gyan Mudra, that is also known as “Chin Mudra” is a very common and simple hand posture that is used in many yogic practices to make them more effective.

“Gyan” means wisdom in Sanskrit, so it can also be called as the wisdom mudra.

The prime reason why this particular hand gesture is used for meditation is because it helps one to have lesser thoughts during that time, thus it provides better focus to successfully carry out the process.

You can achieve higher states of meditation with appropriate use of this simple method because when you are less affected by the thoughts in your mind, you can experience altered states of consciousness.

According to ancient yogic teachings, our body is made up of five elements viz. water,fire,air,earth and ether, all the mind and health related problems are born due to the imbalance in these elements. This mudra helps to balance the vayu( air) element in the body.

I used to be very skeptical of this stuff, but with better understanding of this knowledge I realized that even though they are just simple different methods of placing the fingers at various points in your hands, it can prove out to be very beneficial for your health since it stimulates various brain nerves with the pressure applied to certain meridian points. Continue reading