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Two Sides of the Same Coin-The Law of Duality

I am not going to say that if you believe in god then you will have to accept the existence of devil,as people generally misinterpret what the law of duality says.

The law of duality(or polarity) does not say that everything has an opposite, instead it says that the opposite of any entity that we can perceive is nothing but the other extreme of one and the same thing.

Let’s take the example of prosperity and poverty, one is abundance of wealth and the other is absence of wealth but both are the differences in balance of exactly the same thing-wealth!

In the same way many people talk about the law of attraction and repulsion within the context of law of polarity, which says that if the universal laws operates to attract what we want in our lives then there must also be some law which forms its opposite by repelling the stuff that we don’t want, this is not at all true.

What we don’t attract in our life is what we don’t focus upon or we block what we want by focusing on its opposite( negative thoughts or beliefs).. so there is no such law as the law of repulsion, but it is the law of attraction working reversely what seems like that. Continue reading