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Mabel Katz’s Zero Frequency Book Review

Recently, I received a surprise email from one of the popular figures of the personal development industry Mabel Katz, from whom I have learned a life-transforming technique named the “Ho’oponopono” process.

I left working on my blog for a few months due to a sudden realization and change of perspective which stopped me from taking any action unless I am inspired to do it.

Her email asked me to read and review her book named Zero Frequency, as a result of which I  regained the purpose of reviving my blog.

The book is all about achieving inner peace and joy effortlessly. Unlike most books that focus on achieving materialistic goals that make a person to lose the balance between their spiritual and physical world, this book helps a person to achieve their materialistic goals without losing their love for life.

In this book, you will learn a simple technique that will assist you in following the passion of your life. From my own experiences, I can say that zero frequency is all about getting closer to your higher self, touching this serene state of mind by using this method you can find the clarity which is essential for you to make the right decisions in life which will be best for you as well as others.

We are all divine beings but to realize that we must work on the self-talks and repeated self-destructing commentaries that keep on repeating itself in our mind like a tape recorder. All our addictions, problems, and thoughts are a result of the social programming that has happened since our birth. Continue reading

Open Eyes Self Hypnosis-By Reading and Writing Scripts!!

Open eyes self-hypnosis is an astonishing process I found in Forbes Robbins Blair’s book where we can use self-written scripts to hypnotize ourselves.

We all know very well that self hypnosis could be used for various personal development purposes like building confidence, eradicating fears, better health, improving the rapport between conscious and subconscious mind, the possibilities are countless.51owIoOcRmL

Often self hypnosis is perceived as something complicated, but actually it is a very simple and already familiar process to us.

Self hypnosis is just a way to relax and take the mind into a state where it is open for any suggestion. Continue reading