Mabel Katz’s Zero Frequency Book Review

Recently, I received a surprise email from one of the popular figures of the personal development industry Mabel Katz, from whom I have learned a life-transforming technique named the “Ho’oponopono” process.

I left working on my blog for a few months due to a sudden realization and change of perspective which stopped me from taking any action unless I am inspired to do it.

Her email asked me to read and review her book named Zero Frequency, as a result of which I  regained the purpose of reviving my blog.

The book is all about achieving inner peace and joy effortlessly. Unlike most books that focus on achieving materialistic goals that make a person to lose the balance between their spiritual and physical world, this book helps a person to achieve their materialistic goals without losing their love for life.

In this book, you will learn a simple technique that will assist you in following the passion of your life. From my own experiences, I can say that zero frequency is all about getting closer to your higher self, touching this serene state of mind by using this method you can find the clarity which is essential for you to make the right decisions in life which will be best for you as well as others.

We are all divine beings but to realize that we must work on the self-talks and repeated self-destructing commentaries that keep on repeating itself in our mind like a tape recorder. All our addictions, problems, and thoughts are a result of the social programming that has happened since our birth.

We are the creators of our reality but most of our desires are often based on our egoistic needs. We cannot change the past but we can definitely gain a new perspective about our past with the information taught by Mabel in this book.

Reaching zero frequency is all about clearing the past memories so that we could open the doors to our abundance and allow things to happen in our life that is best from our higher perspective. This method makes us less arrogant and more humble because it helps us to understand that certain things in our life are beyond the understanding of our logical mind.  I  believe that her email to me was sent because I  have got closer to my inner being just like her and moreover I got to know that my story resembles her story in a lot of ways.

Anybody who reads this book and applies the techniques taught in this book can reach the zero frequency and can contribute to the divine purpose of their lives.

About the Author

Mabel Katz is an Argentinian author, speaker, and TV show host who is settled in Los Angles. She has been transforming the lives of many people around the globe for several years by conducting a plethora of classes, training, and seminars every year.

Before working as a practitioner and teacher of the “Ho’oponopono” process, Mable used to work as a tax accountant and she holds two degrees in accountancy.  From early life she had an innate talent for numbers, while she was in this profession she met her mentor Dr. Hewlen who is known for his mysterious and astonishing story of healing the whole ward of mentally sick patients without even meeting them using this healing technique.

After learning this technique, Mabel started to make decisions based on inspirations which further lead her to take actions that were uncommon.

Going against the social paradigm, she began to host local TV shows. It was a major step in her life where she went against the old beliefs and conventional ways of thinking, she paid the price by going through a lot of sufferings in the beginning. In the year 2008, while trying to follow her passion she lost a lot of her wealth and faced a lot of criticisms. People even called her crazy for following her newly found passion. But once she paid the price for the essential spiritual lessons, Mabel was able to turn her failures in life into success like an alchemist. Her works have been now published in more than 25 languages worldwide.

About the Book

This book consists of 194 pages in a simple and descriptive language with 11 chapters enabling the readers to connect with zero frequency. The author touches on many important subjects with reference to various other authors and their works.

The information shared by Mabel in this book is straight to the points so that anybody can understand the whole mechanism behind the working of this process.

In the psychological terms, this book explains that we all have a conscious, subconscious, and superconscious mind. Bringing harmony by clearing the painful memories and feelings in the subconscious mind by using this technique, you will be able to receive inspirations from the superconscious mind/collective consciousness/universe.

The superconscious mind already knows what is best for you and everything you need to know is already inside you but you are not aware of it on the conscious level because you have been fed with false/limiting beliefs by the society. So this is basically an unlearning process where you will be able to discard any thought that is not true to your heart.

From this book, we can learn forgiveness, acceptance, and gratefulness. This information is far deeper than just positive affirmation because it works on the cause rather than the symptoms. The  “Ho’oponopono” process will equip you with the power to overcome the fear of death and live life peacefully without letting the external circumstances affect your inner being.

Practicing this method can help a person of any age group to be as cheerful as a child, fearless as a young person, and matured like an adult, all at the same time.

The author narrates the story of how flat warts healed on Dr. Wayne Dyer’s daughter’s face by practicing the method illustrated by her. She also has illustrated another example of women prisoners becoming very peaceful after the training session conducted by the author in prison.

My Opinion of the Book

Whatever I have ever achieved in life on the physical level, pales in comparison to the inner peace and clarity of thoughts gained by me now. Whenever I have used energy clearing methods like this, I have received the answers to all my questions.

Now I am not who I thought  I was in the past because my sense of self-identity was entirely clouded by the judgments  I had about myself and others.

Once I began working on my own perception everything in my life became less complicated and I am now able to enjoy my own company as well as others by living in the present moment.  The  Ho’oponopono method has played a key role in my life. I have used it in a lot of life situations and I will continue to do so till my purpose in this world is fulfilled.

If I had  to  describe this book  in a single  line, I  would say  “our only job is to be happy”

Using the methods taught by  Mabel in this book, anybody can increase their self-confidence and self-love by trusting in the divine power.

It will enable you to face every situation in life with a broader perspective so that you could smile, love your life, laugh, and let go of whatever in your life that has not been working well.

Before concluding this post, I would like to say that the secret ingredient to be joyful is to understand the “futility of expectations”. All our troubles and problems are caused by our expectations from people/life/universe, a  person who is closer to their higher self understands that by expecting anything more in life without valuing what we already have is the root cause of our fear and worries. Everything is already perfect in the creator’s eyes, so are you and you can always open the doors to receive the abundance and universal love that you deserve.

By bringing your attention to the present moment using the lessons taught in this book a person can make decisions they want to without worrying much about the results. It will re-kindle the creativity in you and you will not be afraid to make mistakes. It will also motivate you to try and practice the skills that you want to hone.

The most important skill according to me that every person must keep developing is  “focus” in order to achieve their goals and you can work on it by practicing this technique.

For learning this technique and to apply it for your spiritual growth, you can buy the Zero Frequency book online. If it works for you or if you have any success stories to share then please do share it here so that all the readers of my blog could get motivated.


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