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Mind Of Little Kids-Should Children Learn Meditation

Before discussing meditation for children, we should first understand that we do meditation as our mind is always overloaded with thoughts that keep us away from the present moment.

Meditation helps us to be a more awake and conscious person, rather than being a slave of our own mind; it brings forth the unconditional love from inside which is our true nature.

Let us now move on to our prime focus:-

Should Children Learn Meditation?

However, children are always more in the present moment than us, they have love in their hearts even for the nonliving things and they care about everything in their vicinity so much. Continue reading

The Learning Mind of a Baby-A Blank Page Waiting for a Story

Usually when we give a smile to a baby we get a cheerful smile in return even if the baby is not familiar to us, however, it hardly happens that a stranger does the same.

In fact, 7 out 10 people is afraid to greet a complete stranger because they are scared about the possibility that the other person will not give a positive response, in truth, the world today is badly affected by the fear of getting judged.

Most of us live in the fear of rejection which creates a barrier between us and others, but, we were not born like this. Continue reading