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5 Benefits of Listening to Music While Studying (Effects on Mind)

I think I knew already that there were certain benefits of listening to music while studying when I was a student, It was very usual for me to listen to music back when I used to stay awake late in the night to prepare for my exams, I remember countless instances when I have been asked by many people including my family members and friends on how I was able to concentrate with my favorite songs being played in the background, at that time it was hard for me to explain why I was able to study better with the help of music but now I know that there are certain positive effects of listening to music while studying which I will be discussing with you in this post.

Not being among the brightest students in the class, it used to be a very difficult task for me to focus on my studies so I used to find various ways to make my studies interesting and apply them just to keep my mind from tricking me into doing other activities. That’s how I discovered that listening to music in the background was very effective, it especially stopped me from falling asleep when I had to keep myself awake while preparing for important tests in school and college. Even today, I still enjoy playing music while I work, and I’ve even curated a dedicated playlist for work. So, regardless of the debates surrounding whether listening to music while studying is effective or not, I firmly believe that you should listen to your favorite songs when tackling tasks like solving math problems or reading a book, as long as it doesn’t prove distracting. However, it’s essential to be honest with yourself, as what works for one person may not work for another.

Now, after all these years of exploring various personal development materials, I have come to realize that I was unknowingly employing a mental trick to my advantage. Music has been proven to enhance various brain functions, according to numerous studies.
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Positive Self-Talk for Children – 5 Tips for Best Results

If you are someone who knows the importance of personal development then you might be well aware that positive self-talk can play a vital role to help children build a healthy self-esteem.positive thinking for children

In my post on self-esteem building exercises, I have discussed how our life depends on the self-image we have formed in our subconscious mind.

There are many ways using which you can change these beliefs present in your inner mind that makes you who you are now, but since our childhood has a lot to do with how we see ourselves innately, you can help kids to have the right mindset for achieving success in their life.

Though it is easy to formulate the self-talk that an adult can use, it often is very confusing to teach the same to kids because their way of thinking is very different from us, so we need a method that is most appropriate for them.

Here I will share with you some tips, examples, and techniques to teach positive self-talk to children based on what I have learned from some very good sources. Continue reading

Personal Development of Kids -Teach Them How to Be a Winner

I believe that personal development of kids is more important than anything else in the growth mindset for kidsworld because that is all about beginning a new world where people don’t have to give up their dreams and passion because of the limiting beliefs imposed upon the raw minds by the society.

Many people believe that sending kids to school is what is necessary for helping them to develop the skills that will make them successful in life, but education has nothing to do with success.

Education is necessary for making them literate, that is it. I have discussed this in the post named the habits of successful people, winners and losers are created by the type of beliefs that were planted in their minds when they were little kids.

Paradigms – How It Make Us Who We Are

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5 Best Personal Development Books for Kids

The five personal development books for kids that I am going to suggest you here will help you to teach your kids the most important principles and the right way of thinking that will fill their future with great books kids

Children have a mind that is easily influenced by what is repeatedly told to them or things that evoke strong feelings in them, and all this becomes their truth which decides how their life is going to be shaped.

So the wisest thing parents can do to ensure a good future for their kids is to help them in building a positive mindset by telling them good stories, making them feel special, and being a good example for them.

Beliefs that we have in our subconscious mind are what creates our reality and these beliefs were formed due to the type of information our mind received when we were kids, so the simplest way to make your kid a winner is to help them to form empowering beliefs.

You can do this by encouraging them to read books that will expose their minds to great ideas and thoughts. This can also be done by learning the right principles that you can teach them as a parent. Sometimes, being a parent who emanates positive vibes can be the best thing to do because kids learn most of the stuff by observing their parents. Continue reading

Creative Visualization for Children-A Childhood Gift

Unlike us, kids are not too concerned about the future events. Momentarily, they may get upset when they don’t get what they want but, they have the tendency to forget about it easily and that’s why I would emphasis that creative visualization for children should be an unscripted process.

Kids are naturally gifted with the creative ability, we all were excellent in using our imagination to create the dream atmosphere for our playtime. If you will take a live example of any group of kids playing, you will find that there are a lot of imaginative elements being incorporated in their games.

Most of us forget to enjoy our dream world as we grow up because our society doesn’t encourage such habits.

Today, we are realizing that visualization is one of the most potent mind tools available to us however the essential qualities needed to make proper use of it is something we need to acquire with practice.

Actually, it is not a learning process but, an unlearning process.

It’s true that we cannot do anything about what has happened to us in the past but, we can surely help the young ones of our generation. Continue reading

8 Self Awareness Activities for Students-Unleash Your True Potential

I wish someone would have enlightened me about the importance of self-awareness when I was in school; learning to get aware of one’s own thoughts and feelings in childhood is a real gift.

Many parents nowadays are realizing that teaching their child to become more conscious could tremendously improve their kid’s personal life and academic performances, that’s why I am going to discuss a few self-awareness activities for students here.

This is such a great news that people are now getting to know the importance of spirituality because we need highly conscious people to make this planet a better place and that is why the biggest gift we could ever give to the young generation is to teach them the activities using which they can establish a better connection with their higher self.

Learning to be more aware in an early age will help an individual to peacefully and wisely handle the challenges in his/her life.

We operate at two levels of mind, one is the conscious mind using which we think in our wake conscious state and the other is our subconscious mind which handles all our unconscious habitual actions, this also includes our skills and abilities.

Our subconscious mind is very powerful and by learning to use it properly we can achieve anything that we desire in life, in early age our subconscious mind is wide open for suggestions so, it is easier to give targets to the student’s mind and have it achieved.

In order to make desired use of subconscious mind a student will have to learn to calm down the voice of his conscious mind and for that he will have to become self aware.

Teaching youngsters to be more in control of their thoughts and feelings has numerous benefits and that’s why I am going to discuss with you a few methods here using which you can boost up their spiritual and mental growth.(Or you can do it on your own by following these technique if you are a student who’s looking for ways to improve your life)

I have put these activities here keeping in mind that young minds find spiritual practices uninteresting still you may have to convince them a little to make them to perform these exercises:-

#1- Take 10 Conscious Breaths

Pause whenever the mind gets disturbed by any negative thought and take 10 conscious long breaths.

Doing this will take away the negative thoughts and associated emotions, thus providing an opportunity for the mind to get refreshed.

#2-Mindful Eating

This is a very interesting thing to do because it makes you to enjoy your food on the other hand it also helps you to bring your mind into the present moment.

While having food, slow down a little and meditate on the taste, smell and appearances of the food, being mindful of the food also improves your digestion.

#3-Prefer Outdoor Games

One of the biggest drawbacks of our current generation is that unlike earlier now we find most of the kids and teenagers preferring video games over outdoor games.

Playing outdoor games is very good for both their physical as well as spiritual health, being in touch with the nature is essential for a person’s spiritual growth so, getting involved in outdoor sports is very essential for personal development of kids and youngsters.

#4-Share Your Feelings

Sadly, most of us grow up hearing words like “don’t cry”, “be strong”, “stop being so sensitive”, etc. Our society teaches us to suppress our natural emotions which in future results as the stress in our life.

We are programmed to hide our vulnerabilities and pretend to be emotionally strong. Till my teenage I used to be very sensitive and I am well familiar with that humiliating feeling which follows when your vulnerability becomes obvious to others.

One should learn to be more expressive of his/her true feelings.

By sharing the true feelings a person allows his mind to be in total peace which will naturally improve his mental abilities.

#5-Become a Good Listener

Equally important as it is to express oneself is to pay attention to other people’s opinions and feelings, to be self aware it is important to come out of one’s own mind chatter and to open up to what others have to share.

This is not only a good habit to be developed in order to connect with others but it is also a practice to improve one’s own connection with his/her inner self.

Being a good listener will enable your mind to learn faster!

#6-Meditate Regularly

I know it is a difficult task for youngsters to sit and meditate but, in order to become a highly conscious person one will have to sit in silence for few minutes daily so that he can detach himself from distracting thoughts and allow his mind to function better.

For students who are trying to improve their concentration power, I would like to suggest tratak meditation.

#7-Feel Your Body

Body awareness is an essential part of spiritual development; to perform this one should close his eyes and focus on each part of his body one by one, relaxing them using his imagination.

Imagining a white light which relaxes each part of the body by clearing the negative energies present there is also a very good method to do this.(refer my post on yog nidra)

#8-Increase Your Awareness of the Surroundings

Every now and then getting aware of the surroundings is also a good way to increase self awareness because doing this helps a person to stay rooted in the present moment.

This is much like what Sherlock Holmes does; if you have read those stories then you might be knowing that he registers every minute detail of the places in his mind.

When you notice the details of your current surrounding you immediately pull your focus away from the mind trap and liberate yourself from the thoughts of past or future.


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Raising a Genius Kid- Making Your Child a Winner

I have written various articles on this subject like the post named “Make them winners”, I will leave more links at the bottom of this post. I am writing this post because I have an urge to tell this to the parents who are searching things like “making your kid a genius” or “making your kid smart” over the internet  since I saw a relative of my friend checking out various channels on youtube to get tips for making her kids smart.

One thing that every parent should understand is that we don’t have to do anything externally to boost up the learning process of kids instead we should introduce them to more learning opportunities, human brain develops in a similar manner for all kids it is only that the environment in which it develops decides its nature in the future.

What Differentiates Genius Kids from the Rest?

Looking at few kids who are naturally smart and learn everything quickly makes us to think that these little genius minds are special with god gifted skills, this isn’t true.

Every child is equally blessed and gifted; it is their surrounding which determines their abilities when they are growing up. Human mind is very much like a plant seed, it grows depending on its environment and the type of nurturing it gets.

The Programming of the Mind

Human mind is often distinguished in two parts for the ease of understanding the concept of human behavior as the conscious mind and the subconscious mind.

The conscious mind is our waking mind and the subconscious mind is the mind which determines all our behaviors, the subconscious mind is programmed mostly when we were kid and our life depends on this mind  programming.

By “programming” I mean here the set of beliefs that are imposed on the little minds by their family, friends and society. Any belief or idea implanted in these raw minds will come into fruition as it develops.

This reason why a child picks up the traits of its family members is due to this fact. A mathematician’s kid’s mind picks up its parent’s belief that “math is easy” which later turns him as a genius mathematician as well.

So, in order to make your kid smart you will have to plant the seeds of smartness in his mind, in order to make him wealthy you will have to plant the seeds of wealth in his mind and to make him successful in all other areas you will have to do the same.

How to Program Your Child’s Mind?

Training your kid’s mind is easy, a baby’s mind readily accepts the ideas that you repeatedly introduce to it. So, if you will give suggestions to them like “you are smart”, “you are healthy” etc then their mind will readily accept that idea and start to work accordingly to make it true.

Keep a positive attitude when you are around your kid and encourage them to use their imagination, creative visualization is a natural gift to children but as they grow up they tend to forget it because our society doesn’t encourage a person to dream.

More important than trying to teach something to kids at an early age is to tell them how special and amazing they are. By providing them an environment which consists of positive beliefs you can make your child build an abundance mindset and their life will be shaped in accordance with these beliefs.


If you believe in the concept that’s called the law of attraction then you might be knowing that in order to make your child a winner you have to teach them about the tools and methods to achieve their goals if you are looking for a course or program for this purpose then I would suggest you trying out the product “Law of Attraction for Kids”.


I hope you liked this post. I would love to hear your views about this so please do leave me a comment in the box below. (Your email id will be safe and hidden, you can even prefer your secondary email id for commenting)

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Indigo Children and Their Characteristics-Highly Intuitive and Spirited Kids

Developing the Intuition Skills of Kids-Raising Conscious and Aware Children

This is a subject which achieves importance due to modern complexities in parenthood.

The mystics of the sixth sense have been neglected by the modern parents because it has no logic behind it, but you would have noticed the infants smiling and crying while sleeping without any proper reason.

Our elders will attribute this to the visit of the angles.  Hence, one can say that there is some inner spirit which guides our life.

Role of the Parent

Parents have ample opportunity to develop and apply the intuition of children which will go a long way in their life as they grow from one stage to the other.

The confidence, creativity, the problem solving ability,decision making etc develops by encouraging the child to practice intuition. Continue reading

Indigo Children and Their Characteristics-Highly Intuitive and Spirited Kids

When I opted for Christie Marie Sheldon’s love or above program, I received a few bonus sessions (which I guess are still available) and in one of those sessions Christie talks about Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children.

I completely agree with Christie that all kids are equal having some unique gifts and there is not something very special about these kids that differentiates them from the other kids, apart from their ability of having higher intuitive awareness and an unique aura pattern.

Every kid has the ability to learn, develop and become whatever they wish to be, so the labeling that we do here is to just differentiate the specific characteristics of the group of these kids.

So, once I got to know about these kids, I did a little research and here I am going to discuss with you about what I have learned from various sources.

The label “Indigo Children” given to these kids is because of the indigo colored pattern in their aura (the energy field around their body).

These kids are highly intuitive and connected to their spiritual part, it is said that a lot of indigo children were born after 80’s as the result of the shift in the collective consciousness of the planet.

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Imaginative Kids Are “Genius in the Making”-Amazing Creative Ability of Children

The moment you are attending a sad death ceremony, your kid might be busy laughing with his imaginary friends.

You may be worried about the financial crisis, and your kid might be screaming with excitement in his Ferrari that he made by arranging pillows.

You could be frustrated while handling household chores whereas your kid might have already prepared lunch for him and his friends in his dream world.

Here we will discuss the gift that we all have been blessed with but, we usually leave it behind when we are growing up, it is that magical mental ability known as “Imagination”. Continue reading