Mind Of Little Kids-Should Children Learn Meditation

Before discussing meditation for children, we should first understand that we do meditation as our mind is always overloaded with thoughts that keep us away from the present moment.

Meditation helps us to be a more awake and conscious person, rather than being a slave of our own mind; it brings forth the unconditional love from inside which is our true nature.

Let us now move on to our prime focus:-

Should Children Learn Meditation?

However, children are always more in the present moment than us, they have love in their hearts even for the nonliving things and they care about everything in their vicinity so much.

The mind of little kids is like a blank page and if they develop some traits which may have “lack of love” then I am very sure that they have learned it from other people.

So, in short, it is good that they learn it on their own by watching us but, there is no strong necessity for them to learn it until they cross the age of about 10-12.

The Relation between Age and State of Mind..

The mind that has the capability to accept or reject is what we call as the “conscious mind” and it develops only after a certain age, till that age; kids learn everything from their external environment.

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The mind that understands emotions more than words, the mind that makes us what we are, the mind that can pick up the vibrations and the mind that can do wonders which we call as the “subconscious mind” is the only part of mind that the kids possess when they have not developed this conscious part of mind.

Kids have the qualities to pick up the vibrations – this is why they sometimes cry unnecessarily in some places or by seeing some people.

We have already discussed this in “Learning Mind of a Baby”.

How to Teach Meditation to Children

Now as we have discussed that children are already in the present moment, this means that they already know meditation.

There is no need to teach meditation to children below 10 years of age but they can learn it from their parents by watching them doing it.

So, if you are disciplined and you do meditation regularly then your children will also learn it soon. You can make them sit quietly with you and ask them to close their eyes, and to take deep breaths but never force them, just let them do whatever they want to do.

It is necessary to sit in an isolated place for doing meditation but your kids must see you doing it regularly and you will see that they will develop a curiosity for it, and that is how they should proceed.

Games and Imagination

It is sad to see that now kids are more fascinated towards video games and televisions.

Before thinking about teaching them meditation, we should first be concerned about making them realize the beauty of the outdoor games and the use of their imagination.

We should motivate them to play more outdoor games and we should join them also.

An indoor game that makes them use their imagination is also necessary but video games and TV is not a good thing for their age.

Children will surely join you if you take the initial step and involve yourself in playing games with them but, there is no point in forcing them to do something when you are not ready to spend your time with them for it.

Playing games with the kids is also one of our responsibilities since it is necessary for the development of the child’s mind.

Simple meditation for children

It is a tough job to make children sit for meditation, forcing them is of no use because meditation is something that we should enjoy doing.

Playing creative games like- asking them to close their eyes for few minutes and to ask what picture comes in their mind, is a very good way to make them aware of their thoughts.

Asking them to feel their emotions by closing their eyes (Especially when they are happy) is a great way by which you can teach them to be a conscious person in future.

However, according to the meditation experts, mindfulness could be taught to children.

A simple practice of sitting quite for few hours and concentrating on their breaths daily can really make some good changes in a child’s mental growth.


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