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4 Methods to Overcome Low Self-Esteem – Build a Healthy Self-Image

In this post, I am going to provide a few very simple methods on how to overcome low self-esteem because when you have a low self-esteem you are like a dragon that is not aware of its abilities. Crawling on the ground not knowing you can fly, afraid of others without being aware of your strengths and running away from your few enemies despite having a breath that can set a whole army on fire.

That’s really true, we all have so many unique skills and talents that we have been hiding from ourselves and the world just because somewhere inside we are not confident enough.

It really does not matter if you have a personality that seems pretty much confident if you are not doing what you love and you are compromising your life in any way then there is a great chance that you are having a low self-esteem.

This post is not going to be any motivational content that will just fill you up with stories so that you could feel charged and start running towards your dreams today only to find that you are the same old person the next day, we are going to work on the roots in order to make an everlasting change. Before that, there are few things I would like to share with you on why we unconsciously become our own enemies.

Self-Image and the Subconscious Mind

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Benefits and Significance of the Blue Glass Solar Water

I have been reading about the Ho’oponopono process from the last few days and while doing so, I learned about the blue glass solar water that can heal people’s blue glass bottle

In the book zero limits by Joe Vitale, he mentions that Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len suggested him to drink the blue glass solar water.

Dr. Hew Len is the person who healed a complete ward full of uncontrollable mental patients using ancient Hawaiian Ho’oponopono practice without even meeting them, this book tells that story.

Since the day I read about this, I have been investigating about it and from what I have learned I am going to provide all the essential information you need to know if you want to benefit from this particular ancient Hawaiian method of drinking water after sterilizing it using the solar energy.

What Is Blue Glass Solar Water?

Blue glass solar water is simply the water that has been exposed to sunlight for some time in a blue colored glass bottle.

Ancient Hawaiians used this water to heal their bodies and mind from their past agonies. According to those teachings, our body cells stores painful memories that cause all the suffering in our lives and when the blue colored solar water enters our system it transmutes all those memories and negative energies.

About 70 percent of our body is made up of water so this makes a perfect sense that the element which can cause a major change in our system is water. Our body loves water, keeping oneself hydrated all day long helps him to keep his body and mind energized.

We all know that solar energy has been believed as a catalyst to healing by many spiritual institutions and the blue color represents serenity.

It is said that blue color has the power to release stress and helps people to let go of the painful energies to which they were holding onto.

So when you purify water using the power of sunlight and allow it to take the vibrations generated by the frequency of the color blue, you make an elixir that can enter your body and restore its natural state.

Preparation and Usage

Get a glass bottle of any shade blue color, you can also buy the blue colored glass bottles that are specially made for this purpose.

Now, fill this bottle with water (not filtered) and place it where sunlight can pass right through it.

The greater you let the water absorb the solar energy, the better it is, but you can use it after about one hour.

Do not use a metal or plastic cap for these bottles; you should be using a wooden cork or just cover the top by tying a piece of cloth there.

After that you can use this water in any way you wish to, obviously drinking this water is the simplest method to benefit from it.

You can make a cup of coffee or any favorite drink with this water, you can sprinkle the water wherever you want to remove the negative energy from your home or use it in whatever way you desire.

All the conditions I have highlighted above only applies before you put the bottle in sunlight, after that you can filter that water, put it in plastic bottles and you can even keep it in your refrigerator.

So that’s all I know about this Hawaiian method, I don’t really know if it works or not, but doing it definitely makes me feel more positive.

If you want to go deeper into energy healing then you can prefer the practices that I use for clearing my energy blocks.


I hope you enjoyed this post. What are your views on this? Do you believe in this method? Share your views with me by commenting below, I would highly appreciate that. (Your email id will be safe and hidden, you can even prefer your secondary email id for commenting)

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A Guy Who Can Read Two Pages at Once – Laurence Kim Peek

The man who inspired the movie “Rain Man”, Laurence Kim Peek had a special ability which makes him a superhuman in my eyes because for people like me who are interested in the concepts like photo-reading, he serves as a great peek real rain man

Kim possessed a special type of memory that’s known as photographic or eidetic memory, people also called him a megasavant as he had development disabilities that caused him to have this amazing ability to recall everything he has ever read.

He was able to scan the pages of any book, one with his each eye and all those information got stored in his memory far better than anyone who has spent a lot of time reading books. This made him popular as the person who can read two pages at once.

It is said that Kim Peek stored more than 12,000 books in his memory and he retained  the information quite accurately. Unfortunately, he passed away in the year 2009 at the age of 58, but the incredible potential of the human brain he has demonstrated with his amazing skill will always be remembered.

They Shared the Same Shadow

Kim Peek can be often heard saying that his father and he shared the same shadow; this is very true because Kim’s father Fran Peek’s love for him cannot be described in words.

Fran decided to raise Kim and make him like other people when doctors suggested him to send his son to a mental institution due to his abnormalities.

Kim was born with a large head and he was diagnosed with damage to the cerebellum, which made the doctors to conclude that he was mentally retarded, won’t be able to walk, won’t be able to learn things like other kids and would die before he turns 14.

Fran refused to believe in what they said; he kept his hopes high and succeeded to give a good life to his son.

Since Kim had certain developmental disabilities he needed assistance in various basic tasks, for which his father always stayed around him.

The Price Kim Peek Paid for Such an Extraordinary Memory

Apart from what we have discussed above that makes Kim an erratic person with behavioral differences, there are few other things where he was different from others.

The analyses of Kim Peek’s brain showed that the major nerves that forms a bridge between one’s left and right brain hemisphere was missing in his case. Due to this the fibers that were meant to be a part of that connection, formed other different brain connections that were too complex and unique.

People who studied his brain say that this missing link between his right and left brain hemisphere could be the reason behind his exceptional ability to memorize.

But, Kim lacked some normal skills. Like, he was unable to connect with people properly which made it difficult for him to make new friends.

There are some brain activities that allow us to interact properly with others which involves our interest in knowing about people with whom we connect, on the other hand Kim’s brain functioning when it came to social activities made him too focused in himself rather than others which made him terrible at social interactions.

Another price he paid for this different brain structure is his inability to understand metaphors, he processed information more objectively without much subjective interpretations.

Despite of having such an amazing skill, his IQ score was below average.

A Miracle That the World Has Never Seen Before

The world has seen many miracles, there has always been people with extraordinary skills, but none like Kim was ever born.

There are methods using which we can boost up the reading ability process in kids, but Kim Peek learned to read at the age of two. He devoured encyclopedias when he was just four and his love for knowledge made library his home.

He answered questions related to politics, history, science, sports, directories, etc. so correctly that one could have called him a living Google.

Kim was a calendar calculation wizard and he loved to surprise people with their birth related information, you could have taken him to any part of the world and got accurate directions from him between any two cities. I just cannot explain how marvelous his skills were, the more I read about him, the more curious I get.

Kim Peek gained extreme fame with the success of the movie “rain man” in which the character played by Dustin Hoffman was inspired by him.

Dustin was so intrigued by Kim’s abilities that he suggested his father to bring Kim in front of the world. After that, the world came to know about a true miracle that proves how amazing human brain is. To know more about Kim, you can read the book “the real rain man“.


I hope you enjoyed this post. Kim proves that it is possible to have such memory and there some photographic memory training exercises that you can use to develop eidetic memory. I also suggest Zox Pro Memory Training program for this purpose.

Here’s a documentary on Kim you may like to watch: –


What are your views about Kim Peek and photographic memory? What you would have done with such skills? I would love to hear your thoughts on this, so please do comment below before leaving. (Your email id will be safe and hidden, you can even prefer your secondary email id for commenting)

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Ashwagandha (Indian Ginseng) – Benefits and Side Effects

I was reading about smart drugs recently and that’s when I came to know that people are using an Ayurvedic medicine named “Ashwagandha” that is also known as Indian Ginseng or Withania Somnifera, for the purpose of improving the cognitive functions of the brain.

That was really an astonishing thing to know for me since I have lived in the central region of India for a very long time, I knew about this particular herb, but I never knew that it can also be used for such purposes.

After reading about this Ayurvedic medicine in detail I am writing this post in order to help people know whether this herb really has such benefits as we have heard or if it is just a myth.

What Is Ashwagandha or Indian Ginseng?

Ashwagandha has been considered as a very powerful medicine by the ancient Indian Ayurveda science.

It is a plant that has different medicinal benefits. Especially, its fruit and root is used to treat various diseases, whereas it also helps one to stay healthy in various ways.

In Sanskrit the word “Ashwa” means Horse and “Gandha” means odor, it is so named due to the smell of the plant root that resembles like of a horse’s smell.

The herb contains the required chemicals that can treat mind related issues and increase body’s immune power. Apart from this there are a plethora of reasons for which people use it and we are now going to take a look at its most popular usages.

Alleged Health Benefits and Actual Reports

This particular herb has gained immense popularity for tons of rumored medical benefits including its effectiveness in treating cancer and preventing the side effects of chemotherapy, I am going to share all its alleged benefits here about which I have investigated:-

1 – Mental Fitness

This herb is highly used to treat various mind related afflictions like anxiety, stress, depression and insomnia.

Many studies have shown that Indian Ginseng can be very helpful in treating depression, since it has mood stabilizing properties. That also makes it effective to reduce anxiety and stress.

This plant’s root extract is considered to be a good sleep aid. As it has calming effect on the mind, it surely can help people to sleep properly.

It is also said that this medicine can help people with ADHD, but there isn’t much information available yet to support this.

2 – Fertility

Probably, this is one main reason for which this herb has attracted a lot of people towards it. There have been many claims that Ashwagandha helps to improve sexual functions in both males and females.

I have also heard that it can improve the semen quality, but there are very less evidences to back up all the effectiveness of this plant on human fertility about which we hear a lot nowadays.

3 – Immune System

I remember how a Yogi promoted the use of this plant a few years ago in my country and people increasingly started using it believing that it will enhance their body’s immune system.

Researches have shown that Ashwagandha is helpful in fighting diseases, but it is still uncertain whether it can really boost one’s ability to resist disease causing microorganisms.

4 – Cancer

Recently, the internet searches for this herb have increased exponentially due to the rumor that it can help to treat cancer.

Ashwagandha has been found to be effective in treating and preventing cancer in laboratory experiments performed on animals; however it has not been yet proved that it will work similarly for humans as well.

5 – Cognitive Functions of Brain

As I said before, my curiosity about this medicine was developed by what I came to know while reading about the smart drugs that improves cognitive functions of the brain.

Tons of Ashwagandha based products are now available for people who are looking to improve their brain’s cognitive functions, but it really has not been yet proved to have any such qualities.

 6 – Diabetes

Some research works have shown that this Ayurvedic medicine has blood sugar reducing properties, but that doesn’t imply it can improve insulin production.

7 – Arthritis

Among all these points this one is something for which Ashwagandha is considered to be most effective.

According to the experts, this herb has some great anti-inflammatory properties which make it a very good cure for arthritis.

These were few most well known reasons for which people use Indian Ginseng, now let’s take a look at the side effects.

Cautions and Side Effects of Ashwagandha

There are very less known side effects of this herb (when taken by mouth), but it is best to consult your doctor before trying it. However, it is essential that you should always keep in mind a few possible unfavorable effects of Ashwagandha.

1 – Heavy and uncontrolled usage can result into various stomach related problems like diarrhea.

2 – Pregnant women should not take this herb and it could also create breastfeeding related problems.

3 – Diabetic patients may experience imbalanced body sugar levels, which can cause a lot of trouble when they are already using other medications.

4 – A lot of people have experienced thyroid related issues while using Indian Ginseng.

5 – You must avoid this if you have any bleeding issues.

6 – Avoid using while you are on sedatives.

7 – Stop using this herb if you have any upcoming surgery ahead.


Overall, from what I have known about this Ayurvedic herb, it is very good for two purpose i.e. to calm down the mind and for treating arthritis.

For all other purposes you will have to use it for yourself and see if it works for you or not. There are tons of products based on this available online like the “True Veda’s Organic Ashwagandha Vegetarian Capsules“.

I am not a doctor or health expert to advice you to try Ashwagandha, I have just written this post based on what I have learned about it, there could be possible side effects of this herb based on your body type, so please do consult your doctor before you try them.


I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any thoughts to share then please do comment below before leaving, I would love to hear from you. (Your email id will be safe and hidden, you can even prefer your secondary email id for commenting)

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Determinism and Predeterminism vs. Quantum Physics

In this post I will talk on determinism and predeterminism in detail to shed light on the myths and facts associated to these belief systems. We will also see how quantum physics breakthroughs have invalidated many false theories that we humans have believed for years.

Such talks would only be welcomed by open minded people because when it is about questioning the reality and existence of higher power, most people prefer to stay inside the prison created by their minds.

I won’t blame them because the ego needs convictions for survival and questioning your beliefs is like killing yourself because you will be a totally different person when your core beliefs change.

I went through such a transformation when I stopped believing in a God who has sent my soul in this world which he created and he’s sitting comfortably in some place like heaven watching me and my actions every single moment.

My views are often liked by some people while strongly hated by others independent of how they are related to me.

I prefer to not get involved in such arguments anymore because as I said when you challenge someone’s deeply held beliefs it is like you are threatening their lives. No doubt that it is the root cause of so much violence in the world today.

But, a strange thing happened when the beliefs I had about the existence and the creator got peeled off layer by layer. Before I even began to think that I am free of that belief bondage, I was having a new set of ideas that replaced the old ones.

And again, I would defend those beliefs by arguing with others and my ego will find a reason to be right. In fact, we just can’t help defending our perspectives as our whole sense of reality is formed by what we believe deep inside.

Then I realized that beliefs are like the foundations of a building, there is no right or wrong way to lay the foundation, but it is your choice to choose the one that’s strengthens the structure.

In actual words, I believe we all are free to choose the ideas that empowers us and discard what is making us weak. That should be the only criteria, it is not at all about what’s right and what’s wrong.

So, what I am going to discuss here is not something using which I want to prove my opinions right, I am just going to share my views on few concepts like predeterminism and determinism from what I have learned till now.


Predeterminism is a concept that’s usually accepted by the people having strong religious viewpoints, even though a little willingness to know the truth can wipe out these types of convictions, some people like to keep themselves locked in such prisons because they find it safe.

According to this concept, there is a creator who has created this world and written a story for everyone, like a movie he has scripted all our lives and we have no control over what’s happening.

Believing this way has a lot of advantages.

Yeah seriously, you get to blame God for your current circumstances, you can avoid holding yourself accountable for the mistakes that you have made and most importantly, you can try your best to make God happy so that he tweaks your story a little.

You can find this in your own society or maybe in your family; people are trying to make some superpower happy thinking that everything that happens in their lives is according to what God has planned beforehand .

A simple approach can falsify such beliefs pretty easily.

First of all, people have formed the image of God as a super powerful being who is different from us.

Allow me bring a very obvious fact to your attention – Whenever the creative process occurs not one but two forms comes into existence, which means that the moment we have a creation we also get a creator.

You exist that’s why the creator is there. Suppose something destroys the whole universe at this very moment whom will you call the creator? God will cease to exist because none of his creation will be there, that’s right the “creator” or “God” these two are just labels used by us humans.

Second of all, if I assume that there is a higher power independent of “all that is”, whom we can call God, then could he be so unfair and biased that he writes happy stories for some and painful stories for others? Could he be so cruel that he has given you no free will and wants you to punish yourself to get his sympathy?

Isn’t it quite clear that this concept is not only disempowering, but also an excuse used by people to avoid responsibilities?

I am not denying the existence of higher power here, however I want you to see that the “idea of God” is often used by people to define their identities.

Determinism – The Law of Causality

People who have a very firm understanding of the law of causality are like nightmares to me. Why? Because I cannot falsify this concept completely neither can I adopt it.

Einstein was a determinist, how can you stop yourself from considering the philosophy which was accepted by the most popular genius who ever lived.

Recently, I had a very interesting debate with a person on a Facebook page which was so intense that people kept on reading and hitting the like button every time one of us came up with a reply, a biologist was also taking part in our discussion. That person’s opinion influenced me so much that I could not just stop thinking about it.

The discussion kept going on for more than a week, finally I broke that chain of posts since I knew it will never reach to a conclusion. I would have pasted the link here, but sadly the page owner has deleted it.

So what is this all about? Before proceeding any further I would like to warn you that that this philosophy is outrageous since it challenges the existence of “you” yes the soul or the observer.

Determinism says that everything is governed by the law of causality and whatever happens in your life is the effect of some preceding cause, it eliminates the possibility any randomness.

“C” happens because of “B” and “B” is caused by A. That’s right, they say that whatever is happening today is a result of what happened before and this chain goes back to the very beginning.

It is not as simple as it appears – Everything that you are is a result of the information that your brain picked up from the time of your birth until now.

This particular thing is the basis of many of my posts in this blog – Conditioning of the mind, I strongly believe that all the results we get in our lives is directly related to the deeply ingrained beliefs in our subconscious mind, that’s why I promote products like the Christie’s Unlimited Abundance program which helps one to clear his/her old mind programming.

But, this philosophy is not at all consistent with my true beliefs, why? Because it denies the existence of the “free will”.

According to this theory everything that defines “You” – Your life, your body, your beliefs, your identity are all results of a series of various events. You have been conditioned and all your actions and thoughts are determined by certain factors, not you.

Here’s a link that I got from that guy which he used to prove his point – Unconscious decisions in mind.

That’s a research work which shows that your brain gets prepared to perform an action before you even consciously make that decision.

Obviously, I was shocked to see that.

It implies that you feel like you have the control over your actions, but you actually don’t, hence the notion that you are a timeless being sitting in the controller seat of this body is negated and that means that consciousness is a brain phenomenon, in simple terms – There is no “you” independent of the body.

Deterministic approach makes you to believe that you are a puppet who can’t help what is happening in his life and on top of that there is no god to blame. Yeah, that’s the only difference between predeterminism and determinism. Here, there is no god who has created the universe since everything is a result of a complex cause and effect chain which started at the very beginning (may be big bang).

A peacemaker and a murderer, both are “conditioned” that way, can you really buy into that? I don’t know about you, I can’t! However, they have evidences to prove that these claims are experiential.

If you are reading this and you believe that you are not really that helpless, especially if you are someone like me who believes that we are the creators of our lives then it’s the time to target the very root of this philosophy.

What was the initial cause?? Bingo!! What/who started this chain? They don’t have a straight answer for that.

They deny the existence of a creator hence, there is nothing which would have set this into motion. There is an assumption at very the beginning on which this whole philosophy is built, it is like a huge building floating in the air.

Since this is what my blog represents – You can have a complete number system which is accurate, but you still need the indefinable quantities “0” and infinity.

What Challenges Determinism Scientifically?

The question about the initial cause still remains unanswered, but there is also a branch of science which challenges this philosophy – QUANTUM PHYSICS.

The double slit experiment which never fails to amaze people still remains a mystery. I am going to provide the video below which will better explain all this, it shows how the presence of an observer affects the behavior of an electron.

This experiment shows that the involvement of a conscious being affects the outcome of any event, if it happens at the microscopic level, it might be happening at all levels, isn’t it?

I had enough things going on my mind after exploring a lot of such information that my head was about explode and it was then when I again stumbled upon a quantum physics study after knowing which I really had to watch a terrible movie in order to take my mind off all these stuff for a while.

It was something called the delayed thought choice experiment and according to this experiment our conscious involvement not only affects the behavior of the electron in the present moment, but it can also change its past. I know you might be thinking that I am off my rocker by now, so here’s a video that will explain these two experiments better: –

Here is another short video where the very popular theoretical physicist Michio Kaku talks about how Einstein’s famous “god doesn’t play dice” statement is challenged by Quantum Physics: –

The Ultimate Truth

I have realized that in my spiritual journey till now I have known nothing about the reality or higher power, then why am I still on this path?

It’s because I have been able to break many barriers that were created by the limiting beliefs present in my inner mind. This means that I can now more easily discard any set of ideas that was passed down to me by the society if it confines me.

Our ideas about the reality are not based on the absolute truth, it is just an idea that became a belief and then turned into a conviction.

For example:- “A” decides to drink a little a wine every day after dinner, his son “B” after growing up does the same thing which he learned from his father. This ritual perpetuates generation after generation, now we are looking at the P generation where nobody dares to even question why they have to drink a little wine after dinner.

P considers it as a very important ritual, he wants Q to follow it and teach it to R so, Q is told that according to their culture if they don’t do it then God will punish them and send them to hell after death. And then we have “V” who decides to question all this until he reaches to the very point from where it all began, he definitely disappoints others in his family and maybe he will be renounced by them for doing this, but he has dared to bring the change by letting “W” make his decisions by listening to his heart.

All beliefs are subject to change, you can protect your strong viewpoints, but that does’nt makes it real. Information received by our senses is filtered by various mind mechanisms like the reticular activating system, so we are never able to perceive things in their purest form using our 5 senses.

We use “words” to explain our thoughts, however the truth can never be described, it can only be realized when one achieves greater levels of present moment awareness where the cognitive processes pause for a while, allowing one to get the glimpses of the truth, they call it enlightenment.

I really don’t know if that ultimate state exists or not, but I do agree that detaching yourself from your thoughts using continuous practice of something like mindfulness exercises or vipassana meditation makes you realize that these beliefs are like the clothes that we wear, you can choose the one that suits you without getting too attached to it.

Thus, I now hold beliefs that empowers me and I keep my mind open for better ideas, it’s true that sometimes I react to the viewpoints of others since few deeply ingrained beliefs keeps working for long, but on the conscious level I try my best to take all these thoughts lightly.

My Current Perspective

We have reached to the end of this long post and I know what’s still missing “a conclusion”.

I really have no intention to finish this post ambiguously. Even though you might be already having some opinions about what we have just discussed, but still a post requires the author’s final thoughts, so here is what I believe right now: –

According to what quantum physics is pointing now, there is nothing right or wrong; whatever you believe becomes true for you. But I do believe that whatever happens in this “time and space” is governed by the universal laws.

The law of cause and effect is not only a metaphysical law, but it also works accurately at the physical level, your actions decide your results!

I agree that our actions are the effect of the thoughts present in our subconscious mind, however unlike deterministic people who deny the existence of free will as they assume that our conscious awareness is also a result of some brain mechanism, I believe that we are the creators of our realities and we are responsible for what we do and what happens in our lives.

Since “thoughts” are independent of the time and space, I am inclined to believe that it is not governed by the law of causality. Our mind mostly receives random thoughts in every moment and we do have the free will to choose the right thoughts by becoming aware of our mind activities.

The universal laws does not make us helpless puppets, instead they give us an opportunity to create in the same way like the mother nature does.


I hope you enjoyed this post. What is your perspective on life, god, and reality?, I am so eager to hear your opinions on this. (Your email id will be safe and hidden, you can even prefer your secondary email id for commenting)

You can also email me your queries at, I will be very happy to help you.

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20 Characteristics of Emotionally Healthy People

What are some characteristics of emotionally healthy people? I know you might already be having a few ideas in your mind to answer that question right now, but the chances are that those thoughts might be based on your current mindset rather than the actual truth.

We look at others from the perspective of our current state and that angle would change when we move on to a different state so, our opinion of emotional wellness is often temporary.

Hence, it is first necessary to understand what it really means to be emotionally healthy because then only we could have a proper discussion on this subject.

The True Meaning of Emotional Wellness

The idea that defines a happy person is also a mental thing which has nothing to do with the reality, that is a conjecture we form by looking at our personal needs to which we have attached our happiness, that “happy person” thought also an imaginary ever changing picture for every person in the planet.

I want you to understand that when I say “emotional wellness” I am not talking about the perfect state of “everlasting joy” instead it refers to a virtue which enables a person to be at peace with his own existence and everything else.

A happy person is someone who is in a temporary state of exaltation which obviously results from something that happens the external world, whereas a emotionally healthy person is the one who is not much affected by people, circumstances, situations etc.

Higher the ability of a person to safeguard his inner peace the better he gets emotionally. I am talking about true detachment, not the pretension.

20 Qualities of an Ideal Emotional Health

Now let us look at the characteristics of emotionally healthy people, I am not writing this so that you may read it to criticize yourself. No one is perfect and these are traits that you can acquire by taking care of your inner world.

1 – Full Responsibility: – They don’t blame others or god for what happens in their lives instead they take complete responsibility of every situation.

2 – Open Mindedness: – One very common symptom of emotional weakness is the difficulty to rise one’s old beliefs and become receptive to the new ideas. This brings me to the next point..

3 – No Need to Be Right: – A content person knows that all our beliefs keep changing so; there is no use of trying to prove one’s views right.

4 – Unaffected by the Opinions of Others: – When you have no intention to be right, you have nothing to defend, thus other people lose their power over you. This makes you immune to the criticism, that’s another good indicator of a healthy mind.

5 – Never Get into Emotional Dramas or Power Games: – From the above points it becomes obvious that a person who is in a good emotional state knows how to shield himself from the emotional dramas that drains one’s energy.

6 – Feeling the Connection: – A person who has inner peace knows that everything in this world is connected and this gets reflected in his actions as he treats everything in his outer world with love. Such people have the ability to treat others nicely, even when they are facing various difficulties in life.

7 – Comfortable in Both Crowd and Solitude: – Talking about feeling the connection reminds me of this particular quality of a content person. Some people are extroverts and always need company on the other hand some prefer to stay alone, both are symptoms of a deep emotional need.

8- Highly Conscious and Aware: – We all have some strong beliefs present in our subconscious mind that produces unconscious reactions whenever we face unfavorable situations; this is the reason why we mess things up in such circumstances.

Being able to be conscious of one’s inner workings helps to avoid such reactions, it is one of the prime attributes of a good emotional health and it also gives the person a better self control.

9 – A Good Listener and Communicator: – Not being to speak your heart or to actively listen to others is a sign of emotional weakness.

A person who speaks mindfully and listens to others with total presence could be called emotionally fit.

10 – Healthy Relationships: – Content people form bonds based on love. Relationships built on the foundation of needs are the ones that create problems.

11 – Unstoppable by Fear: – Everyone is troubled by fear, but serenity of mind gives the self confidence to act inspire of such fears (like fear of failure) which make one indecisive.

12 – Perseverance: – If you are internally strong, you will persistently work towards your goals during hard times without giving up.

13 – Ability to Let Go: – We talked about not giving up and now we are talking about letting go, that might seem contrary, but it is not. To “let go” means to stop holding on to anything that creates an emotional turmoil.

14 – No Need of Outside Approval: – Psychological fitness allows a person to be at total peace without the need of anyone’s approval.

15 Present Moment Awareness: – Most of the mental afflictions are born out of one’s habit of dwelling in the negative past or worrisome future. Present moment awareness is an act of bringing one’s attention completely into the present moment and that leads to a good mind state.

One, who has gained the serenity of mind, lives more in the present moment rather than thinking of past or future.

You can try meditation or mindfulness exercises for this purpose.

16 Capable of Shifting the Focus: – If you will ask me, I will declare a person totally emotionally fit if he can deliberately change his focus from the negative thoughts to the positive ones, because this one problem of not being able to bring ourselves out of various mind states is what makes us weak.

17 Positive Self Talk: – The previous point reminds me of the self talk. We all have this little background voice that engages us in various types of talks.

If one could train this voice in a way that it starts to motivate and encourage him, then he can avoid any type of inner conflict.

18 Accept What Is: – Man’s despair is caused by his efforts to control people and situations so, a person who is in total harmony with his life is capable of accepting everything as it is without trying to change anything outside of him.

19 Self Love: – People often make a mistake in understanding this concept, self love is not selfishness, it is a quality that enables one to be strong, optimistic and motivated.

You cannot spread happiness without being a happy person so; this is a very important attribute of an emotionally healthy person.

20 Intuitive Decisions: – Finally, I would like to mention this very essential factor that could be seen in the lives of those who have that inner peace. It’s the ability to listen to your heart and take decisions based on intuition.


Spiritually speaking, a good emotional state is a symptom of a healed heart chakra and I recommend the heart center awakening guided meditation by Christie for this purpose which she offers in her free energetic breakthrough kit.


I hope you enjoyed this post. Did I forget to mention any other quality here? Remind me by commenting in the box below and feel free to express your opinions, I would love to hear from you. (Your email id will be safe and hidden, you can even prefer your secondary email id for commenting)

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How to Stop Eating Chocolate?-Take Control Now!

In this post I am going to share a few tips with you on how to stop eating chocolate because it makes life difficult when chocolate eating becomes a habit.

Consuming a small amount of chocolate everyday is not bad for health instead it is very beneficial for the body according to some researches but, who can stop himself by just tasting a little chocolate?

The main reason that makes people to crave for chocolate is its quality that makes people coming back to it once they have tasted a little.

Problem of not being able to stop eating chocolate is very destructive since it activates some “happy” chemicals in the brain which means that it could turn into a big addiction.

Once a person loses his control over eating chocolate he finds himself feeling guilty about this and this inner conflict makes him to feel more despondent.

And obviously it results into quick weight gain as chocolate itself is a high calorie food whereas it also causes imbalance in one’s usual eating patterns.

So, here are few things which can help you to stop eating chocolate:-

Choosing Different Types of Chocolates

Initially, when you are trying to quit eating chocolate it is very difficult to make the first move.

Getting too hard on yourself is not the right way to accomplish this goal as fighting this addiction by dropping this habit at once using will power can lead to various physical problems like headaches, frustration, stress etc.

A gradual approach is best for this purpose and you can begin this by keeping a variety of chocolates rather than one single type.

Before you jump to any other method try eating different type of chocolate everyday for few days, this will help you to move forward with ease.

Keep It Away from Your Reach

In the previous step I advised you to keep different varieties of chocolate in your home but, once you have gained more control then stop keeping them at home.

It is very obvious that when we have availability of something we are addicted to, we lose our control more easily. So, if you can stop buying a lot of chocolate when you visit stores then that would be a very good move.

You can go out and buy chocolate when you have a strong urge but make sure to not buy it for home.

This will definitely give you more control over your addiction because going to a nearby store is obviously much difficult than reaching your refrigerator.

Find Other Ways to Feel Good

I remember the old times when during noon I would open the refrigerator to grab a whole chocolate bar and enjoy it by watching my favorite show on TV, later when that particular time got replaced by other important activities the craving disappeared automatically.

Now I know that I used to crave for chocolate due to boredom and I tried to make that time enjoyable by rewarding myself with a chocolate and the TV show.

My chocolate eating was not a serious problem since it was not related to any deep psychological need but, many people who have emotional issues find chocolate as a way to escape disturbing feelings.

As I mentioned earlier, chocolate contains chemicals that can make a person to feel good so those who are badly addicted to chocolate are often found suffering from various types of emotional problems.

One simple way to avoid chocolate would be to engage yourself in something interesting at the time when craving strikes, going out of home would also be a very wise decision because “boredom” is a big catalyst to this addiction.

Find other ways to make yourself happy and use them as an escape button when you yearn for chocolate.

Don’t Make It Your Enemy

One common and a very big mistake that people obsessed with chocolate usually make is-They think of chocolate as their enemy.

This type of thinking creates misery for a person because he finds himself helpless and he constantly criticizes himself for having such an addiction over which he has no control.

Making chocolate your enemy won’t help you to avoid it instead it will fortify the problem and make it insurmountable.

It is very essential for one who is trying to get of the chocolate addiction to be at total peace with his habit of eating chocolate so; putting an end to the self criticism is the very first step in solving this problem.

Replace with Other Food Items

I don’t actually recommend replacing one eating habit with the other because I know both falls into the same category of a disorder called “emotional eating”.

But since here our talk is about “Chocolate”, I would have to incorporate this tip in this post.

Keep something in your house which you like to eat (not any sugary item) that you can use as an alternative to chocolate.

Now, start eating this new food item whenever you yearn for chocolate. Obviously, initially it won’t satisfy you and it will be very difficult to stay away from chocolates but gradually you will see the shift in your behavior.

Once you succeed in stopping yourself from eating chocolate using this tip please control yourself before this new habit becomes another addiction.


To know about the method to improve your eating habits read my post-Building a Good Relationship with Food-Mindfulness Eating Script

Looking for an advanced solution for unhealthy eating habits and food cravings?I would suggest you to read the ebook by Kristin named End Binge Eating Now which has helped many people to overcome this problem.

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What Is Emotional Eating and How It Affects People?

In simple terms emotional eating could be described as an eating habit which has nothing to do with actual hunger so a person in this case is not trying to satisfy his/her hunger instead he is eating to feel good.

We all eat to feel good from time to time whether let it be a popcorn bucket in the cinema hall or daily snack items, the good feelings that we associate with food of various restaurants, food companies etc also falls into this category.

This food-feeling factor that we are talking here is something that has been used in business by people from over centuries.

There is nothing wrong in eating to feel good unless it turns into an addiction, unfortunately most people don’t even know that they are already having binge eating disorder.

Binge Eating

There’s not a huge difference between binge eating and emotional eating, the latter one takes the form of first when someone constantly seek some kind of relief to his emotional state in food.

The emotional trouble can vary from extreme depression to small unconscious feelings of loneliness.

Binge eating is when a person keeps on feeding himself even when he is full sometimes it is just a need to have food in mouth always whereas sometimes it is a craving for a specific food item.

Binge eating has various forms like cravings for chocolate, sugar, urge to eat at night etc.

The difficulty in getting rid of this false hunger highly depends on its nature since such habits arises from some kind of emotional issue faced by a person.


Obviously, one direct consequence of uncontrolled emotional eating is putting on extra weight but it also causes many other problems like frustration resulted from the guilt of overeating, anger due to helplessness, lethargy and diseases caused by improper digestion etc.

These were just a few problems but, in real there exist many other troubles that are caused by the habit of binge eating.

Remedies and Solutions

Will power and determination indeed plays a big role in how a person could improve his unhealthy eating habits.

To an extent a person can get rid of various such eating habits by taking control of his life but sometimes the problem is of severe nature and trying to fight it using will power may result into bigger problems.

If your addiction to food is so uncontrollable that it makes you frustrated when you try to fight it using will power then it is a signal that you should focus on treating the cause rather than the symptom.

As I have mentioned earlier, the cause of such habits is often a psychological or emotional problem which might be affecting a person’s peace of mind in one or the other way.

We can make various good moves to understand our own mind better and then take appropriate steps.

But, if the emotional trouble is bigger than what we can overcome on our own then it is essential that we must get a professional help before it is late.
I have discussed the treatment of binge eating in much detail in my post: – Dealing with False Hunger-How to Stop Emotional Eating

Looking for an advanced solution for unhealthy eating habits and food cravings? I would suggest you to read the ebook by Kristin named End Binge Eating Now which has helped many people to overcome this problem.


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Building a Good Relationship with Food-Mindfulness Eating Script

The short mindfulness script I am going to provide you in this post is a very good practice to overcome your food cravings and improve your eating habits.

This post is a part of my article series “mind conditioning and weight loss” and here I am going to discuss the most important step to maintain a good health which is to have a good relationship with food.

Often the extra weight that people put on when their lifestyle changes and especially when they get too busy is due to their lack of awareness when they eat since the mind is too engaged in thinking about various other important stuff.

Overeating, binge eating, night eating, addiction to chocolate or sugar are all resulted from absent-mindedness while eating.

There is a very good solution available for all these problems and it is Mindfulness eating, using this method you can not only get rid of various unhealthy eating habits but it also helps you to make friendship with food.

By friendship I mean that you will be able to understand your body’s connection with food better and then..

-You will be able to discern what is good or bad for your health.

-You can then differentiate between false hunger and true hunger.

-You will be able to stop when you are actually full.

-You will enjoy food more.

One simple practice and so many benefits, I believe you must cultivate this habit whether you are in a good body shape or not because our relationship with food is not only limited to our physical looks or health condition, it also affects our emotional/mental health.

Mindfulness Eating

This is not something very difficult to understand or perform but, just an act of using all your senses when you eat.

Main purpose of mindfulness is always to bring your attention to the present moment so, all you have to do is to become completely aware of the NOW moment.

In mindfulness meditation we actively focus on the various sensations received by our five senses in any moment and that’s what you have to do while eating also.

So, when you eat food first make sure that you won’t give thought to anything else no matter how important it is because it is necessary that you must keep in mind while eating that thinking about anything else is not going to give an instant solution.

Eat slowly with complete focus on each sensation generated by the food; bring your attention to the appearance, smell, touch and taste of the food.

Don’t let anything other than food to capture your attention let it be TV, a dominant thought, a conversation, phone, etc.

Many people eat so unconsciously that they don’t even know when they have started and finished.

Mindfulness eating is simple but it requires a lot of practice, gradually you will get better in doing this and it will start benefiting you in various ways.

The Script

So here is a small and simple exercise for mindfulness eating especially for those who are addicted to some specific food items.

If you are not a food addict then also eating this way by being more attentive will benefit you in numerous ways.

This is a quite surprising method for the food addicts because rather than trying to make them quit that food item it makes them to eat it but, with complete awareness.

See, people having addictive eating habits don’t really enjoy food, when the craving arises they just keep on stuffing themselves to fulfill some other psychological need.

The short exercise I am going to share with you here will help you to gain more control over your obsession for any particular food.


1-Get the food to which you are addicted and doing this exercise at the moment when you feel the craving would be best.

We are going to take “chocolate” as an example.

2-Contemplate on the appearance of the food for few seconds.

The color of chocolate, its shape the other ingredients present in it like dry fruits etc.

3-Smell your food and feel how it would taste.

Taste of food highly depends on its smell and that’s why chefs put various contents for aroma in it.

Virtually enjoy the taste of chocolate with its smell, get more aware of the feeling it brings. A chocoholic can easily detect the combination of bitterness and sweet in it for which he yearns but rarely enjoys while actually eating.

4-Feel the touch

You can close eyes for this and touch the food to know how it feels.

I am not having much idea for this in the case of chocolate but I can describe it using an experience I had when I took a spiritual course that promoted mindfulness meditation.

They made me to close my eyes and gave me something in hands asking to guess what it was, from touch I got to know that it was a grape then they made me to go through these similar steps and I would have to admit that I never enjoyed eating grapes like that ever before.


Now finally it is time to eat it but very slowly.

Take a small bite of chocolate and enjoy its taste, don’t take another bite till the previous one isn’t finished completely.

Before swallowing keep it in mouth for as much time possible, allow it to melt there and enjoy it completely.

These were some mindfulness eating tips I wanted to share with you, I strongly recommend you to try this and see how it benefits you.

If your find it difficult to differentiate between false and real hunger then read my post – Dealing with False Hunger-How to Stop Emotional Eating

Looking for an advanced solution for unhealthy eating habits and food cravings?I would suggest you to read the ebook by Kristin named End Binge Eating Now which has helped many people to overcome this problem.


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How to Stop Eating at Night after Dinner

In this post, I will be talking about the methods that will help you to know how to stop eating at night even when you are full.

Many people (not necessarily the overweight ones) are addicted to this habit of eating food during night time, it is also known as the night eating syndrome

Eating with any other purpose apart from to satisfy hunger is called emotional eating or binge eating which should be stopped in order to be healthy both physically as well as mentally.

Undoubtedly binge eating at night keeps on adding extra pounds to the body weight of a person but what is less known is that it intensifies various emotional problems.

Eating to feel better or to escape from various kinds of mind states is a habit developed by a person unconsciously so, it becomes very essential to know the emotional causes behind such addictions and act on it.

What I am going to discuss with you below is some ways using which you can put an end to binge eating at night however if you find that the reason behind it is some serious emotional issue then I will strongly advise you to take necessary steps to treat it because in that case even after getting rid of this habit your mind will find a new addiction.

#1 Eat Properly During Daytime

It is very usual for the busy crowd of today’s world to skip meals and eat very less during daytime due to the stringent work schedules.

This result as an unconscious need for the freedom to eat a lot of food so, these people keep on stuffing themselves even when they are full.

If you can keep it a priority to eat properly during breakfast and lunch then you can avoid overeating during night.

#2 Stop Yourself

It is okay to give up when the urge to eat dominates you but if you can stop yourself from acting immediately when the false hunger strikes and think for a while about the reason that might be causing this hunger then you can find your own good way to deal with it.

Sometimes your refraining from acting immediately can naturally make the yearning disappear.

#3 Go to Sleep Earlier

Eating at night is often a byproduct of sleeping late. People who keep themselves awake for hours during night can be found eating incessantly while their mind is busy in doing something else to which they are addicted like T.V, books, work etc.

The situation can also be the opposite; one might find it difficult to sleep due to this continues yearning for food during night.

In both the cases what is necessary is to make a deliberate effort to sleep early by keeping yourself away from the distractions.

Doing whatever it takes to get a good night sleep not only helps you to overcome the habit of eating during night but it also works on the cause of this problem.

#4 Mindful Eating

Be more present when you eat and focus on the sensations every time you eat. Be mindful of the taste, smell and body’s reaction to the food.

We usually eat without enjoying the food and when a person is not eating to satisfy his hunger he is more unconscious that’s why he feels less satisfied.

By being more attentive when you eat, you get a chance to discern that eating cannot satisfy your emotional need and this way you can gain a great control over your improper eating habits.

Mindfulness eating is one of the best ways to improve your relationship with food.

#5 Improving Emotional States

As we have discussed throughout this post, the compulsive need to eat is often related to a person’s emotional problems.

It could be stress, anxiety, depression, frustration from which one might be unconsciously trying to escape by seeking relief in food items.

Especially, when a person is not able to sleep properly due to his mental state the only aid he finds is food.

I have talked earlier that you can use your food cravings to identify and act upon any such emotional trouble. But, when the affliction is serious it becomes impossible to overcome the addiction arising out of it.

So, if you find yourself very helpless in overcoming your night eating habit then it might be a sign that you must do something about your mind state or seek professional help for it.

You can also try some simple meditation for this purpose.

#6 Other Emotional Needs

Remember the excitement of weekends in the school days? It was difficult for anyone to stop us from playing and enjoying the holiday.

What made those weekends so special were the weekdays that we hated and that pattern keeps on repeating itself in another form when we have exhausting workload.

Night time is like those weekends for people having busy days; they make their own way of rejuvenation by watching movies, reading books etc..and food plays a very important role in this.

In this case you can either find new ways to make yourself feeling relived from such schedules or you can take a bold action to change your lifestyle.

#7 Avoid the Triggers

As we have already discussed, in most cases some action is always associated with binge eating like watching TV, working in your laptop, reading books etc.

These actions become a trigger for your food cravings and every time you do them you find yourself in the kitchen searching for something to eat.

By avoiding all these things and replacing those with something more fulfilling you can easily control yourself from eating at night.


I hope you enjoyed this post. You may also like to read about some ways to deal with false hunger.

Looking for an advanced solution for unhealthy eating habits and food cravings? I would suggest you to read the ebook by Kristin named End Binge Eating Now which has helped many people to overcome this problem.

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