Know your mind- Why we forget the great ideas?

We all often make a big mistake by taking our ideas and thoughts for granted, thinking that we can call it out whenever it is required but, do you really remember your thoughts? Ever wondered why we forget the great ideas that come into our mind very often?


Even recurring thoughts soon gets faded with the passage of time and the temporary thoughts are very hard to recall even after few hours. (I am talking about the important ones because countless thoughts occur in mind every day)


You will understand this, if you may try to recall the whole day happenings when you go to bed, you will be amazed to know that only a few incidents make a lasting impression on our memory and even those impressions will get erased in few more hours.

People who are involved in doing creative work like painting, writing, music composing etc can easily understand about loss of thoughts if they fail to make a note about the inspiration that flashes all of a sudden in their mind, soon it will be lost!

Tapping into the higher mental faculties..

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When you use techniques like visualization or even if you give your mind a job to find a solution by just thinking about it repeatedly, your subconscious mind is working for you to bring out a perfect answer and it comes to you when you are not putting a lot of effort…

This happens to us all very often, as we get reminded of “a certain song that we forgot”, “the location of the lost keys”, “name of a particular person that you were not able to recall earlier” etc, when we were not at all thinking about it.This is how our subconscious mind works for us!.. it is really amazing.


Be ready to receive!!!

Are you in search of a great idea or solution for a certain problem?

Be ready to receive the answer, just give the job to your subconscious mind and let it go!!!.. Stay relaxed and start doing your usual activities but be alert…

Being awake and alert means to be open to receive answers, it may come from the most unexpected avenues, so all you need is a bit more alertness.


Role of faith…


Now, when you have received an idea, nothing could be worse than not acting upon it. You must have enough faith to act upon the inspiration for making certain changes in your life.

Do not consider your ideas as trivial, you will never be able to see what they can do if you do not try it out.

So, start keeping a diary and make notes, revise it every day and act upon it!.. You must make a note of the points conveyed by this post also because it is pretty obvious that you will forget this soon because that is the nature of our mind.

I know this topic is something to which we can all relate ourselves so now just take a few seconds to share any experience where an idea made a lot of difference, just write in the box below or just let me know if you liked the post.. Trust me the thought that you have in mind now is very valuable for someone at the other end!!


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