Raise Your Vibrations with Meditation-The Best Way to Stay Happy Most of the Time

In an earlier post named “feeling down without any reason”, we discussed the ways to change your mood when you are feeling gloomy.

One of the ways discussed in that post was to do meditation and I would like to tell you that the best way to stay happy most of the time is to meditate every day.

All the other ways to change your mood could only give you a temporary relief from those states, but by meditating regularly you can have better control over your thoughts which will lead you to have a good mood all day long.

Reason for Feeling Apathetic

The main reason for any lower emotional state is forgetting “who you truly are” or in other words getting away from your higher self.

A person who has a monotonous life often finds himself in a state of boredom, if he doesn’t make any effort to overcome that feeling then he will keep on falling into other lower emotional states.

Mood by definition is a temporary state of mind and the nature of mind is to be in a continuous flux, this wave-like nature of mind will make you feel happy in one moment and sad in the other.

All other means by which you can change your current state of mind can only give you a temporary relief.

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For example, you can listen to music and start to feel good but you will soon come back to the previous emotional state and you will have a feeling of “nothing can help me”.

How Can Meditation Give You a Permanent Solution?

Unlike any other method using which a person can come into a better state of mind, meditation helps a person not only to feel good, but it also helps him to be aware of his own thoughts and emotions.

Inner joy, serenity and unconditional love for everything arise when you get connected to your higher self.

Connecting to your true-self raises the vibrational frequency of your energy(aura) and that not only makes a person happy, but it also gives him more reasons to be happy all day long.

It Is Hard to Meditate when You Are Not Feeling Good

It’s true that meditation will make you feel better, but it is hard to meditate when you are feeling down because the flow of negative thoughts in such states is too high to be controlled.

With practice and determination, it becomes easy for a person to meditate. For beginners, it is recommended to start with guided meditations, one beautiful heart center awakening meditation is available for free download in Christie’s Energy Toolkit.


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