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Creative Visualization for Children-A Childhood Gift

Unlike us, kids are not too concerned about the future events. Momentarily, they may get upset when they don’t get what they want but, they have the tendency to forget about it easily and that’s why I would emphasis that creative visualization for children should be an unscripted process.

Kids are naturally gifted with the creative ability, we all were excellent in using our imagination to create the dream atmosphere for our playtime. If you will take a live example of any group of kids playing, you will find that there are a lot of imaginative elements being incorporated in their games.

Most of us forget to enjoy our dream world as we grow up because our society doesn’t encourage such habits.

Today, we are realizing that visualization is one of the most potent mind tools available to us however the essential qualities needed to make proper use of it is something we need to acquire with practice.

Actually, it is not a learning process but, an unlearning process.

It’s true that we cannot do anything about what has happened to us in the past but, we can surely help the young ones of our generation. Continue reading