Creative Visualization for Children-A Childhood Gift

Unlike us, kids are not too concerned about the future events. Momentarily, they may get upset when they don’t get what they want but, they have the tendency to forget about it easily and that’s why I would emphasis that creative visualization for children should be an unscripted process.

Kids are naturally gifted with the creative ability, we all were excellent in using our imagination to create the dream atmosphere for our playtime. If you will take a live example of any group of kids playing, you will find that there are a lot of imaginative elements being incorporated in their games.

Most of us forget to enjoy our dream world as we grow up because our society doesn’t encourage such habits.

Today, we are realizing that visualization is one of the most potent mind tools available to us however the essential qualities needed to make proper use of it is something we need to acquire with practice.

Actually, it is not a learning process but, an unlearning process.

It’s true that we cannot do anything about what has happened to us in the past but, we can surely help the young ones of our generation.

It Should Be Fun

The mistake most people make is that they try to teach kids to visualize in the manner they have learned to do it, instead we should be the ones learning from them.

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No child will agree to sit like you and imagine their desires getting fulfilled, if you will force them then they will lie to you like in the other cases.

What we fail to see is that our desire is not their desire and it simply can never be, you can persuade them to follow your instructions but you cannot generate the passion that is required to achieve any goal.

No mind tool can work if it does not generate the interest of the individual… it should be a fun process!

You may want to make the child a genius but, the child is totally unaware what a “genius” is and why the hell is it necessary to be one?

So, teaching kids to visualize your way is not a good idea.

How to Make It Interesting?

If you want to teach children how to visualize then you will first have to drop all “your visions” for them and with an open mind accept their dreams as yours.

Their desire could be as small as from learning to ride a bicycle to as big as becoming becoming like the best footballer of the world, you should not judge it.

Remember, it is we adults who are too attached to the outcomes, that is why we don’t even dare to think something big.

The truth is that in the present moment we can imagine whatever we want and enjoy the feeling without being concerned about the end results but, you can’t imagine being the best footballer of the world right?… Kids can!

To them it doesn’t matter what happens tomorrow, they are the best footballer right NOW.

See, we really don’t have to teach them how to imagine but there two things we could do for their personal growth:-

1-Motivate them to use their creative ability.

2-Give their dreams a proper direction because they won’t be able to get clear about their visions until you ask them a few questions about their dreams.

After this, you will have to allow them to imagine freely and that’s how it becomes interesting.

What I have discussed in this post was for little kids (less than 13 years of age), after that it would be wise to introduce them to the books and programs that teaches them about their creative power.

For some good exercises and methods to teach your kids about their creative ability I would like to recommend the program “Law of Attraction for Kids“.


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