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Prosperity Consciousness and the Piggy Bank Game–Using the Law of Attraction to Attract More Wealth

I have wondered many times after reading self help books that “Okay, the flow of wealth in our lives depends on how we feel about it and our subconscious beliefs about it.A person has to build prosperity consciousness to allow more of it in his life, but how the hell can I feel prosperous at times when I am broke?”

I am sure that you might also have had such thoughts during those difficult times, it feels so stupid to imagine having a lot of money when all that is flashing in your mind is “the bills to be paid”.

There are some real cool law of attraction games given in some books which makes you feel prosperous, but a person cannot even think of looking at them when he is worried about wealth.

When you are completely broke and someone comes to say “use your creative powers to attract money”, you feel like smashing their heads on wall.. Don’t you?..lol

Here, I am going to share my piggy bank game with you which is a very practical way for me to find that place where I can feel “relief” about money, but before going there let me explain you why I do this because when you know “money is meant to be circulated” according to the laws of universe, then hoarding it in a corner of house may seem a little out of whack. Continue reading