Prosperity Consciousness and the Piggy Bank Game–Using the Law of Attraction to Attract More Wealth

I have wondered many times after reading self help books that “Okay, the flow of wealth in our lives depends on how we feel about it and our subconscious beliefs about it.A person has to build prosperity consciousness to allow more of it in his life, but how the hell can I feel prosperous at times when I am broke?”

I am sure that you might also have had such thoughts during those difficult times, it feels so stupid to imagine having a lot of money when all that is flashing in your mind is “the bills to be paid”.

There are some real cool law of attraction games given in some books which makes you feel prosperous, but a person cannot even think of looking at them when he is worried about wealth.

When you are completely broke and someone comes to say “use your creative powers to attract money”, you feel like smashing their heads on wall.. Don’t you?

Here, I am going to share my piggy bank game with you which is a very practical way for me to find that place where I can feel “relief” about money, but before going there let me explain you why I do this because when you know “money is meant to be circulated” according to the laws of universe, then hoarding it in a corner of house may seem a little out of whack.

Prosperity Consciousness and the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction brings inspirations, ideas and opens new doors to bring wealth in the lives of people who develop prosperity consciousness.

What Is Prosperity Consciousness and How to Develop It?

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Prosperity consciousness is an awareness of the material needs in your life that has already been fulfilled; having a good perspective about wealth is all that one needs to attract more of it.
To develop prosperity consciousness, one has to naturally feel joy, excitement and enthusiasm about wealth.

The Piggy Bank Game

Okay, so here is what I do to feel excitement about money even during hard times.
I buy a nice piggy bank and keep it in a corner where it is visible.

I keep “no account” of how much money I am going to put in it, but I set a 2-4 month deadline.

Now, every day I make it mandatory for myself to put some cash in it, I love saving cash in it.

I drop both big and small amounts in it, but I make sure to put more than 10% of whatever I receive plus the extras..

After sometime, I absolutely have no idea how much money is there inside it, but I do know for sure that I have saved a lot!

This thought that “there is a lot saved and I don’t know how much” brings a lot of excitement and fun.

In most of the cases,the money inside the piggy bank is higher than our estimation which makes us to feel enthusiasm .

For me, no exercise other than this has been more powerful to build prosperity consciousness during times when I am not financially strong.

Two Things that You Should Avoid

It is essential to set a deadline to break the piggy bank and the deadline should be minimum as possible because hoarding money is another way by which we block it from coming to us.

Two things that you should never do while playing this piggy  bank game are:-

1- Breaking it before the deadline:-

Be sure to be determined enough that no matter how much you are in need, you will never break it before the deadline, many times such situations arises when we see no other way,

but to break it..make sure that there is no such option if you really want to feel prosperous. The money you put inside it is like you have already spent it.

2- Keeping it longer than the deadline:-

This is another one folks; sometimes we get so excited and addicted to the habit of accumulating money that breaking the piggy bank becomes a painful task. Always keep in mind that money is meant for circulation. So, as soon as it hits the deadline.. break it!


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