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The Lucid Dreaming Meditation Method That Really Works

I am going to share my favorite lucid dreaming meditation method in this post because I strongly believe that it will also work for you.

This meditation will not only help you to become aware in your dreams, but it will also relax your body and mind, hence it will relieve you from any tiredness or stress that you might be carrying from your day.

The soundtracks containing binaural beats are indeed effective to help you in lucid dreaming, but I always prefer to avoid external aids when it is about getting into a deep relaxed state of mind.

I do use guided visualizations sometimes, but I am a little disinclined to the use of brainwave entrainment (I have talked about this in my post – Dangers of Using Binaural Beats), however, I won’t stop you from using binaural audios because I know that different people have different experiences with it. Continue reading