Lucid Dreaming

You must have known about this concept from some very popular movies like vanilla sky or inception, but, do you know that you can really control your dreams?  Yes, I am talking about experiencing whatever you want in dreams.exploring world lucid dreaming

That’s possible and this is a skill used by many people including me.

I was very excited when I got to know about lucid dreaming for the first time and though I did everything to induce my first lucid dream, I failed very miserably do that initially, however, with time I became very good at it.

So, I am speaking from experience, you can control your dreams and do things there which are not possible for you in the waking life.

In your dreams can fly like a bird, jump like there is no gravity, go on a date with your favorite celebrity, time travel to a past event, the possibilities are endless.

Dream Experiences Are Very Similar to the Real Life Ones

If you thought something like this after reading the above paragraphs “okay, that’s interesting, but they are just dreams” then let me tell you a little secret “dream experiences are very much like the real life ones “.

You feel emotions, you feel pain and you feel all the sensations that you could with the use of your 5 senses in dreams also.

We don’t remember much of our dreams after waking up so we usually think that dreams are not close to reality, but if you ever had a dream where you felt an intense emotion or chronic pain then you will be able to make sense of what I am saying here because such sensations sometimes lingers for a short duration after you wake up.

Though in the real world things that happen to us affects us physically but still that experience is created by the mind.

For example, if you pinch yourself right now, though on the physical level you pinched yourself, lucid dreaming realbut your experience of it will yet be created by your mind because the information you process as that sensation and also the image you see is all happening because of your mind.

I have read some very exciting stories about lucid dreaming where people have experienced a great connection between the real and dream world, even their body showed the signs of what they experienced in the dream.

So if you become good at lucid dreaming you will remember your dream experiences just like any other real-life memory.

Mastering the Art of Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming happens when you become aware inside your dreams of the fact that you are dreaming and once you become conscious in your dreams you can control it.

However, it requires efforts to make that happen and thereafter it also takes practice to learn how to maintain that state because when you become aware that you are dreaming, the dream either collapses or you soon forget that you are dreaming (which is termed as losing lucidity).

If you just want to know if this is really possible then you can do it effectively using some proper methods within few months or even in a week in case you are lucky, but if you are someone who wants to explore their dream world on a regular basis then it will require a lot of practice.

With time you can learn to control dreams for longer periods, trust me, sometimes it is like you spent a whole night in the dream world.

I thought I was good at lucid dreaming and I knew it all when I used to do it a few times every month. I did enjoy it a lot to become aware when I was dreaming and then go do things realizing that it is not actually real but seems exactly like that.control your dreams lucid dreaming

However, my whole perspective changed when I enrolled for Andrew Holecek’s Dream Sculpting program. It taught me how to have long dreams without losing awareness, remember it like a real life memory, but most importantly that program showed how I can use this skill to improve various areas of my life.

Yes, lucid dreaming allows you to work on your psychology and behavioral patterns because dreams help you to establish a direct communication with your subconscious mind.

You can improve any aspect of your life by altering your subconscious beliefs and lucid dreaming makes it possible.

You can also get answers to solve your real life problems or get spiritual insights with the help of lucid dreaming because your subconscious mind can access the infinite intelligence or collective consciousness.

Not only that, using dreams as a place for practicing a skill actually makes you better at it in the real world because our subconscious mind is so powerful. I only read all this in books before I was actually able to do that from what I learned from the dream sculpting program, so if you too are serious about lucid dreaming like me then I strongly recommend you this product.


Below I am going to answer a few questions that you might be having in your mind if you are new to lucid dreaming and at the bottom, I will provide a few links to the posts that can help you to learn lucid dreaming.

1 – Is it okay to lucid dream?

Yes, there is no harm in lucid dreaming, in fact, most of us have already had such dreams where we somehow realized that we are dreaming without even knowing about this concept.

2 – How much time would it take for you to have your first vivid lucid dream?

The time it takes for one to have a lucid dream varies, some people have it the very first day they get to know about this concept whereas for some as I mentioned earlier, it can take a few months, but the time it takes to become good in controlling dreams depends totally on your efforts.

3 – Are there any dangers or side effects in lucid dreaming?

There is no real harm associated to lucid dreaming, but the chances of having few scary experiences like false awakenings or sleep paralysis increases when your mind is too obsessed with the idea of controlling your dreams.

Again, most of us have already experienced sleep paralysis or false awakening with or without awareness.

4 – Who can learn lucid dreaming?

Anybody can have lucid dreams, it’s for everyone.

Using the methods I will be sharing with you in this blog, you can easily have your first lucid dream but with proper knowledge and practice, you can also master this skill.

If you have any other question, kindly ask it in the comments section.


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