The Lucid Dreaming Meditation Method That Really Works

I am going to share my favorite lucid dreaming meditation method in this post because I strongly believe that it will also work for you.

This meditation will not only help you to become aware in your dreams, but it will also relax your body and mind, hence it will relieve you from any tiredness or stress that you might be carrying from your day.

The soundtracks containing binaural beats are indeed effective to help you in lucid dreaming, but I always prefer to avoid external aids when it is about getting into a deep relaxed state of mind.

I do use guided visualizations sometimes, but I am a little disinclined to the use of brainwave entrainment (I have talked about this in my post – Dangers of Using Binaural Beats), however, I won’t stop you from using binaural audios because I know that different people have different experiences with it.

How Meditation Helps You to Lucid Dream?

Before we look at the steps to perform this process I want you to know the reason why meditation could prove out to be a great tool for inducing lucid dreams.

The unconsciousness with which we live the whole day is what we take into our dream world as well.

Unconsciousness, what the hell is he saying? You might have thought.

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Let me explain this in more detail – See, we all are living in a continuous hypnotic type of state and I am saying that about the usual crowd, not some stoner or lunatic. This is a normal state because most people in the world get only a few moments of conscious awareness in their whole day.

More than 80 percent of our actions are involuntary, we spend most of our time thinking random thoughts, and that’s what I meant by the “hypnotic state” because all of our attention is taken up by what happens inside our heads till we come across something that requires our conscious involvement and after that we go back to the previous state once again.

Okay, we won’t go deeper into that as it is not our point of discussion here, I just want you to know that we use some techniques like reality checks because we want to train our mind to become aware frequently. This way we enter our dream world with this intention which helps us to gain lucidity.

Meditation helps you to become a more aware person, the better you become in breaking your unconscious behavioral patterns the more are your chances to see the truth (seeing things as they are without judgments) and this truth in terms of dreams means to know that you are dreaming.

The Method

The dream meditation that I will be teaching you here is something that I have been using for a pretty long time now, this is so effective because it allows your mind and body to relax while maintaining an iota of mental alertness that is essential for you to have a conscious dream.

I have come across some great methods and meditations while exploring some lucid dreaming products and books. One such good program was Rebbeca Turner’s Lucid Dreaming Fast Track program which included a book based on dream meditation plus a guided visualization that has inspired me to prepare this method.

You can always find your own working formula by experimenting with different stuff, but till then you can try this technique:-

Steps 1 – This first step is derived from a Yogic exercise called Yog Nidra.

To do this, lie down and make sure that you are totally comfortable. Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes. Now take your attention from your scalp to toe gradually, just feel all your body parts one by one and imagine each portion is getting relaxed when you are feeling that section.

Don’t be in a hurry, just feel the sensations in different areas of your body and relax.

Step 2 – With the above relaxation exercise your mind will reach into the alpha state, which is a state that occurs when you switch between your wake state and sleep state.

Here your task is to maintain your awareness by watching your thoughts, try to be alert like a cat waiting in front of a rat hole.

Soon you will find yourself falling asleep and then waking up (not completely), this is the right time for the next step.

Step 3 – Start saying mentally “this is a dream” or “I know I am dreaming”, keep on repeating this thought in your mind till you fall asleep once again.

That is it, this is a combination of various methods like WILD and MILD, which aims to keep you awake while your body falls asleep.

There are chances that you may have sleep paralysis and false awakenings by doing this, but if you are not afraid of those experiences, then it gets converted into another great opportunity to enter into a dream consciously.


If you are struggling to have lucid dreams then you might like to know the technique that I consider best for inducing lucid dreams.

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