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Building a Good Relationship with Food-Mindfulness Eating Script

The short mindfulness script I am going to provide you in this post is a very good practice to overcome your food cravings and improve your eating habits.

This post is a part of my article series “mind conditioning and weight loss” and here I am going to discuss the most important step to maintain a good health which is to have a good relationship with food.

Often the extra weight that people put on when their lifestyle changes and especially when they get too busy is due to their lack of awareness when they eat since the mind is too engaged in thinking about various other important stuff.

Overeating, binge eating, night eating, addiction to chocolate or sugar are all resulted from absent-mindedness while eating.

There is a very good solution available for all these problems and it is Mindfulness eating, using this method you can not only get rid of various unhealthy eating habits but it also helps you to make friendship with food. Continue reading