How to Stop Eating Chocolate?-Take Control Now!

In this post, I am going to share a few tips with you on how to stop eating chocolate because it makes life difficult when chocolate eating becomes a habit.

Consuming a small amount of chocolate everyday is not bad for health instead it is very beneficial for the body according to some researches but, who can stop themselves by just tasting a little chocolate?

The main reason that makes people to crave for chocolate is its quality that makes people coming back to it once they have tasted a little.

Problem of not being able to stop eating chocolate is very destructive since it activates some “happy” chemicals in the brain which means that it could turn into a big addiction.

Once a person loses their control over eating chocolate they finds themselves feeling guilty about this and this inner conflict makes them to feel more despondent.

And obviously it results into quick weight gain as chocolate itself is a high calorie food whereas it also causes imbalance in one’s usual eating patterns.

So, here are few things which can help you to stop eating chocolate:-

Choosing Different Types of Chocolates

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Initially, when you are trying to quit eating chocolate it is very difficult to make the first move.

Getting too hard on yourself is not the right way to accomplish this goal as fighting this addiction by dropping this habit at once using will power can lead to various physical problems like headaches, frustration, stress, etc.

A gradual approach is best for this purpose and you can begin this by keeping a variety of chocolates rather than one single type.

Before you jump to any other method try eating different type of chocolate everyday for few days, this will help you to move forward with ease.

Keep It Away from Your Reach

In the previous step I advised you to keep different varieties of chocolate in your home but, once you have gained more control then stop keeping them at home.

It is very obvious that when we have availability of something we are addicted to, we lose our control more easily. So, if you can stop buying a lot of chocolate when you visit stores then that would be a very good move.

You can go out and buy chocolate when you have a strong urge but make sure to not buy it for home.

This will definitely give you more control over your addiction because going to a nearby store is obviously much difficult than reaching your refrigerator.

Find Other Ways to Feel Good

I remember the old times when during noon I would open the refrigerator to grab a whole chocolate bar and enjoy it by watching my favorite show on TV, later when that particular time got replaced by other important activities the craving disappeared automatically.

Now, I know that I used to crave for chocolate due to boredom and I tried to make that time enjoyable by rewarding myself with a chocolate and the TV show.

My chocolate eating was not a serious problem since it was not related to any deep psychological need but, many people who have emotional issues find chocolate as a way to escape disturbing feelings.

As I mentioned earlier, chocolate contains chemicals that can make a person to feel good so those who are badly addicted to chocolate are often found suffering from various types of emotional problems.

One simple way to avoid chocolate would be to engage yourself in something interesting at the time when craving strikes, going out of home would also be a very wise decision because “boredom” is a big catalyst to this addiction.

Find other ways to make yourself happy and use them as an escape button when you yearn for chocolate.

Don’t Make It Your Enemy

One common and a very big mistake that people obsessed with chocolate usually make is – They think of chocolate as their enemy.

This type of thinking creates misery for a person because they finds themselves helpless and they constantly criticize themselves for having such an addiction over which they have no control.

Making chocolate your enemy won’t help you to avoid it instead it will fortify the problem and make it insurmountable.

It is very essential for one who is trying to get out of the chocolate addiction to be at total peace with this habit of eating chocolate so, putting an end to the self criticism is the very first step in solving this problem.

Replace with Other Food Items

I don’t actually recommend replacing one eating habit with the other because I know both falls into the same category of a disorder called “emotional eating”.

But since here our talk is about “Chocolate”, I would have to incorporate this tip in this post.

Keep something in your house which you like to eat (not any sugary item) that you can use as an alternative to chocolate.

Now, start eating this new food item whenever you yearn for chocolate. Obviously, initially it won’t satisfy you and it will be very difficult to stay away from chocolates but gradually you will see the shift in your behavior.

Once you succeed in stopping yourself from eating chocolate using this tip please control yourself before this new habit becomes another addiction.


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