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Train Your Photographic Memory-Retain More Information

This post will provide you a few tips that will help you to train your photographic memory so that you can remember things better than before.

First of all, let me answer a very common question – Is there really something  like photographic memory?

Yes, there is and we can make use of it in various ways to improve ourselves in many areas of our lives.

Photographic memory is actually an ability to store and recall things in visual forms.

In fact, we actually store information in form of images only but, since the process is very fast we are not able to consciously realize it.

For example – If we hear numbers “09675” our mind stores that as an image, it could be the whole picture “09675” or every number individual “0”,”9” etc. etc. in sequence.

So, once we understand the importance of remembering in images we can then practice and develop photographic memory. Continue reading