Train Your Photographic Memory-Retain More Information

This post will provide you a few tips that will help you to train your photographic memory so that you can remember things better than before.

First of all, let me answer a very common question – Is there really something  like photographic memory?

Yes, there is and we can make use of it in various ways to improve ourselves in many areas of our lives.

Photographic memory is actually an ability to store and recall things in visual forms.

In fact, we actually store information in form of images only but, since the process is very fast we are not able to consciously realize it.

For example – If we hear numbers “09675” our mind stores that as an image, it could be the whole picture “09675” or every number individual “0”,”9” etc. etc. in sequence.

So, once we understand the importance of remembering in images we can then practice and develop photographic memory.

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Having the skill to consciously capture information in form of images enables a person to recall things in amazing ways.

Extraordinary skills like photo reading can be acquired when a person has improved this ability to advanced levels.

Yeah, I know it is hard to believe in stuff like that, I don’t know about you, but I choose to believe in the unlimited possibilities and with examples of people like Kim Peek, I don’t actually consider it as something impossible.

Okay, now let us look at some ways that will help you to make use of your eidetic memory:-

1- Practice Your Imagination

In your free times, exercise your imagination by looking at a thing carefully and then imagining it by closing your eyes, try to visualize as accurately as possible.

Once you start to get good at it, crank it up a notch by visualizing multiple things at once and then practice visualizing the whole room, take forward steps gradually and keep getting better at it.

2- Remembering Names of People

This is a very fun activity – Try to associate names of people in your imagination with something you won’t easily forget.

What visual you will use to remember those names will entirely depend on you but I will advise you to use something which has very close resemblance to the name so that by recalling that image you will be easily reminded of the name and to choose an image that you won’t be able to forget easily.

For example – You met a person named “Tom” so you can here relate this person with the picture of Tom chasing Jerry as in the cartoon…ha ha I betcha you won’t forget this name for years.

3- Become More Aware

More important than remembering is to be more conscious because your ability to recall anything depends on your alertness at the time when you perceived it. So, in order to have a good visual memory you will have to be more alert in every moment.

You can become a more conscious person by practicing mindfulness exercises. When you become more attentive you start to make use of your mind in more controlled manner which will improve your life in many ways.

4- Day Rewind

It is a good ritual to play the scenes of the whole day in your mind before sleeping.

To do this start from recent activity and reach to the early morning moment when you woke up, try to imagine every scene with as much detail as possible

This practice alone can help you to have a very good photographic memory, not only that this exercise has many other benefits since it makes your subconscious mind to find solutions for your various day to day problems. But, please avoid doing this when you have a bad day.


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