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Healing the Emotional Pain Caused by Toxic Relationships and Memories That Destroys One’s Serenity

Recently, I have been through a time that put me into a confused state of mind which was neither letting me to move forward nor allowing me to be at peace with the present moment.

Great teachers have always taught that you don’t need to fix anything outside of you to live a happy life,all that’s essential is to be in harmony with your own existence.

That’s really difficult to understand  because when nobody understands you,all your efforts are just making the situation worse and your mind is in a chaotic state such philosophies appears to be total bullshit.

The dominating emotions of an individual facing such circumstances are guilt, anger and resentment.If prolonged,these feelings can result into self sabotage.

The Victim Mode of Ego

It is very imperative to discern that our ego likes to play a victim and if you are not aware enough to detect this at the right time then you will be pulled into an insurmountable vicious cycle of negativity. Continue reading