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6 Physical Health Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation Practice

People are well aware of the psychological benefits of present moment awareness but do you know there are numerous scientifically proven physical health benefits of mindfulness meditation as well?

Thousands of research works have shown how being mindful can be helpful for your mental and physical well-being. A lot of people are now making this meditation a part of their lives due to the positive results they have seen by practicing this method regularly.

I have written numerous posts on mindfulness practices, I have been encouraging people for a long time to do this meditation because it is simple, and practicing present-moment awareness has improved my life in various ways.

One crucial thing that we all need to understand is that our mind and body are connected, all our bodily functions are controlled by our subconscious mind, so when you start to do something that gives you inner peace it gets reflected in your body.

Ancient spiritual knowledge has always focused on how a person’s energy is responsible for various physical symptoms in their body, our body even stores various memories and emotional traumas, this is why hypnotherapy is now widely used to treat various past emotional issues of a person, doing this may also solve many other health problems that a person might be having.

These talks can be difficult to understand for people who have a strong logical mind but when we talk about the things that have been proven by science it becomes acceptable to everyone, that’s why in this post I am going to enlist some health benefits of mindfulness meditation that are based on various studies. But before that, let me give you a brief overview of this method. Continue reading

Walking Meditation Script – A Routine for Serene Life

One of the readers of my blog recently asked me a question when I told him about some of my morning’s practices, “Can you meditate while walking?” When I answered yes to that question he became more curious about how can someone meditate when their focus is on some other activity? To answer this I shared with him, a walking meditation script using which you can meditate when you are taking a walk to your office, grocery store, or simply when you go for your morning or evening walks.

One of the biggest misconceptions about meditation that stops people from trying it is that they think it as some difficult practice that is not meant for everyone, people tend to think that without certain Yogic posture, place or diet a person cannot meditate. It’s absolute rubbish, of course, a yogic diet, environment that is conducive for meditation and certain postures do help a person to concentrate but all of them are just additional things.

Just like you don’t always need a gym or a protein shake in order to exercise, all those things are not necessary. Not everyone in the world has time to spare for yogic practices but there is a method that has evolved from ancient schools of spirituality like Buddhism i.e mindfulness.

You can practice mindfulness exercises anywhere, anytime, it gives your mind the necessary rest which will result in the inner peace that will fill you with energy for the rest of your day. Continue reading

Healing Emotional Pain Caused by Bad Childhood Memories

In this post, we will focus on getting over bad childhood memories so that we could live peacefully in the present life of ours.

We all have had some kind of painful memories in childhood but hardly anyone of us knows how those past events can affect our current reality.

Although movies and fiction works have exaggerated psychological problems by giving it names like “mommy issues” and “daddy issues” based on why people date certain kind of people, what we must actually understand is that our current life is hugely affected by our childhood.

Yes, of course, this is something very much important for people who have had a terrible childhood but more importantly, even those childhoods that seems like a happy one is not always perfect because many a time we have some long-forgotten painful memories affecting our present life in some way of which we are not aware at all right now. Continue reading

How to Play a Tibetan Singing Bowl – Generate Peaceful Sounds

Many people buy the Tibetan singing bowls without knowing the proper way to use it, if you don’t know the right method to play a singing bowl then you will hardly be able to get proper benefits from it.

If you can produce the right sounds using a singing bowl then you can really practice some deep mindfulness exercises because the type of sounds these bowls produces are so beautiful that it helps your mind to focus on the present play singing bowl

Before getting to know about the singing bowls I used to listen to the omharmonics music which are digital sounds designed for deep meditation, but then I started to use these bowls occasionally and I found them very helpful.

The specialty of Tibetan meditation bowls is that it produces a vibrating sound which makes it easy for you to become aware of the silence behind the music.

Not only the sound but also the vibration you can feel in your hand can be used to anchor yourself in the present moment. But you must play it the right way otherwise it will end up as one of the items in your showcase.

That’s why in this post I am going to show you how to play a singing bowl. Continue reading

De-energize Agony – Getting Rid of the Painful Thoughts

In this post, I want to share a simple technique that I use for getting rid of repetitive painful thoughts without any visualization, meditation, or anything that might be new to you.

The method is very easy to do, but it requires a little patience which you will naturally develop with the practice.get rid negative thoughts

I call this process as de-energizing agony because by doing this we are just stopping ourselves from fueling up these repetitive negative thoughts.

I don’t claim that I created this method; it came to me as inspiration while I was trying to deal with a bad memory which kept troubling me for more than a year, maybe my subconscious mind found a way to eliminate that unpleasant memory from my system forever and made me aware of this technique. Continue reading

4 Positive Self-Talk Exercises for Success and Happiness

Our conversation with ourselves forms our mindset and that’s why the positive self-talk exercises and activities that I am going to share with you in this post can prove out to be very helpful for your emotional health.

Believe it or not, our reality is created by what we think and all our thoughts are born out of the type of beliefs we hold in our subconscious mind, so when you became aware of what is usually going inside your mind and take control of it, you are in the process of changing the set of beliefs that are responsible for who you are today.

In one of my previous posts, I talked about the techniques to overcome low self-esteem in which one method was all about changing self-talks. In this post, I will take it a step further and share with you a few more methods that I use whenever I find myself thinking negatively.

Before working on your communication with yourself I want you to understand that it is perfectly normal to talk with yourself because every person in the world does that.

We all have that voice inside our head that keeps on commenting about everything that happens in our life and when you are not busy with something, this same voice will bring up the thoughts of past and future.

This running commentary is always there and you should not try too hard to stop it because the more you will resist it the more powerful it gets. What you can do is use meditational methods to take short breaks from this incessant mind chatter, mindfulness exercises have proven to be extremely helpful for silencing this voice inside their head for people to a great extent.

If meditation is not possible for you then you should somehow stop this mental chatter from being a negative one, positive self-talk activities that I am going to show you in this post will help you to shift your focus from negative thoughts to the positive ones. This way you can have a pleasant conversation with yourself which will not only improve your self-image but it will also make you a happier person.

Continue reading

3 Easy Aura Cleansing Techniques for Everyone

Everything about our lives depends on the state of our energy and that’s why I am going to provide some very simple aura cleansing techniques here that can be used by anyone.

Our energy is always changing depending on what kind of thoughts, ideologies and beliefs we accept, our reality is created by our energetic state.

So, it will prove out to be a very wise step if one focuses towards improving the quality of their energy before they put some effort in the physical plane.

That’s where energy clearing comes in handy because this process helps you to get rid of any blocks in your aura, thus it allows the life force to flow freely. And when that happens, your desires get manifested easily, your emotional state improves, your health gets better, your finances flourishes and you get into the state of flow. Continue reading

Dangers of the Victim Mindset and Ways to Change It

There is nothing more destructive than a victim mindset. It ruins relationships, it kills marriages, it leads to self-destruction and collectively it also causes wars.

It is hard to know when we fall for the idea of being a victim as it seems so real that we don’t even get a chance to doubt it. Yes, everyone in this world feels like a victim on some level during various phases of their lives, but there are people for whom it has become their ultimate truth.

You cannot make your life beautiful if you harbor the beliefs that tell you that your life is an effect of what the world and society does.

See, when things go wrong, it is natural to feel like a victim, but how your life will get shaped from there depends on whether you choose to be a victim forever or you want to raise above such thoughts. Continue reading

Simple Techniques to Build an Abundance Mindset

If you want to live a peaceful life, then it is very essential for you to build an abundance mindset because everything in our life depends on how we view the world.

With a little awareness of the workings of your mind and actions you can see how you are controlled by the types of beliefs you hold on both innate as well as surface levels.

To a little extent you can even know about how your mind manipulates the information you receive through your senses so that it could validate your convictions.

You can do this by observing your thoughts every now and then, but to realize how your outer world is created by your inner world it takes a lot of persistent efforts. Continue reading

Scarcity Mentality vs. Abundance Mentality

The whole world population can be divided into two categories based on how people view the world, as those with scarcity mindset and the ones who have the abundance mindset.

The scarcity mentality is the cause behind all fear based actions, whereas abundance mentality is what gives rise to the actions that are based on love.

Both types of the thinking are actually two sides of the same coin, it is not necessary that you will fall into one category based on your thoughts about one particular area or phase of your life.

We all adapt one of these two mindsets depending on our life situations, but by knowing it you can deliberately get to the right side by changing your attitude towards life. Continue reading

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