Do Subliminal Audios Really Work? – Effects and Mechanism

In this post, I will be discussing in detail on whether the subliminal audios really work? Their effect on our mind and if they are safe to use or not. I have been exploring the products based on subliminal messages for a long time but I have always been a bit reluctant to use them on a regular basis.

Recently, I wrote a post on a product named “Manifestation Magic” which is based on these audios and in that review I mentioned that I don’t prefer to use such audios while sleeping, so I thought it would be better to give my readers a clear idea about how the whole process of mind rewiring with the help of subliminal audios which is very popular these days actually works.

What Are Subliminal Messages?

People confuse hypnosis and other methods using which a person’s mind can be programmed to work in a particular manner with subliminal messages but there is a big difference between these two processes.

It is not necessary that subliminal messages should always influence your mind or be effective, whereas, the use of other methods in which a person can consciously interpret the suggestions works better than these subliminal suggestions in most of the cases.

So, here is the main difference between subliminal messages and the other methods. Unlike the other methods, subliminal messages are those suggestions that are not perceivable to our senses. These are hidden words and statements that are used in various ways to have a particular kind of impact on your mind.

It is believed by many people that when a person fails to consciously recognize an idea that is brought into their attention it reaches to their subconscious mind with least resistance. So it gets easier for one to influence other people’s minds using this technique.

How Is It Done?

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There are many ways in which subliminal messages can be used. The most popular methods are visual cues that are flashed quickly so that it becomes difficult for people to perceive it and the other one is sub-audible messages that I will now discuss in detail.

Subliminal audios are those audio tracks that are prepared using methods that make it impossible for one to consciously detect the intended suggestions. One simple way of doing this is to play low audio suggestions along with louder music so that one cannot hear the suggestions with their conscious efforts. Another popular way using which these audios are prepared is to record the message backward in an audio track which is playing something else in the usual manner, this method is also known as “backmasking” which became popular due to the rumors that the Beatles used such tracks in their albums.

It is said that a lot of advertisers and media use subliminal messages to influence the mind of people but there is no proper evidence to prove it and it is still a widespread rumor. Can the subliminal messages really be used to have a deep impact on your mind? I will discuss this in the next paragraphs.

Effects of Subliminal Messages on Our Mind

For a long time there was no research work or clinical evidence that subliminal messages can really have an influence on a person’s behavior but now a lot of studies and experiments have backed up the power of these subtle suggestions on the human mind.

Subliminal messages can influence your behavior and it can be used to manipulate your choices. The programs that are based on this method have proved to work on a person’s subconscious mind quite efficiently. I have known a lot of my readers who have had some great success with the self-help materials that consisted of subliminal audios or visuals.

In one way it can be very useful to use a personal development product that uses subliminal audios to change a person’s limiting beliefs that stops them in achieving success in life and it can also be very effective in helping one to get rid of unhealthy habits like smoking or drinking. But one question that might be troubling you now is that whether these audios are safe to use? Is it possible for someone to use subliminal messages on people to achieve their personal agenda? The answer to this is “NO!!” why? I will tell you about this in the next paragraph.

Your Subconscious Mind Is Smarter than You

That’s just a catchy subheading that I used to derive your attention. In truth, both your conscious mind and subconscious mind are two different sides of the same coin, that is you. One thing that I have learned through all of my experiences and learnings about the workings of our mind is that we can never be influenced by something unless we allow it to.

When I explain this to people, they often come up with various examples like how a stage hypnotist makes people do certain embarrassing stuff in front of other people. However, what most people don’t know is that under the state of hypnosis people agree to do things because they have a need to entertain others in their subconscious mind. But if something is really harmful to you then your subconscious will reject that suggestion and you can never be influenced without your own consent.

A lot of people believe that the effects of the programs based on subliminal messages are a temporary boost induced by something like the placebo effect. But as per what I have known, you can really make good use of these subliminal audios if you are comfortable with it.

The reason why I do not use subliminal audios on a regular basis is that I like to know how the entire process works when I am using a method or any personal development program. You can get some more information on this subject in my blogpost named “Do Subliminal Affirmations Really Work?“.


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