Dissolve Limiting Beliefs – Unleash Your Subconscious Mind Power

If you want to unleash your subconscious mind power then it is essential that you should dissolve the limiting beliefs that stops you from using the higher faculties of your mind to achieve what you want in life.

People who have achieved great success in their lives are the ones who have learned the ways to make the necessary changes in their inner world because everything in our outer world is a reflection of what beliefs we hold within us.

Our subconscious mind is very powerful and it can make the most difficult tasks very easy for us, but only if we could learn the right way to make it work in our favor.

I am not exaggerating, it is all true, just like we can make traveling simple and quick using wheels, our mind can make our most difficult goals achievable for us when the required inner work is done.

Even though we have a very powerful tool at our disposal, only a few people know how to make right use of it, in fact many of us are unconsciously using this power against ourselves.

Inner Mind Programming

Our subconscious mind is like a kid who likes to do what it knows and it doesn’t like being commanded, so conscious efforts usually work in the opposite way, so we have to find a way to alter what it already knows.

I am talking about the limiting beliefs here, our inner mind works according to the beliefs we formed unconsciously in our childhood, because a kid’s mind is wide open to receive suggestions and it accepts whatever comes in its awareness as the truth.

Now, this inner truth of ours is what creates our life stories, our creative power works to paint these beliefs as our reality.

This is why I encourage people to teach their kids about the concepts like the law of attraction since I want them to grow up as people who know about their creative power and also because I know whatever a kid believes as the truth will shape his/her future life.

But what about grownups? Is there a way to change our inner programming? Yes, there is, it is not that simple, but it indeed is possible.

Change Your Limiting Beliefs

All the self growth activities help you to alter your inner mind programming because that is the only way you can make your subconscious mind to work in your favor.

It is ironic that most people are stuck where they are in their lives because their thoughts are working against them and they don’t even know it.

See, our conscious mind has the ability to differentiate between the right and the wrong, but as I mentioned before, our subconscious mind doesn’t know good or bad, it just does what it knows.

Let me explain this with my own story, I used to be a very underweight kid when I was in school and I was bullied by a very fat guy, so this made my inner mind to form a belief that “big and heavy people are strong”. As a result of this, I put on a lot of weight while growing up.

I am still struggling to shed those extra pounds, but now I know that I have a limiting belief that is stopping me from losing weight so I will have to work on altering it first before going for diets and exercises.

Likewise, if you want to get wealthy, then you will have to work on changing your money related limiting beliefs.

One of the best products that helped me to do the essential inner work to improve my relationship with wealth was Harv’s Spiritual Laws of Money program because using what I learned in that course I was able to identify the unconscious ideas I held in my subconscious mind that was stopping the flow of money in my life, so I highly recommend that program to people who are struggling to make money.

There are many methods using which you can alter your inner mind programming to make your goals achievable like visualization, affirmations, hypnotherapy, energy healing, etc. But what I love the most is energy clearing methods because it works very well for me; you too can do this at home using the methods for clearing abundance blocks that I use.


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6 thoughts on “Dissolve Limiting Beliefs – Unleash Your Subconscious Mind Power

  1. Kenny Lee

    I believe in the power of our subconscious mind and its effect on our decision. In fact if we look at our life, all our success or the lack of it, can be attributed to our subconscious programming. These are beliefs like “money is the root of all evil” that has been residing in our subconscious for quite some time. Unknowingly, we make decisions with these programmed beliefs affecting us.

  2. Eve

    Interesting post. It’s always fascinating to become conscious/aware of your subconscious mind especially when you’re trying to change a deeply engrained habit. I think being self aware of what you are doing has the benefit of allowing you to replace the bad habits with good ones. What are your thoughts on the law of attraction?

  3. Merry

    Thank you. a very powerful post that was/is speaking to me on several levels. I believe in the power of the mind but I have always struggled to get past my most limiting beliefs. I am going to have a look at a few of your suggestions here. I have tried several but little success that I could see or feel. This, of course, left me feeling like I was the problem. Why couldn’t I get this? The unblocking class sounds pretty powerful. I believe in the law of attraction but I also believe that in order for change we have to take action for this to happen as well. Would you agree?

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author


      Let’s get to the root of your problem.

      “I believe in the power of the mind but I have always struggled to get past my most limiting beliefs.” .. You see, you know that the limiting beliefs are the cause of your problems but you have this belief that you cannot get rid of them. Well, that’s in a way worse than people who know nothing about the human psychology – Of what use is knowledge if you cannot put it into action?

      Why couldn’t I get this? – Because you are not willing to let go of the belief that you cannot get rid of all these limiting beliefs, you can, I have already been successful to do that in various ways if I can why can’t you? How different are you from me on an inner level?

      Those recommendations are awesome, Christie’s program is my favorite but even if you get it, you need to trust the process and believe that it will work for you before concluding anything, you see. Her first two modules work on these types of beliefs, so I hope that it will help you.

      Coming to your last question – “I believe in the law of attraction but I also believe that in order for change we have to take action for this to happen as well. Would you agree?”

      I get this a lot, a lot. People have misinterpreted the law of attraction as some kind of magic that works with people just imagining things.

      There is no such thing as “no action”. If a person keeps sitting on the sofa “imagining” things all day long (sitting is an action).

      Tell me something, can you fill yourself with positive thoughts, dreams, and goals without doing anything about it?

      If dreaming alone is what is done with an expectation that the universe will show up with whatever is desired like a Santa then that is also an action.. I call it an act of self-deception 😛


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