The Law of Attraction Money Manifestation – How It Works?

In this post, I will talk in detail about the law of attraction money manifestation and how it is done. I will also discuss why it becomes difficult for a lot of people to create wealth beyond a certain limit.

I have written a lot of posts on how to use the law of attraction to manifest money as well as exercises to create more wealth but there is one very important thing that you must know before trying to manifest wealth by using these methods about which you will learn in this post.

When people learn about the law of attraction the first thing they do is that they try to attract money in their life by using various methods like visualization, affirmation, etc. For some people, it works very well for a while but later they get stuck and then their faith in those methods starts to deteriorate. Whereas for many others it becomes almost impossible to attract wealth even after a lot of attempts using these methods. The reason behind these failures is one very important factor that people usually don’t understand before they use the LOA techniques to attract wealth into their life.

The Most Important Factor

One thing that you must understand before using any LOA method is that your current life situation is a reflection of the types of beliefs that you hold deep in your subconscious mind. During our childhood, our mind gets conditioned by the types of ideas that we come across from our surroundings and society. When it comes to wealth, we all have our own set of beliefs about it that decides our relationship with money.

We inherit our perspective towards wealth from our family and society, how we have felt about “money” in various situations during our childhood programs our mind in a particular manner.

There is a barrier that stops us from manifesting money beyond a certain limit and it is created by our own deeply rooted subconscious beliefs. So when a person uses a method like visualization to attract prosperity that is more than what they truly believe they can achieve, their own thoughts start to work against their desire leading them to fail in achieving their financial goals.

When someone watches a movie based on the law of attraction or reads a book on this subject, they aim too high by thinking that those methods will work magically to make them successful but one very important thing that they don’t understand is that they have to get rid of their limiting beliefs if they want to manifest the life of their dreams.

How to Do the Inner Work?

Like any new skill that you learn, doing the inner work also requires you to consistently use certain methods with the proper understanding of your powerful subconscious mind. One thing you must keep in mind is that you need to invest your time and energy into learning about the workings of your mind and use the methods to gradually eliminate the limiting beliefs that have been stopping you from reaching your goals. A simple method like visualization can work miraculously for you if you understand how to use it properly. There are so many ways using which you can develop an abundance mindset that will enable you to be successful financially.

Some of the programs that I have used and recommended to people have worked for them to manifest some quick money in a short duration like the product named “15-minute manifestation“. However, in the long run, a program that has helped me to understand that my relationship with money depends on my inner beliefs and helped to clear those blocks is “Christie’s Unlimited Abundance Program”.

As most people do, I also started to use a few basic methods to attract what I want in life after I came to know about the law of attraction, but with time all those methods failed to work for me and I hardly made any significant progress in any area of my life. Then I began to explore more personal development products and I spent a lot of time gaining more knowledge about the universal laws (I still do). With time I realized that the reason behind my failure was that I was not working on changing my inner beliefs and I only got successful when I found the right tools to improve my relationship with money by changing my perspective towards wealth.

Although it is always possible to have some little random money manifestations with the use of some simple techniques but when it comes to making a real change in the financial area of one’s life, a person has to consistently work on how they feel and behave in various money-related situations and understand why they are programmed to act in a certain way.

The paradigm shift that is needed for a person to become wealthy only happens when there is a major change in their mindset.

When I applied the methods that I learned from various programs, I became successful in creating wealth that was not possible for me in the past but then also I was stuck at a certain point which was probably the biggest barrier that I ever faced in the financial area of my life. Then I read the book by T. Harv Eker named “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” which gave me a better idea about why I was not able to make progress after a certain point.

You Are Trained by Your Past

When I started to use the methods that I read in that book, I began to realize how my whole life has been programmed by my past especially childhood. Following the exercises in that book, I began to analyze my behavior when it came to handling money and started to ask questions to myself about why I felt in a certain way while spending or receiving money.

Slowly, I began to get glimpses from my childhood that came in as an answer to my questions and I understood that various events from my childhood have created a lot of “blocks” that were stopping me from earning more.

As I started to work on those “blocks” and began to see some positive results, I opted for the “Unlimited Abundance Course” and began to alter my deeply rooted subconscious beliefs about money.

After a lot of consistent inner work that was needed to be done, I saw a great change in my relationship with money and I was able to make more wealth then what I have ever imagined.

So, whenever you are handling money in your day to day life situations I would suggest you be more aware of your thoughts and emotions and ask yourself why you are feeling in a certain way when you spend or receive money. Whenever you get an answer for your question all you have to do is to forgive and forget the experience that has caused any kind of limiting belief in you and do the same until you start to feel better in such situations.

For further information on these methods and some advanced tools, I will recommend you to opt for Christie’s program that I have mentioned in this post before or shoot me an e-mail regarding your query.


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