The Law of Attraction Money Manifestation Process for Beginners

Okay, so it’s time to break down the basics! I am going into the details of how the money manifestation process using the law of attraction works in layman’s terms in this post. You know, when you’re learning any skill, grasping the fundamentals is your ticket to success. It’s no different when it comes to attracting wealth; to make it work for you, you’ve got to get the whole picture.

So, in this post, I’m going to break it all down for you. I’ll guide you, step by step, on what needs to be done in order to achieve your financial goals. And guess what? It’s not just for beginners. If you’ve been struggling to make the methods based on the LOA work for you in the wealth department, you’re in the right place.

I’ll walk you through what you need to do to achieve your desired financial state. It’s not some mystical secret; it’s about having the right plan of action. We’re talking about practical steps that anyone, at any level, can take to start attracting wealth into their lives.

So, whether you’re just starting out on your journey to manifesting money or you’ve hit a roadblock on the way, this post is here to provide you with some very useful information.

Before we dive into these money-manifesting methods, there’s a crucial nugget of wisdom you’ve got to grasp. You see, when folks stumble upon the Law of Attraction, the first thing they often do is try to reel in some cash using tools like visualization, affirmations, and the like. It’s like a magic trick that works like a charm for some at first, but then, well, things hit a snag. Doubt creeps in, and suddenly those techniques lose their sparkle. And for many others, it feels like an uphill battle, with wealth staying just out of reach, no matter how hard they try.

Now, here’s the inside scoop: the hidden key to unraveling these challenges, the factor that often slips under the radar when people jump into the realm of LOA techniques to attract wealth. I’ll spill the beans on that in just a moment.

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The Most Important Factor

One thing that you must understand before using any manifestation method is that your current life situation is a reflection of the types of beliefs that you hold deep in your subconscious mind. You see, as we grow up, our minds soak up ideas from our surroundings and society, shaping the way we think about stuff, including money. We all carry our unique set of beliefs about wealth, and these beliefs steer our money vibes.

We inherit our perspective about wealth from our family and society. How we’ve felt about ‘money’ in various situations during our childhood shapes our minds in a particular way.

There’s a barrier that often prevents us from manifesting money beyond a certain limit, and it’s created by our deeply rooted subconscious beliefs. When you strive to achieve a financial goal in life, you’re essentially battling against your own inner mechanisms that hinder your progress. All the struggles that may seem like a competition or a fight with the world are actually an internal tug of war. When you successfully break through this barrier, regardless of how you do it, you create a permanent shift in your life situation.

So, here’s the deal: When you try something like visualizing wealth way beyond what you genuinely believe you can achieve, your own thoughts can turn against you, making it tough to reach those financial goals.

You know when you watch a Law of Attraction movie or dive into a book on the topic, it’s easy to get carried away, thinking those methods will magically catapult you to success. But here’s the twist: you’ve got to get rid of those limiting beliefs if you want to manifest your dream life.

How to Do the Inner Work?

Like any new skill you embark on, delving into inner work also demands a consistent approach, using specific methods with a deep understanding of your potent subconscious mind. Remember, it’s essential to invest your time and energy in comprehending how your mind operates and applying these techniques to gradually eradicate the limiting beliefs that have hindered your progress.

A simple yet powerful method, like visualization, can work wonders if you grasp how to use it effectively. There are numerous ways to cultivate an abundance mindset that paves the way for financial success.

Like many people, I initially started using a few basic methods to manifest my desires once I discovered the law of attraction. However, over time, these methods seemed to lose their effectiveness, and I struggled to make significant progress in any area of my life. It was then that I decided to explore more personal development resources like the most potent books and programs, and invested a considerable amount of time in gaining a deeper understanding of universal laws (which I continue to do).

As time passed, I came to a realization: the reason for my previous failures lay in the fact that I hadn’t been working on changing my inner beliefs. My breakthrough only happened when I found the right tools to transform my relationship with money and shift my perspective on wealth.

While it’s possible to experience small, random money manifestations using simple techniques, creating a substantial transformation in one’s financial life requires consistent effort in managing emotions and behaviors related to money, as well as understanding the underlying reasons for one’s programmed responses. The paradigm shift needed to attain wealth occurs when there’s a significant change in mindset.

After applying the methods I learned from various programs, I successfully generated wealth that had once seemed out of reach. However, I encountered a roadblock at a certain point, which ultimately became one of the most significant barriers I faced in my financial journey but also provided me with valuable insight.

You Are Trained by Your Past

It wasn’t an entirely new concept for me; I already had some knowledge about working on my inner mind using techniques I had learned previously. However, it was when I gathered more knowledge about how our mind works that I truly began to grasp how my entire perspective on money had been shaped by my past, particularly my childhood.

I accumulated wealth up to the limit I believed was within my capability. All the manifestations that occurred aligned with the ideas present in my inner mind. However, when I aimed higher than a certain threshold, that’s when I faced failure. This is why I often advise my readers to set goals with a deep understanding of their own mindset. Before striving for a goal that exceeds what we believe we can achieve, we must first work on our beliefs.

Once I became aware of how certain beliefs operate and influence our financial decisions, I started examining my behavior when it came to handling money. I began to ask myself why I felt a certain way when spending or receiving money.

Slowly, I began to get glimpses from my childhood that came in as an answer to my questions and I understood that various events from my childhood have created a lot of “blocks” that were stopping me from earning more.

As I became aware of how certain beliefs operate and influence our financial decisions, I began scrutinizing my behavior when it came to handling money. I started asking myself why I felt a certain way when spending or receiving money. Gradually, I began recalling moments from my childhood that provided answers to my questions. I realized that various childhood events had created numerous ‘blocks’ that were hindering my financial progress.

Determined to address these ‘blocks’ and encouraged by some initial positive results, I decided to enroll in the ‘Winning the Game of Money.’ program by John Assaraf and I embarked on the journey of reshaping my deeply ingrained subconscious beliefs about money using a special technique that he calls “innercising”.

After consistently dedicating effort to this inner work, I witnessed a remarkable shift in my relationship with money, surpassing even my wildest expectations. So, in your everyday financial dealings, I recommend staying attuned to your thoughts and emotions. Ask yourself why you feel a certain way when spending or receiving money. Whenever you find answers, the key is to forgive and release the experiences that may have instilled limiting beliefs in you, using any method that resonates with you to let go of the thoughts stemming from those experiences.

This is why I always advise my readers to choose a method or program that works on an inner level rather than something that focuses too much on external factors like wealth. You see, “money” is a symptom, whereas your beliefs about wealth are the cause. To change what is “out there,” a significant inner transformation is required.


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