How Having a Plan Boosts up the Manifestation Process While Applying LOA?

The law of attraction is no more a magic trick for people, gradually everybody around the globe are realizing that it is a law which works precisely to attract to us the people, things, situations, conditions, and circumstances based on the vibrations that we send out to the universe using our thoughts and feelings.

In this post I am going to discuss with you about how formulating a plan could help you to attract your desired results quickly and with ease.

Setting a Goal

You may have read a lot of stuff about loa which tells you to set a goal which is higher than what you consider to be achievable but on the other hand if you don’t believe that it is achievable then you can’t achieve it, paradoxical right?

On one side loa principles says to not worry about how you will achieve your goals and on the other side it says that if you don’t trust that you can achieve it then you can’t achieve it, how can one have faith on something ‘s arrival when he can’t see its path?

Well it is neither complicated nor paradoxical; all you have to do is to set your wish list properly!

For example- If you earn 10000$ per month now and you wish to earn 12000$ per month, that’s something which you know how to achieve because by working few more months you will reach there with the increments, on the other hand if you set a target of 20,000$ then it is near to a proper goal because it will push you from your current comfort zone and make you think about multiplying your source of income..see this is something which is higher than your obvious achievable goal whereas it is also within the limit of what you consider to be possible, even though you don’t know how to make it happen but you can be sure that you will find new ways.

Why Is It Necessary to Have a Plan?

However it is important to set a goal which you don’t know how to achieve but still making plans whether it is realistic according to you or not could prove to be very beneficial for you.

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I came to realize this while listening to Christie Marie Sheldon’s unlimited abundance course’s 9th session named clearing indecision, there she suggests to make plans and she also says “get a plan get a life”, she also performs energy clearing on this in that session because some people have energy blocks around the word “plans” which stops them from making plans.

Things mostly don’t happen the way we plan it nor does we have any control over “how” what we have asked for will be delivered to us. So, why is planning necessary?

See, we operate on two is our waking conscious mind and the other is our subconscious mind, our subconscious mind readily accepts what our conscious mind repeatedly imposes on it especially when it is combined with any emotion and whatever we attract in our life depends on what we have planted in our subconscious mind.

When we set a goal following the principles of LOA but we are skeptical about how it will come into fruition then our conscious mind strongly sends a message of “doubt” to our subconscious mind which hinders the process of manifestation, on the other hand when we make a plan to achieve what we have asked then our conscious mind gets a relief on the “how” part and this eases the process of manifestation.

So, be sure to make a plan to reach your goals. Your plan doesn’t need to be very practical, make it satisfy your conscious mind that your dream is achievable.


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