Meditation to Clear the Mind – Making Inspired Decisions

In this post, I will be sharing with you a simple meditation to clear the mind so that you could make inspired decisions that come from your higher self. You can be at total peace even when your life is moving too fast, people tend to think that it is impossible to be peaceful inside when a lot of things are happening in their life.

The reason why we lose the peace of our mind is that we get too much attached with the things in our life, although we all know this yet our mind has a tendency to forget this truth and we begin to derive our identities from the very things that we have gained for our comfort. Isn’t it really stupid that we lose our peace of mind because of the things that we have acquired in order to be happy? Yet we all do it unknowingly.

You may be living your dream life or struggling to make your life better, there are things that often take up all your energy because you are always thinking about it.

People say if you are passionate about something you should just keep on doing it, but what do you think will happen if a painter keeps on painting all day long? or If a cook is always in the kitchen? This world has seen a lot of people who have become obsessed with their passion to the extent that it either ended their life or ruined all the other aspects of their life.

It is great to be immersed in something so much that your mind is not engaged in unwanted thinking anymore, but when you do not have the essential balance in your life, things can go wrong. Doing what you love and doing something with the fear of losing what you have are two different things, one needs to understand this in order to be peaceful.

Meditation helps you to detach yourself from getting too much involved in something so that you can also focus on the other important stuff in your life that needs your attention.

The Illusion of Control

This may sound weird that someone like me who regularly writes posts on changing our reality using the law of attraction is talking about the illusion of control, but one thing people must understand is that having the ability to create your reality does not mean you have complete control over it.

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“Creation” is something that comes from a person’s higher self whereas “control” is a thing of ego.

You can see it in some of the fictional works, the author writes a story with an intention of making people to like one particular character but then the story takes a life of its own and no matter how hard the author tries to increase the likeability factor of a character using all the psychological research, people end up choosing their own favorite ones in the story.

In such cases, the creation may be something that comes from a person’s higher self, but the control over people’s choice is something desired by the ego.

The same happens when someone becomes successful with something or they get passionate about something, first, they create something beautiful then they form an identity based on it and the life to that identity is provided by the illusion of control.

Once we have created a lifestyle we tend to get addicted to it but we will always pretend that we cannot take a break because everything depends on us.

If you will observe people in the corporate world you will find that most of them are living in a myth that their role cannot be played by anyone else but companies make small and huge changes all the time and nothing changes apart from those people’s life.

When I started this blog, it used to be very easy for me to write the posts because I had only a few readers, then my online business started getting better and I felt that I should work harder so that people could like my work more.

I loved doing this but it started becoming a burden and despite improving everything I was not getting good results then I realized that I was under the illusion that this website depends on me, it actually does not.

Even though I have created it and the ideas being shared here are coming out of me, I do not have any control over how this is going to help people, it entirely depends on them. On any particular day, if I decide to stop working, this will still exist and people will still get what they came here for.

That realization occurred to me because I took care of my inner world, when you find peace by detaching yourself from trying to control things, you find the freedom that allows you to be more creative and less controlling.

You Need to Always Be Aware of the Truth

There is one deep truth about our existence, that we are pure consciousness being expressed through a body.

Everything about our life keeps changing but the inner observer who is having this life experience which is the real “you”, always remains the same. You can only become aware of your true nature by being present in the “now” moment so that you can lessen the noise in your head that keeps defining “YOU”.

I learned a lot about this subject from Eckhart Tolle’s Power of Now book, that short book changed my entire life and made me realize about the illusions under which I have been living for such a long time.

Most people have no idea that the identities they have formed are not their true self and those who know also forget about their true nature every now and then, there is nothing wrong in that but if you won’t manage your spiritual energy properly, you will forget to keep your inner world at peace and thus you will be relying entirely on a mental state created by a temporary phase of your life.

Meditation can help you to clear your mind from the thoughts that take up all your focus and energy.

All you have to do is to sit in silence to bring your mind completely to the present moment every day so that it reminds you that you are not what you think you are but the silent observer who is having all those thoughts.

You can use insight meditation for this purpose since it is an easy and simple way to become aware of the present moment, if you are too busy to meditate regularly then you can try mindfulness exercises for busy people which is a good tool for taking the essential break from the continues mind chatter when you are having a hectic schedule.

There are many meditation techniques that can help you specifically to manage your spiritual energy by actively taking away your focus from something for a while so that it can take its own shape, allowing you to enjoy the freedom to do something else.

Below I am sharing a 6 step meditation that will help you to clear your mind after a tiresome day:-

1 – Sit down in a relaxed posture, close your eyes and take a few deep conscious breaths.

2 – With each breath say to yourself “I am relaxed”.

3 – Think of all the things that are making you feel heavy emotions.

4 – Now focus on those emotions, observe how it feels energy-wise, do not get engaged in thinking just watch your feelings without judgment.

5 – Use the feelings in your whole body to become completely present in the moment, let the power of your awareness dissolve those heavy feelings.

6 – Say to yourself a few times “I am an infinite being, this is just a role I am playing, I am letting go of all these clutter”, you can open your eyes when you will start to feel light and peaceful.

Just like clearing the clutter every now and then in our home is essential, clearing the mental clutter is also necessary. I learned a lot about energy works from a program that teaches about our spiritual energy/aura and methods to work on it, the program I am talking about is Jeffrey Allen’s Duality course, so I would like to share with you a video from Jeffery here in which he teaches the sacred geometry exercise for this purpose:-


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