Insight Meditation-How to Do Vipassana Meditation?

This post will inform you about how to do vipassana meditation and what it is in simple words.

The vipassana meditation is probably the most famous meditation practice because it is believed that it was taught by Buddha.

Since it has been existing for more than thousands of years, this practice is the basis of many other Buddhist meditation techniques.

Insight Meditation

This technique is also called as the insight meditation because the aim of this method is to make you see things “as they are”.

By saying “as they are” I am referring to the purest form of any entity that you observe.

Buddha already knew what we are discovering nowadays that all our sense of reality is based on the information received by our mind when it was getting developed.

In other words, our perception of reality is completely dependent on the beliefs, concepts and ideas present in our subconscious mind.

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So, what we think as “reality” is created by our minds by filtering the actual information that is received by our senses and that’s why every person’s experience of a same event varies.

The purpose of this technique is to make us realize that our pleasure and pain is not created by what happens in our lives instead it is the result of our reactions towards it.

These reactions are spontaneous which arises from the beliefs present in our subconscious mind so, we don’t have any direct control over it, and in fact we are not even aware when it happens.

Being observant of the body sensations allows us to break through the walls created by our minds and to see the world without “judgments”. It is said that when a person learns to see (perceive) the existence in its purest form they stop creating suffering.

What Are the Benefits of Vipassana Meditation Technique?

We all are unconsciously carrying the baggage of miseries created by our pasts and that blocks us from experiencing the inner peace.

When a person practices vipassana meditation all the emotions that they have suppressed comes into their attention and thus gives them an opportunity to release it.

Unconditional love, joy and peace can be achieved using this ancient practice.

Steps to Perform Vipassana Meditation

I would strongly advise you to attend the proper vipassana retreats which makes you to go through 10 hour meditation session everyday day for 10 continuous days, it actually allows you to experience the peace which you would have never felt before.

– Sit in cross legged position (lotus posture), if you have trouble sitting cross-legged then you can prefer to sit in a chair but make sure to keep your spine erect.

– Observe your natural breathing pattern without making any conscious effort to breathe. (You don’t have to regulate your breathing here like in the various breathing meditations)

– Place your attention on any physical effect that is produced by the breathing activity, most commonly belly’s raising and falling is chosen for this purpose.

– Once you start to observe your belly’s action while breathing, you will find your mind wandering every now and then, whenever this happens just label your mind activity and then continue with the meditation.

For instance, if you find yourself imagining something label it “imagining” and then bring your focus back to the sensations produced by breathing in your body.

– Final step is to continue to practice this meditation in your day to day activities by observing the sensations produced in your body due to various activities, like the temperature/pressure your foot feels when it touches the floor while walking or the taste of different ingredients in your food etc.

The only way to achieve true inner peace is to become a consciously aware person and using this simple practice you can definitely learn to become more conscious.

After this practice your next right step could be practicing mindfulness in your various day to day activities, to know more on this check out my post – Simple Mindfulness Exercises for Beginners–Achieve More Inner Peace

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