How to Deal with Anger and Depression on Your Own

I am going to share a few methods in this post that will show you how to deal with anger and depression using natural ways.

The hustle and bustle of the modern world has made depression and anger to become an epidemic illness but, fortunately we have some natural methods available using which we can effectively deal with both of these afflictions.

Anger and depression together can kill the peace of mind of an individual causing them to suffer more than what one can imagine.

When a person’s energy is out of their control it results into anger, on the other hand depression makes one to feel a total loss of energy, both are completely different states because one makes a person to act in a chaotic manner whereas the other takes away their power to act.

Despite of the differences, these two menaces are often found mutually working to make many lives difficult.

We will look at a common cause here which results into these two mind states and by fixing that we can successfully overcome both.

Depression is the cause behind anger and anger again results into depression so they keep on perpetuating each other, that’s why if we can get rid of one state the other will naturally cease to exist.

The Root Cause

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I am going to exclude the psychological symptoms that occur due to biological changes in the body here as I am not a therapist or a doctor to advise you on that.

Apart from that, the main cause behind depression is the change in the perspective of a person caused by mind’s continues dwelling in the negative events of the past.

One feels apathetic, hopeless and stagnated because they find themselves powerless because they have bought the idea that they are a “victim”.

This insidious “victim mentally” is the root cause of depression.

A person who has gathered enough evidences that life has been unfair to them finds it very difficult to believe in something better, prolonged thinking of such thoughts puts them into a mind state which can pick up hundreds of reasons moment by moment to feel bad about life.

Depressed person’s views about the world are very different from the normal ones and this difference in the mindset is what gets converted into anger.

They get angry because they feel that nobody understands them, they want to fight against this mind formed false victim-hood and they want to blame others for their situation.

This anger further leads them to make wrong choices and the guilt that accompanies such decisions again results into depression, it’s a vicious cycle!

The Escape Button

There is a very nice practice which allows a person to escape the mindset which we have discussed above and it is called Mindfulness Meditation.

Mindfulness is just a simple method of focusing on the present moment by becoming the observer of the thoughts, feelings and sensations without getting engrossed in it.

The reason why mindfulness is most effective in treating depression and anger is because it works on their cause not the symptom since the voices inside a person’s head is what is responsible for their mind states.

It is not as simple as it sounds because these two mental troubles are so dominant that a person just cannot stop themselves from getting involved in their negative thoughts but, mindfulness gradually allows a person to get more aware of their thoughts and with persistence it also enables them to detach themselves from those mind chatters that makes them depressed or angry.

Few Ways to Deal with Depression and Anger

Pets and Babies

Unless you are badly affected by depression you cannot avoid being cheerful in the presence of an adorable baby.

Babies can melt away anger almost instantly with a sweet smile and it can magically wash away your worries.

That’s why many people undergo a major personality change once they become a parent and grandchildren become a cure for old age depression.

Pets can also play the similar role in one’s life. So, if you are a pet lover who is having emotional problems then it might be the right time to spend more time with your favorite pet or to get one if you don’t have it already.

Mindfulness Trigger

As we have seen in some of the above paragraphs, mindfulness is a great solution for overcoming any emotional trouble. So, I am going to provide a quick mindfulness exercise here.

Most essential step here is to become aware of your inner states so that you will be able to discern when the feelings associated to anger or depression starts to arise in you.

We are using the emotional states as a trigger to practice mindfulness in this method so, once you get to know that you are about to have disturbing emotions just pause and take few deep breaths then become aware of your inner state, feel your emotions without trying to escape them.

Next, listen to your mind chatter without judging, believing or running away from your thoughts.

Initially you may get lost in your thoughts, feel bad about yourself or get despondent but, with practice you will get better at it.

Express Your True Feelings

You cannot open up in front of anyone when you want but, we all have people in our lives with whom we can share anything without getting judged.

Find a friend and ask them to spend a few hours with you just so that you can express what’s going on inside you. Be frank enough to let out all the thoughts that are making you angry or depressed.

Suppressing the feelings is what creates more mental trouble so this is a very essential step in overcoming one’s negative mind state.

Get in Touch with the Nature

People prefer solitude when they are not in a good mood and it is very difficult for someone to go out when they are mentally sick.

However, in such states if one can overcome the compulsion to stay inside home and go out to some place that’s close to nature then it can help their mind state to a great extent.


Many depressed people listen to music anyway but, that music is something which they use as a fuel to intensify their agony.

One must avoid the type of music which reminds them of the past, describes their state or makes them to feel more depressed, that’s an addiction – Some people enjoy pain using external catalysts like music.

On the other hand one can use music to change their current mood, I prefer to keep a playlist that can cheer me up when I feel gloomy.

Music can serve as a good remedy for both depression and anger if one has developed enough awareness to stop themselves from getting dominated by those emotions and change their mood immediately by listening to their favorite songs.


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This is personal development blog and I am just providing you a few solutions for these mental afflictions based on what I have learned from various sources and experiences if you find yourself seriously affected by these states then I would advise you to seek a professional help.


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