Simple Mindfulness Exercises for Beginners–Achieve More Inner Peace

In this post, I am going to share a few simple mindfulness exercises for beginners using which anyone can tame the voice inside his head to an extent that it stops killing their peace of mind.

When a person begins any spiritual practice to regain his peace of mind, all the judgments that he has formed about spirituality whether consciously or unconsciously hinders his progress and thus, he fails to benefit from those techniques.

So, first of all I would urge you to drop any assumptions you might have formed in your mind about the “state” you could achieve using mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a form of meditation which allows you to detach yourself from the incessant flow of thoughts by bringing your focus completely to the present moment.

The present moment awareness is the key to liberate your mind from disturbing thoughts of past and future; this is why mindfulness is a powerful technique to treat most of the problems that arises due to unwanted thinking.

People often misjudge the effectiveness of mindfulness practices due to its simplicity, but those who will trust it and implement it in their lives will surely succeed to improve their mental state.

The exercises that I am going to share here are especially helpful for beginners because it is something that can be practiced by anyone in their day to day activities.

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I have specially picked up these techniques for people who are too busy to sit and mediate: –

Be an Active Listener

Set an intention that from now every time when somebody will speak to you, you will listen more attentively.

Active listening not only gives you a good opportunity to know others better but it also frees you from your “self talk” so that you could focus on what is happening in the present moment.

Listen without judgments or formulating the response inside your head even before the other person has finished talking.

If you can just “listen” with more alertness the perfect response will automatically come. Everything else is not response, but reaction.

Mindfulness in Trivial Actions

Small actions that you perform involuntarily gives you a good opportunity to become more present and free yourself from the thoughts that captures your attention during those times.

One such example is when you brush your teeth. You can become a conscious observer and watch the way you move the brush, that particular action has been put on automatic pilot by you from years, so you can even try a slightly different style perhaps.

You can also do it while having a cup of coffee by paying more attention to its smell and taste.

There are hundreds of such daily activities where we are not actually present; our body performs those actions while our mind wanders.

Being mindful in these small actions helps us to avoid the unwanted thoughts in which our mind frequently gets engaged.

Enjoy Music

This is probably something which will change your view about mindfulness because many people consider that mindfulness is a boring task.

Yes, you can practice the present moment awareness in something very interesting like listening to your favorite music. However, this time you will do it in a bit different way.

You must not choose a song/music which kindles your past memories or defines “your persona” in any way.

Play a song to which you don’t have any kind of attachment and enjoy it “as it is”, pay close attention to the details of the music and observe the feelings it brings to you.

I choose to listen songs of different languages for this purpose as I am able to focus on the music rather than meaning by doing that.


One of the best ways to bring your mind to the present moment is when you travel, most of us do it naturally and that is why we all enjoy traveling a lot.

Yet, people who are highly dominated by worrisome thoughts are not at all aware of the journey; they are only concerned about reaching to the destination.

It could be your commute to workplace or grocery store, it gives you a good chance to enjoy the present moment, all you have to do is to be more present while you get from one place to another rather than being preoccupied by the need to reach to the destination.


I hope you enjoyed this post. You may also be interested in knowing about some spiritual ways to become happier. I would be pleased to hear from you. So, please leave me your comments in the box below, it will motivate me and help me to improve my blog’s content. If I missed anything important then please do mention it in the comment section.

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