Practicing Mindfulness Meditation in Daily Life

“What Is This Life If, Full Of Care,We Have No Time To Stand And Stare”….these famous words of a poet always echoes in the minds of the modern man, whether he may be an executive, college student, industrialist or businessman, every modern man requires a solution from his hectic daily schedule.

How can he calm his mind? The only solution lies in practicing mindfulness meditation in daily life.

What is mindfulness meditation?

This type of meditation has its roots in Buddhism.

The prime focus of mindfulness meditation is to become aware of your breathing so that the mind could be brought into the present moment completely.
Now when our mind is in the present moment, we give hundred percent of our effort to every activity. By breathing mindfully awareness, wisdom, and serenity comes which clears all the obstacles in the path of enlightenment.
Allowing the thoughts to come and go without judging them is the key to attain the state of thoughtlessness.
Our body is controlled by our mind so by calming down the mind with help of this practice we can develop a better rapport between our body and mind.
This anywhere and anytime meditation helps one to deal with negative thought patterns.

Being an Observer

This is a process by which we can develop the skills of paying attention to our inner and outer experiences using our patience and compassion.

It is said that we already have mindfulness but the only thing is that we have to learn the technique of cultivating it which leads to wholeheartedness and friendliness towards our mind activities.
Mindfulness meditation asks us to observe the sights and sounds in the surrounding without getting stagnated with any idea or sense and it is done by paying attention to the breath immediately when mind wanders.
Past or future should not jeopardize the mind action.
Mindfulness should be practiced in our routine activities like bathing, walking and eating etc.
The state and nature of mind should be carefully watched in order to differentiate between the mental habits that brings well being or suffering, however one should also be careful to not get struck with any particular idea.

Benefits of Practicing Mindfulness

Researchers have shown that the death ratio is more due to the stress related diseases than cancer, apart from medicine the health problems can be reduced by practicing mindfulness meditation because it helps in overcoming fear, painful emotions and other psychological disorders.
A study done by MBSR(Mindful Based Stress Reduction) has shown that mindfulness helps to improve optimistic nature.
Mindfulness increases the IQ and creativity of human mind and brings decision making power which helps the modern employees to increase efficiency and to provide better performance.

The workplace stress which is the major cause of reduction in production and increase in health expenditure of industries could be highly benefited from mindfulness meditation.

Mindfulness meditation can play a big role in the personal development of any individual.


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