Difference between Unconditional Love and Attachment

We have always known and heard of unconditional love but we rarely realize that we are naturally unconditional lovers and it is only our ego that causes the illusion that we are not.

All of us have loved ones in our life, but if we closely analyze those relationships we will find that we don’t love them unconditionally, as the intimacy of all that relationship is continuously varying according to the synchronicity between our thinking and theirs.

So, it becomes necessary to understand the difference between unconditional love and attachment.

What Is Unconditional Love?

People often get confused between “extreme attachments” and “unconditional love”.
They form in their mind a different concept about “love”.

I  have many times heard people saying that they have unconditional love for someone but actually, they are least aware that what they call “love” is actually “attachment”.

No matter how much good feelings you have for someone, if in any condition they are able to affect your emotional state then it is not unconditional love.

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We get hurt because people often do not behave the way we want them to, and that is the condition that we form in order to feel good about them.

How Can I Love Others Unconditionally?

It would be natural for some people to ask that question but actually, it is an absurd one because whatever you call it “divine love”, “true love”, or simply “love”; it is what we all are made of, that is in the core of all beings.

We just do not realize it because our consciousness is covered with the ego made false layers that make us totally blind.
Ego forms attachments with other people, desires, materials etc and we misinterpret those attachments as “love”.

Nobody Needs Any Aid to Survive

“I cannot leave without it” these types of statements come from the extreme attachments to worldly possessions.

A person apart from the things needed to keep his body in a healthy state needs nothing else to survive, but it is quite difficult to understand as we are already living in a hypnotic trance caused by the ideas and beliefs that rule our life.

How to Be “Detached”?

We do not have to try to be detached, once we have made a decision to gain more knowledge and develop ourselves; we are in the right path then.

Knowledge cannot be brought by forcing; only learning can bring a deeper understanding.

When we choose the path of growth and indulge ourselves in knowing more about our own being- Universe will work through unexpected avenues to provide us with the best resources to achieve the highest good.

The purpose of this article was to bring into the light the real difference between ego formed “false love” and the “eternal divine love”- As knowing “what?” is very essential but we should not worry about “how?”.


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