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How to Stop Eating at Night after Dinner

In this post, I will be talking about the methods that will help you to know how to stop eating at night even when you are full.

Many people (not necessarily the overweight ones) are addicted to this habit of eating food during night time, it is also known as the night eating syndrome.

Eating with any other purpose apart from to satisfy hunger is called emotional eating or binge eating which should be stopped in order to be healthy both physically as well as mentally.

Undoubtedly binge eating at night keeps on adding extra pounds to the body weight of a person but what is less known is that it intensifies various emotional problems.

Eating to feel better or to escape from various kinds of mind states is a habit developed by a person unconsciously so, it becomes very essential to know the emotional causes behind such addictions and act on it.

What I am going to discuss with you below is some ways using which you can put an end to binge eating at night, however, if you find that the reason behind it is some serious emotional issue then I will strongly advise you to take necessary steps to treat it because in that case even after getting rid of this habit your mind will find a new addiction. Continue reading