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7 Ways to Open Your Root Chakra-Start Feeling Connected Now!

When muladhara is in balance a person feels secure, peaceful and positive towards life, so, here I will be discussing the ways to open your root chakra that can solve all the problems in your life that are related to the connection between your physical world and the energy body.

In an earlier post (Root Chakra Imbalance Symptoms),we talked about how the root chakra(muladhara) imbalance can affect your life and the importance of keeping it in balance. Please read that post if you want to know if you need to balance your first chakra.

Root chakra healing is all about grounding yourself to mother earth and regaining the feeling of connectedness with everything in this planet. By balancing muladhara you boost up your desire to live and enjoy life, there are many ways to do this and I am going to highlight the ones that I find most effective.

Here are Few Methods to Heal Your Root Chakra:-


When it comes to chakra healing, yoga is the one to be listed at the top because it is among the most effective procedures to allow the flow of life force through your chakras using various postures (asanas).


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